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Politicians call for felony charges if report that News of the World hacked voicemails of victims is found to be true

Chris McGreal in Washington
The Guardian, Thursday 14 July 2011

Senator Jay Rockefeller called for an investigation into whether News Corp had invaded the privacy of Americans. Photograph: Matthew Cavanaugh/EPA

Political pressure on Rupert Murdoch has spilled across the Atlantic with a growing number of senior politicians calling for a legal investigation into whether News Corporation broke American laws over the phone-hacking scandal.

Members of Congress from both major parties have waded in to the affair with warnings of “severe” consequences if a report in the Daily Mirror that the News of the World attempted to access the voicemails of victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks or other Americans is true.

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At the start of this month, says the Guardian, no senior politician dared to defy Rupert Murdoch. Yesterday, all of them did, “and the spell has been broken”.

Rupert Murdoch gives up BSkyB takeover bid

After the biggest single reverse of his career, the News Corp chief faces an appearance before a judicial inquiry and a fight for the right to broadcast in the UK

Patrick Wintour, Dan Sabbagh and Nicholas Watt The Guardian, Thursday 14 July 2011

News Corp chairman Rupert Murdoch leaves the offices of News International in London after withdrawing his bid to take over BSkyB. Photograph: Luke MacGregor/Reuters

Rupert Murdoch has capitulated to parliament and abandoned News Corporation‘s £8bn bid for BSkyB, as he faced the prospect of appearing in front of a judicial public inquiry to salvage his personal reputation and the right for his company to continue to broadcast in the UK.

After 10 days of sustained public outcry over phone hacking, and facing the prospect of a unanimous call by MPs to withdraw his bid for total ownership of the broadcaster, Murdoch succumbed at a morning board meeting in Wapping.

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Gordon Brown: ‘News International bought and sold people’s private innermost feelings’

Former prime minister launches attack on News International in the Commons, accusing it of law breaking on an industrial scale

guardian.co.uk, Wednesday 13 July 2011

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If Mr Murdoch’s employees can be so brazen as to target the British prime minister, then it is not unreasonable to believe they also might hack into the voicemails of American politicians and citizens.”

Melanie Sloan Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington

Rupert Murdoch: Could his US empire be affected?

By Tom Geoghegan
BBC News, Washington DC

The phone-hacking story has brought down a newspaper that few in the US had heard of. But the implications could yet be felt across the Atlantic.

The closure of the UK’s News of the World newspaper made headlines in the US, despite the paper being little-known.

There was outrage at the methods used by British journalists to get a story – the hacking of phones and payments to police officers.

And there have been questions about how much this could hurt Rupert Murdoch’s huge media empire, News Corporation, which suffered a 7% drop in its share price on Monday in New York

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By Martin Hickman and Cahal Milmo
Monday, 11 July 2011

Tony Blair urged Gordon Brown to persuade the Labour MP who led the campaign to expose the phone-hacking scandal to fall silent, according to a report yesterday.

The Mail on Sunday stated that “well-placed” sources said Mr Blair had sought to encourage Mr Brown to ask his supporter Tom Watson to back off. A “friend of Mr Brown” was quoted as saying: “There is no doubt about it, Tony wanted Gordon to intervene.” Mr Watson, who claimed last week that News International had entered “the criminal underworld”, was reported to have been told that Rebekah Brooks, News International’s chief executive, “will pursue you for the rest of your life”.

Earlier this year, another Labour MP, Chris Bryant, said in a Commons speech that a senior figure allied to Mr Murdoch had warned his friends that speaking out about the scandal would not be forgotten.

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David Cameron distances himself from Rebekah Brooks, Andy Coulson has been arrested and Murdoch has flown to the UK: REUTERS; GETTY

The Independent
By Oliver Wright, Ian Burrell, Martin Hickman, Cahal Milmo and Andrew Grice
Saturday, 9 July 2011

David Cameron was forced to cut Rupert Murdoch and his newspaper empire loose from the heart of government yesterday as he tried to deflect public anger about his failure to tackle the phone-hacking scandal.

Mr Cameron turned on Mr Murdoch’s son James, saying there were questions “that need to be answered” about his role during the phone-hacking cover-up, and criticising him for not accepting the resignation of News International’s chief executive Rebekah Brooks.

He also admitted that his desire to win support from the company’s newspapers had led him to turn “a blind eye” as evidence grew of widespread illegality at the News of the World.

With a newspaper closed, five arrests and more to follow, 4,000 possible victims, a media empire shaken to its foundations and the Prime Minister reeling, the escalating scandal has become a controversy comparable to the US Watergate saga, with ramifications for Downing Street, the media and police.

