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Philip Markoff, Alleged Craigslist Killer, Had 16 Pairs Of Women’s Panties And 60 Pairs Of Flex-Cuffs In His Home

Huffington Post |  Nicholas Graham   |   04/29/09 08:51 PM

ABC New reports that police have discovered 16 pairs of women’s panties in the home of Philip Markoff, the man alleged to be the Craigslist killer. Along with the panties, the police found 60 pairs of flex-cuffs, which were presumably used to tie up his victims. Markoff has been accused of targeting escorts who advertised their services on Craigslist.

Read ABC News’ full report here.

It has recently come to light that Markoff was also using Craigslist to solicit sex from men and transsexuals. “The Today Show” interviewed a man who was contacted by Markoff for such purposes. Watch that report here.

For more details on Markoff, including photos and videos, click here.

For more information about his fiance Megan McAllister, click here.

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