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A few years ago, on my very first day in the United States, I read these stirring words on an information plaque on Boston Common.

What do we mean by the American Revolution? Do we mean the American war? The Revolution was effected before the war commenced. The Revolution was in the minds and hearts of the people; a change in their religious sentiments, of their duties and obligations…This radical change in the principles, opinions, sentiments, and affections of the people was the real American Revolution.” John Adams

A few years later, I quoted them during a conversation over breakfast with an American couple who were visiting us in the UK while on holiday.

My father asked our guests whether the revolution was still alive, and they replied that it was.

Personally, I despair.

Below is an article posted on Op Ed News by Susan Lindauer, a U.S. Asset and one of the very first non-Arab Americans indicted on the Patriot Act, accused of acting as an “Iraqi Agent” for opposing the War. She was imprisoned on Carswell Air Force Base for a year without a trial.

The Patriot Act: When Truth Becomes Treason

Susan Lindauer | Op Ed News | May 26, 2011 at 21:19:59

Many Americans believe they understand the dangers of the Patriot Act, which Congress has vowed to extend 4 more years in a vote later this week. Trust me when I say, Americans are not nearly frightened enough.

Ever wonder why the facts about 9/11 never got exposed? Why Americans don’t fathom the leadership fraud surrounding the War on Terror? Why Americans don’t know the 9/11 investigation failed? Why the “Iraqi Peace Option” draws a blank? Somebody has known the whereabouts of Osama bin Laden— or his grave–for the past 10 years. But nobody’s talking.

In significant part, that’s because of the Patriot Act— a law that equates free speech with sedition. It’s got a big agenda, with 7,000 pages of Machiavellian code designed to interrupt individual questioning of government policy. In this brave new world, free speech under the Bill of Rights effectively has been declared a threat to government controls for maintaining “stability”. And the Patriot Act has become the premiere weapon to attack whistleblowers and dissidents who challenge the comfort of political leaders hiding inconvenient truths from the public. It’s all the rage on Capitol Hill, as leaders strive to score TV ratings, while demagoguing their “outstanding leadership performance” on everything from national security to environmental policy.


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APF Reveals Little Information

By Nick Lough & Katie Ussin

Story Published: Sep 28, 2009 at 7:53 PM MDT

Story Updated: Sep 29, 2009 at 10:00 AM MDT

BILLINGS – Confusion and secrecy about American Police Force has grown during the last few weeks.

“APF has been here for 10 months but it has never been stealth,” said APF spokesperson Becky Shay at a press conference on Saturday morning. The group announced its plans to fill the $27 million dollar detention facility and build a police training center next to the jail. While they gave details for the site, other questions went unanswered.

Where will the prisoners come from? What experience does APF have in prisoners and training police officers? Why was Two Rivers Authority Executive Director Greg Smith placed on administrative leave?

During the press conference APF also refused to release any information on its funding or organization “The decision is the name of the parent company will not be released,” said Shay.

When questioned about the decision to show up in Hardin last week in vehicles with “Hardin Police” templates, members were brief in their explanation. “They are to show are intentions are good,” said APF leader Captain Michael Hilton. “Why not put an APF logo on it,” said Shay. “You know we’re getting there.” All of the decals were removed from the vehicles two days later.

APF has consistently stated the community has nothing to fear and says its plans will help stimulate the Hardin economy. “This corporation’s intention is to buy local and stay local and do local business as much as we can,” said Shay.

Residents appear split in their feelings over the company. Some want more information, but others believe it will be a tremendous boost to the area. The company plans to hold a job fair in Hardin the third week of October.

Another development this weekend was the naming of Shay as APF’s new public relations director. Shay was a reporter with the Billings Gazette who had covered the detention facility story for last few years. She announced on Friday she was leaving the paper and hosted the APF press conference Saturday morning.

Be sure to check out comments on this…

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Do the Secret Bush Memos Amount to Treason?  Top Constitutional Scholar Says Yes

By Naomi Wolf, AlterNet. Posted March 25, 2009.

Legal expert Michael Ratner calls the legal arguments made in the infamous Yoo memos, “Fuhrer’s law.”

In early March, more shocking details emerged about George W. Bush legal counsel John Yoo’s memos outlining the destruction of the republic.

The memos lay the legal groundwork for the president to send the military to wage war against U.S. citizens; take them from their homes to Navy brigs without trial and keep them forever; close down the First Amendment; and invade whatever country he chooses without regard to any treaty or objection by Congress.

