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An Old Wolf cannot shorten his Fangs Overnight!

by GEF @ 9:00 PM EDT

” Look at what these Elite Globalist Evildoers have done to our Country and the World!”

“Why is Greenspan saying that the Iraq War is for Oil ?

Why does it seem like he’s now our friend when we know that’s a complete lie ?

Could it be because Greenspan is protecting his former employer and trying to sell a book ?!


Think: “What’s in it for Greenspan?! $$$$$$$$$$$+

Watch and Listen to this..

Truth Activists Confront Alan Greenspan About the Fraudulent Federal Reserve!

Americans are beginning to realize that the Federal Reserve is a non-government entity! The Federal Reserve is owned by private bankers that are taking total control of our government and wish to reign in the North American Union which will virtually eliminate America and the Constitution!. By crashing the U.S. dollar and destroying the economy while burying middle-class Americans under massive debt, the private bankers, in cooperation with elements of the U.S. government, are destabilizing the USA in preparation for a total takeover and reigning in the North American Union which will be a combination of the US, Canada, and Mexico.

This is why the borders are wide-open folks!

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Why the Democrats will not (cannot) Impeach…

anthony @ 23:15 BST (very late and way past his normal bedtime)

Cheney and Bush will not be impeached and they cannot be stopped from attacking Iran. There is no way a Democratic-controlled Capitol Hill in 2007-2008 is going to impeach Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy. Why? Simply because a Democratic-controlled Senate in 2002 authorized the launching of “Operation Iraqi Freedom” and has funded the enterprise every foolhardy step of the way. In plain English, if they tried to impeach Cheney-Bush over the enterprise of Iraq, the Democrats would be impeaching themselves. And both sides know it.

[Original Article]

Anthony says: It’s like 1968.

Nixon knew of Johnson’s involvement in the asssassination of JFK, but didn’t squeal because Johnson knew that Nixon himself had been in Dallas on the day JFK was assassinated (he had attended a meeting of the board of Pepsi-Cola, a company which, having had interests in pre-Catsro Cuba, had every reason to hate Kennedy, and at which no minutes were taken).

At the same time, Nixon was promising the South Vietnamese ambassador a better deal if they held out at the Paris Peace Talks until he got elected, thus condemning more Americans ( and Vietnamese) to die in the Vietnam War, and Johnson couldn’t squeal because Nixon knew… .

It’s called mutually assured destruction.


The Republicans are scum.

The Democrats are scum.

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Let’s Bomb Iran!

anthony @ 22:40 BST

Two articles on the current situation in Iran, one from Azadeh Ensha, an Iranian living in the USA, and the other from Rosa Schmidt Azadi, an American living in Teheran, plus a few more on Ahmadinejad’s visit to the US if you Keep Reading:

Ahmadinejad: Why The Right Is Wrong

On Thursday, Senators Jon Kyl and Joseph Lieberman filed an amendment to the 2008 Defense Authorization Bill that would make it official U.S. policy to “combat, contain and roll back” Iran and its surrogates in Iraq. Section 5 calls for the United States to formally designate the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps a terrorist organization. If passed, this amendment would open the door even wider for military action against Iran.

Reading Guernica in Teheran

I often worry about my own country bombing me. I live with my husband in Iran, and this is one of the countries on Bush’s blacklist. That wouldn’t worry me so much if it weren’t that huge swaths of the American public-not to mention my own Senators-have apparently swallowed the hype and blacklisted us, too. This evening I sat with Iranians studying Picasso’s art and Paul Eluard’s poem about Guernica.


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Dollar Slump Could Help U.S. Exports

by- Suzie-Q @ 1:20 PM MST

The Canadian dollar, or loonie, has reached parity with the U.S. dollar for the first time since November 1976.

WASHINGTON — The U.S. dollar’s slump on world currency markets boosts sales prospects for U.S. exporters but could mean higher prices for American consumers already smarting from rising food and energy costs.

A weak dollar increases the chances of higher inflation. That could put the Federal Reserve in a tough position of having to choose between tolerating rising inflation or raising interest rates to curb it — even if that makes the emerging economic slowdown worse.

The dollar has weakened steadily for more than a year. The trend accelerated after the Fed’s surprise decision Tuesday to lower its benchmark federal funds rate by a half-point. This was evident on Friday, when one euro, the currency of 13 nations in the European Union, bought a record $1.4078. Similarly, one Canadian dollar was worth about one U.S. dollar, the first time the two currencies have been at parity since 1976. A year ago, the euro bought almost $1.27, and a U.S. dollar bought 1.12 Canadian dollars.

What do those numbers mean for Americans?

For apple growers in Washington or Midwest grain farmers, their products are now more price-competitive abroad. So are exports from Minnesota dairy farmers, Texas cattlemen and Florida citrus growers. Europeans, Asians and Latin Americans can buy U.S.-made products at cheaper prices.

For manufacturers, it’s not as clear. Airplanes made by Boeing and automobiles assembled in Detroit are now cheaper abroad, but both contain high levels of parts made overseas, so the impact of the slumping dollar is muddied.

For American consumers, whose spending drives two-thirds of the U.S. economy and who are increasingly accustomed to low-priced consumer goods from China and elsewhere, higher prices may be coming.

“Anytime the dollar gets weaker, items you import for sale in the United States get more expensive. That’s anything from a BMW to plastic forks that are manufactured in China,” said Patricia Edwards, a retail analyst for Wentworth Hausen and Violich, an investment firm in Seattle.


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Afternoon Jukebox… Now That You Got It

by- Suzie-Q @ 10:32 AM MST

Gwen Stefani With Damian Marley  – Now That You Got It

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Cheney: I’m The ‘Flavor Of The Month’

by- Suzie-Q @ 9:18 AM MST

In the new book The Evangelical President, the Washington Examiner’s Bill Sammon writes that Vice President Cheney isn’t sure whether or not he’ll be remembered throughout history.

“It may be because nobody can remember the earlier vice presidents. I’ll let the historians worry about that.”

He joked that he is more likely the “the flavor of the month.”


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Greatest threat since WW2

anthony @ 16:45 BST

BRITAIN’S destiny is at stake today.

Gordon Brown is about to sign an EU Constitution that would change for ever the way we are governed.

Brown promised us a referendum in his campaign to become PM. Now he’s giving two fingers to Britain.

In 1940 Winston Churchill said of the Battle Of Britain: “Never was so much owed by so many to so few.”

Today The Sun launches a battle to win a referendum on the Constitution.

And we echo Churchill by declaring: Never have so few decided so much for so many.


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