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Moveon.org? Sorry I joined…

by Geezer Power…11:00 PM PDT

Flash Back: This is the news that I missed in March. Sadly, I believe that I will be cancelling my membership to Moveon.org.

Liberal Kingpins Help Bush War Agenda

MoveOn.org, Pelosi, fake “progressive left” Neo-Cons in sheep’s clothing

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Almost six months after the Democrats recaptured both Houses and political sleeping gas sent the “progressive” left off into dream world, establishment liberals like Nancy Pelosi and the MoveOn.org foundation continue to whore themselves in service of the Neo-Con war agenda and their Bush administration pimps.

While the media obsesses about the sideshow of the attorney firings “scandal,” preparations for a war with Iran and the continued feeding of U.S. troops into the Iraq meat grinder continues with the utter and total complicity of kingpin Democrats and their phony advocacy groups.

An organized campaign to marginalize anti-war Democrats in Congress and force through the $124 billion wartime spending bill was employed not by Republican Neo-Cons, but by Nancy Pelosi and the so-called anti-war “progressive” MoveOn.org foundation!

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by GEF @ 10:45 PM EDT

Student Tasered after asking Kerry questions

VIDEO LINK (video at the end of Article)

GAINESVILLE – U.S. Sen. John Kerry’s speech at the University of Florida came to a dramatic close Monday, shortly after a vocal audience member was hauled off by police and shot with a Taser gun.

The audience member was preliminarily identified by UF officials as Andrew Meyer, a UF student in the College of Journalism and Communications.

Toward the conclusion of Kerry’s UF forum, Meyer approached an open microphone at the University Auditorium and demanded Kerry answer his questions. The student claimed that University Police Department officers had already threatened to arrest him, and then proceeded to question Kerry about why he didn’t contest the 2004 presidential election and why there had been no moves to impeach President Bush.

A minute or so into what became a combative diatribe, Meyer’s microphone was turned off and officers began trying to physically remove him from the auditorium. Meyer flailed his arms, yelling as police tried to restrain him.

He was then pushed to the ground by six officers, at which point Meyer yelled, “What have I done? What I have I done? Get away from me. Get off of me! What did I do? … Help me! Help.”

Police threatened to user a Taser on Meyer if he did not “comply,” but he continued to resist being handcuffed. He was then Tased, which prompted him to scream and writhe in pain on the floor of the auditorium.

After the incident, Capt. Jeff Holcomb of the UPD said Meyer had been charged with disrupting a public event and placed in the Alachua County Jail. Holcomb said there would be an investigation into whether the officers used force appropriately, adding that employing a Taser gun would only be justified in a case where there was a threat of physical harm to officers.

As Meyer was escorted away, he was followed by several students, including Matthew Howland, 20. Howland, a UF senior who said he didn’t know Meyer, said he was “appalled” by the way UPD officers handled the situation. Howland acknowledged that Meyer had acted inappropriately by “rushing” the microphone and forcing a question on Kerry.

“It’s a perfect example of when officers take something to a level that is not necessary,” he said. “The officers escalated that situation.”

Throughout the incident, Kerry urged the audience to “cool down” and acknowledged that Meyer had raised an important question. As officers escorted Meyer from the auditorium into the lobby, Kerry went on to explain that he did not think there was sufficient evidence of voter suppression to justify contesting the 2004 election.

“We just couldn’t do it in good conscience because we didn’t have that evidence,” he said.

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Standing On Guard For Thee

by- Mentarch … 21:50 EDT

(Updated below)

Canada’s slow march down the road of perdition to authoritarianism and enabled abuse of power continues unabetted.

This blogger aims to “throw the book” at the abusers.


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Bushco’s “Blackwater” Army Exposed!

by GEF @ 6:16 pm EDT

“Blackwater” Author describes the US civilian Militia Group’s relationship with BushCo. “Shadow War”


scahill.jpg Jeremy Scahill, author of “Blackwater: The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army,” appeared on CNN and blasted BushCo. for fostering this private militia mentality because he wasn’t able to build an international coalition to invade Iraq.


Scahill: …instead the administration is building a coalition of corporations. Right now in Iraq, private personnel on the US government payroll outnumber official US troops. There are about 186,000 so-called private contractors operating alongside 165,000 troops. The US military is the junior partner in this coalition.—-This is a shadow war. There’s been a surge on for four years of the private sector in Iraq. This mercenary army the Bush administration has built up all over that country.

And you want accountability? You mean the Cheney type accountability? This is a great clip because in a short time he gives us so much information. Our own Mark Groubert is reviewing the book at this time and we’ll be posting it soon.

Nate has more video on this..

-Hat Tip to Crooks and Liars! 😉

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Iraq Bans Blackwater, Launches Investigation

anthony @ 21:30 BST


The Iraqi government has ordered employees of the North Carolina-based security firm Blackwater USA to leave the country and is opening a criminal investigation following Sunday’s deadly shootout in Mansour, during which a group of Blackwater contractors escorting a convoy of U.S. officials opened fire on nearby civilians.


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It is the death of history

anthony @ 18:00 BST

2,000-year-old Sumerian cities torn apart and plundered by robbers. The very walls of the mighty Ur of the Chaldees cracking under the strain of massive troop movements, the privatisation of looting as landlords buy up the remaining sites of ancient Mesopotamia to strip them of their artefacts and wealth. The near total destruction of Iraq’s historic past – the very cradle of human civilisation – has emerged as one of the most shameful symbols of our disastrous occupation.

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The waiting game in Iraq

Sudhan@12:05 CET

Gen. Petraeus might have taken pressure off Bush and assured a large U.S. military presence in Iraq until 2009, but to what end?



Sr. editorial writer
The Orange County Register, abock@ocregister.com

So far as I know, only Yale Law School professor Bruce Ackerman and a few bloggers have taken note of one of the more disturbing aspects of the administration’s decision to put our Iraq commander, Gen. David Petraeus, front-and-center in the policy debate over the next steps in Iraq.

One can understand the dynamics behind the elevation of this general. President Bush’s administration’s credibility is in tatters – remember how the toppling of Saddam’s statue, the killing of Saddam’s sons, the capture and execution of Saddam, the several elections, the handover to an Iraqi government all presaged ultimate victory and a democratic Iraqi ally? He needed an ostensibly independent figure to restore some confidence.

More . . .

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