It was as if Milton’s Satan had a law degree and was establishing within the borders of the United States the architecture of hell.

I thought this was — and is — certainly one of the biggest stories of our lifetime, making the petty burglary of Watergate — which scandalized the nation — seem like playground antics. It is newsworthy too with the groundswell of support for prosecutions of Bush/Cheney crimes and recent actions such as Canadian attorneys mobilizing to arrest Bush if he visits their country.

The memos are a confession. The memos could not be clearer: This was the legal groundwork of an attempted coup. I expected massive front page headlines from the revelation that these memos exited. Almost nothing. I was shocked.

As a non-lawyer, was I completely off base in my reading of what this meant, I wondered? Was I hallucinating?

Astonished, I sought a reality check — and a formal legal read — from one of the nation’s top constitutional scholars (and most steadfast patriots), Michael Ratner of the Center for Constitutional Rights, which has been at the forefront of defending the detainees and our own liberties.


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Iowa Democrats Tweet Limbaugh’s drug addiction in healthcare debate

Raw Story- Stephen C. Webster
Published: Monday March 9, 2009

It appears the Democrats’ plan to enshrine Rush Limbaugh as the true “de facto leader” of the GOP is having its very own trickle-down effect.

Legislation which would allow Iowa workers to choose their own doctors through the workers compensation program is meeting stiff resistance from state Republicans and business groups. The fear, they say, is that allowing a citizen to choose their doctor would encourage “doctor shopping.”

Iowa House Democrats bit back with a single sentence and link, fired off from their Twitter page.

“Doctor shopping … is this what ABI means? http://tinyurl.com/boc5dh

The tinyrul link points to a Palm Beach Post story about Republican pundit Rush Limbaugh’s admitted addiction to OxyContin from 1998-2002. He professed to obtaining the drug, also commonly known as “hillbilly heroin,” by “doctor shopping,” or obtaining overlapping prescriptions from multiple practitioners.

“The ABI mentioned is the Association of Business and Industry, which has launched a series of radio ads in Iowa opposing the choice of doctor legislation,” said the Iowa Independent.

The Iowa GOP Tweeted back, in a manner of speaking, paraphrasing Iowa Republican party chairman Matt Strawn, who alleged that allowing workers to choose their doctors will “devastate area’s small businesses.” The feed did not provide any links to supporting evidence.

“Currently, 35 states have some form of employee choice of doctor, including all of Iowa’s surrounding states except Missouri,” the paper reported.

Limbaugh was facing a third degree felony for his doctor shopping, an offense punishable by up to five years in prison. He struck an agreement with the Palm Beach County State Attorney’s Office, ultimately paying a $3,000 bond and agreeing to a common court diversion program. The charges were dropped after 18 months.

Following his repeated sentiment that he hopes President Obama “fails,” Democrats have gleefully piled on, even launching a parody Web site that mocks top Republicans in government who’ve been embarrassed by and apologized to the pundit.

The wish for failure is “arguably treasonous,” remarked Daily Show host Jon Stewart. “He’s a fat, pill-popping idiot,” exclaimed Rolling Stone‘s Matt Tiabbi during a recent appearance on MSNBC.


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Bus's exit strategy
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MSNBC’s Contessa Brewer yesterday was discussing George W. Bush’s plan to let the EPA rule against cleaning up perchlorate from Americans’ drinking water, even though its toxic effects are well documented.

Even John Feehery, the “Republican strategist” brought on to explain this last-minute ugliness, admitted:

Once again, I don’t know the specifics of this particular one, but it doesn’t really sound good, does it, Contessa?

Brewer later returns to Feehery and asks:

Brewer: John, do you think there should be some shame in a president doing something like this? It reminds me of the big scandal that erupted when Clinton was leaving office with all the pardons. You know, why are you gonna do something in your — the very last few weeks that just … makes you look bad?

Simple answer: Because George W. Bush doesn’t care what you think. He never has.

If you want more information on Bush’s vandalism of the American political landscape on his way out the door, check out the Pro Publica site with a complete rundown.

Its first entry is on perchlorate:

At Issue: Perchlorate is a chemical component of rocket fuel that can contaminate water both naturally and, more frequently, through improper disposal at rocket test sites, military bases and chemical plants. Cleaning it up would cost billions of dollars. But the contaminant has been linked to thyroid problems in young children, pregnant woman and newborns, leaving critics concerned for the developmental health of those most vulnerable to the chemical’s effects.

Here’s the EPA’s official justification:

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