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“Palin Was Practically Booed Back to Wasilla” By Pro-Union Protesters in Madison, Wisconsin


Submitted by mark karlin on Wed, 04/20/2011 – 9:32pm.

Why do Tea Party rallies get so much media attention, even when their gatherings appear to be shrinking in size?

That is because the corporate mainstream media has a bias toward covering protests from the right, but virtually ignores progressive crowds. This was recently evidenced by the scant national coverage given to the unprecedented anti-Scott Walker protests of up to 100,000 people in the relatively small city of Madison.

So, when Sarah Palin appeared in Madison on Saturday, April 16, it was not surprising that CNN described her as “energizing” the crowd, even though she could barely be heard much beyond the “feed” mike – the boos and chants of disapproval were that loud from the protesters.

Matthew Rothschild, editor of The Progressive (which is located in Madison) attended the Palin event and estimated that the protesters were double the size of the Koch brothers’ “Americans for Prosperity” crowd:

There were about 1,500 tea partiers, many bused in by Americans for Prosperity, the rightwing group funded by the Koch brothers.

The tea partiers were surrounded by about 3,000 or more pro-labor supporters, who let their presence be felt with raucous chants and boos and cries of “Shame, shame, shame!”

“Recall Walker,” the protesters chanted over and over again, as well as, “Hey, hey, ho, ho, Scott Walker has got to go.”

In fact, Thom Hartmann points out in a television report that Andrew Breitbart (former Drudge protege and current right-wing “pundit” and provocateur) was so incensed by the chants of the protesters that he shouted, “Go to Hell!” (three times) at them from the podium. And that was before Palin even spoke.

Hartmann also trenchantly dissects how the corporate media frames its reports to give an inaccurate account of events with a slant that favors the right wing and status quo.

The true story of Sarah Palin’s appearance in Madison was that, according to Hartmann, “Palin was practically booed back to Wasilla.”

But you wouldn’t know that from watching the cable or evening news.


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Organizer of ‘Crash the Tea Party’ receives threats

By Anita Kissée KATU News and KATU.com Staff

Story Published: Apr 14, 2010 at 12:57 AM PDT    Story Updated: Apr 14, 2010 at 8:32 PM PDT

PORTLAND, Ore. – A group planning to infiltrate Tea Party protests on Tax Day is led by a local teacher who has received threats after it became known he was behind the group.

During April 15’s Tea Party rallies, Beaverton Middle School teacher Jason Levin’s group plans to dress and act like Tea Party members but “crazier” with the goal to damage the movement’s reputation. However, members of the Tea Party movement said that’s defamation. They’re also now claiming that Levin worked on his “Crash the Tea Party” Web site when he should have been teaching.

Levin admits he did have plans to dress up like a member of the movement, but that all changed after his face and personal number were posted on the Internet. “My phone rang around the clock,” he said.

On his answering machine he received messages like: “Hey Jason, this is Robins Mitchell in Houston, Texas, again. … We’re going to (expletive deleted) you April 15 if you try to mess with the Tea Party.”

His Web site, Facebook page, and Twitter account are all devoted to bringing down the Tea Party movement from the inside by exaggerating its least appealing qualities.

He said he plans to make the movement look bad by misspelling signs and making wild claims, which is an idea he borrowed from a recent counter-protest by Twitter.

“So they infiltrated this group and stood next to them holding up these signs that were equally ludicrous as Westborough signs. Eventually, the people dispersed because they realized nobody could tell the kooks from the kooks,” Levin said.

He said he worked with friends around the country to develop the idea and said they felt the movement is almost out of control, especially after last summer’s health care town hall meetings where health care overhaul opponents shouted down proponents.

“So rather than fight fire with fire, we decided, rather than shouting at them as their opponents, that we would do something a little more panache, and that was to infiltrate the movement and try to take it down,” Levin said.

On his Web site he says his group wants to take down the movement “by any non-violent means necessary.”


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