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by GEF and Suzie-Q

It is with Great Pleasure to announce that Suzie-Q and I are going to start our life together! 🙂

So with our busy schedules we have decided to close down Suzie Q for now.

We would like to thank all of you for helping us get the truth out in spite of sheeple media and for you all to continue fighting all those Globalist Evildoers out there because this is the good fight.



Good Evening Justice Bloggers!

Yes, GEF and I are beginning a new life together and we are both very excited and happy. 🙂

I want to thank each of you for being a part of this blog as friends, authors and readers. It has been quite a ride!

We will leave the Suzie-Q blog as it is and will not delete it.

Thank you and take care all! Happy Trails to you! 😉


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anthony @ 21:20 BST

Former “Evening News” Dan Rather choked back tears on several occasions today when discussing his decision to file a lawsuit against CBS and he left many audience members with a sense that he may call President George W. Bush as a witness should the lawsuit proceed to trial (and Rather said he hoped it would).


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Cheney Gets Iran! We’re going into Armageddon!

@ 11:52 AM

“Lieberman hands Bush/Cheney the keys to attack Iran!

The Executive Branch of Government has declared War on Iran without congressional debate or approval.

We’re going into Armageddon.. May God help us all!”


–Lieberman-Kyl amendment wrong idea

Sept. 26, 2007 12:00 AM

The Lieberman-Kyl amendment to the 2008 Defense Authorization Bill is essentially a declaration of war against Iran.

This is insanity.

We are already in a war that we will never win in Iraq. How many more of our young men need to die before we realize that our nation has made a critical error?

Please show the world that we are not the warmongers the rest of the globe believes we are. – Emmy Morales,Scottsdale

–BREAKING: Senate Passes Lieberman/Kyl Amendment; House Vote to Condemn MoveOn

The Lieberman/Kyl Amendment has passed by an unbelievable 76-22 vote. Roll Call here

Biden’s Iraq Partitioning Amendment passed by a vote of 75-23. I’ll put up Roll Calls as they become available.And the House of Representatives, evidently eager to show that they are as spineless and easily cowered as the Senate, voted to condemn MoveOn for the Gen. Betrayus ad, 341-79. Roll Call here.

Via C&L

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Kucinich Wins Debate Poll, ABC Covers Up Results

by Geezer Power ….8:12 am

Crooks and Liars


More coverage on Mother Jones

Posted by Diane E. Dees on 08/22/07

Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich’s supporters (and, according to his website, even some non-supporters) are demanding that ABC explain its actions of the last few days.

On Monday afternoon, Congressman Kucinich took a significant lead in the ABC online poll: Who won the Democratic debate? About the time that he took that lead, ABC removed the poll from its prominent position on the ABC website. Then a new poll suddenly went up, “Who is winning the Democratic debate?”

~Mother Jones~

Why is the MSM (main stream media) snubbing Kucinich?

Kucinich statement on 9/11


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