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Cheney’s Last Hurrah: No Light at the End of the Dark Side

Where is Dick Cheney? It’s been over a month since the inauguration and the White House HR office has been waiting….and waiting…and waiting for the former VP to appear for his exit interview and to hand over the keys to his office.

Finally, there is a knock at the door of the White House HR Office, and the man reputed to be the power behind the throne in the Bush administration is ushered into the room. He is flanked by secret service men on each side.

“Good to finally see you, sir!” the HR officer says. “I must ask you where have you been all this time? You’ve given interviews to the media but your office has been locked and all of your secret locations empty.

With a sardonic smile of self-satisfaction, Cheney responds, “I didn’t make it easy for you to find me, did I?”


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