Last night the media regulator Ofcom announced it would contact police about the conduct of Mr Murdoch’s empire in covering up phone-hacking allegations, to determine whether it was a “fit and proper” owner of the broadcaster BSkyB, which Mr Murdoch is attempting to buy outright. He is due to fly into London today to deal with the crisis, according to reports. Shares in the broadcaster fell by eight per cent.

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The Periscope Post | 8 July 2011

Rupert Murdoch’s sensational decision to shutter The News of the World, the best-selling English-language newspaper in the world, over the escalating phone hacking scandal came as a complete shock to almost all, including the newspaper’s 200 staffers. Explanations for Murdoch’s dramatic action to turn off the lights at the 168-year-old Sunday tabloid range from suggestions that News Corporation is spiralling out of control to verdicts that it is all part of the media mogul’s masterplan. The shuttering is highly unlikely to bring to an end the  furore over the newspaper’s phone hacking of the families of crime victims and dead soldiers, which has shocked and outraged the British public. News International is under investigation for alleged telephone hacking and illegal payments to police officers and Scotland Yard has 50 officers on the case. This morning, Labour leader Ed Miliband again demanded a public inquiry into the culture and regulation of the press. Later today, Andy Coulson, former editor of The News of the World and David Cameron’s former director of communications, is expected to be arrested.

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UPDATE 1-Murdoch rivals jump, BSkyB wavers as paper shut

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Well, My signifigant other bought me a copy of Going Rogue,so I guess I’d better do a critique.

She found it in the Goodwill bins for a buck. I checked on Abebooks, and there were some on there for a buck, but it was three bucks to ship. I noticed that Goodwill was listing quite a few on Abe’s also.

Anyways, on with the review, and we’ll start with the cover so we can see what she is talking about, er, I should mention Lynn Vincent here because she was the actual writer of the book. Yep, a ghost writer of sorts, kinda like George Duhbya Bush did on his book, A Charge to Keep. I guess Sarah is not much smarter than Duhbya, maybe not even as smart. Duhbya fired Mickey Herkowitz for telling too much truth and hired Karen Hugh’s, who later joined his cabinet.

click to enlarge print

The book, was co-published by HarperCollins imprint Harper and HarperCollins-owned Zondervan. It doesn’t actually mention the authors name on the cover pages, but does mention that it is copyrighted by Sarah Palin and that it is “An imprint of Harper Collins Publisher”. It is also marked as a first edition. Also, not mentioned, is that the book was printed in China . I’m not sure, but I would guess that Caribou Barbie could probably see China from her doorstep.

In 1991, there are changes in the shareholding of the company – the family sells their interest to Rupert Murdoch. In 1989, the company is acquired by News International, bringing together Collins, Harper & Row, Gower Publishing, Times Books, Bartholomew and Angus & Robertson.

Anyways, back to the review, I’ll go to the end of the book. I usually read the end first to see if it looks like an interesting read.

Hmm, that does it for me. I’ve been through a few sessions with the Jehova Witnesses, and that is what this looks like.
You know, where the Lion lays down with the lamb and all that…sheesh

I feel that I know there is a God too, but She, he, or whatever; is the God of the universe, not the God of Alaska.

maybe I will continue on another day…G%

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Rupert Murdoch says Fox News shouldn’t be supporting the Tea Party movement. He actually said that.

Crooks & Liars- By John Amato Thursday Apr 08, 2010 7:00am

Ari over at Media Matters asked Rupert Murdoch if it’s appropriate for his network to be supporting the Tea Party movement. He said “no,” and that they shouldn’t support any party. He must have missed David Frum saying that Republicans actually work for FOX News.

You are probably puking now if you finished watching this short clip. FOX News created the Tea Party movement, period.


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Nervous Murdoch struggles to name one Democrat at Fox News

Raw Story- By David Edwards and Sahil Kapur
Thursday, April 8th, 2010 — 11:59 am

Rupert Murdoch insists that his network is “fair and balanced,” but he was stumped when asked which of its employees offer credibility to that claim.

During a recent appearance at a George Washington University forum, the Chairman and CEO of Fox News’ parent company found it no easy task to fend off questions about the channel’s predominantly conservative roster.

“Our news shows, our politics, or whatever — you know, we have Democrats and Republicans and libertarians, whatever,” Murdoch said. The other networks “tend to be Democrats,” he added. “Let’s be honest about it.”

One member of the audience took him up on the claim that Fox News employs Democrats. “If so, who would that be?” he asked.

A visibly nervous Murdoch folded his hands and froze for a few seconds. “I could give you a couple of names but they’re certainly there,” he responded. “Uh, if Roger [Ailes] were here he’d certainly spit them out very quickly. I think probably every night Greta Van Susteren is certainly close to the Democratic Party.”


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