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SNL Mocks Glenn Beck For Conspiracy Theories, Lack Of Sanity (VIDEO)

Huffington Post |  Alex Leo
First Posted: 09-25-09 07:22 AM   |   Updated: 09-25-09 07:50 AM

SNL’s Weekend Update took on President Obama’s decision to exclude Fox News from his Sunday media tour last night. Despite granting interviews to ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, and Univision he left Fox off his roster prompting Chris Wallace to call his White House “crybabies.” During a long (and generally funny) opening sketch, SNL touched on one of the many reasons the president may have chosen to skip Fox on his media tour: Glenn Beck.

Not only did Beck call Obama a racist, but since then has been on a tour of insanity, upping his already nutty game.

Weekend Update took on specific aspects of Glenn’s character: His propensity to misspell things, to use that muppet-like voice, and, of course, invoke Hitler.


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