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My guess is that Helen could be Phoenician, a heritage that goes back thousands of years. In recent studies, dna samples indicated that one third of the Lebanese have the genetic signature of the Phoenicians.

I was fortunate enough to meet a Phoenician when I was in Beirut in 1965. We sit in a coffee house for hours as he explained his heritage. He told me that Beirut was sitting on Phoenician ruins going back to ancient times and all about it being the center of trade for the Mediterranean Sea.

I spent some time on Google this morning, and found Phoenicia.org, which re-enforces what he was telling me back then, but here I am, off subject as usual, so will close with a question. What color are Helens eyes? G%

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Hey Americans, the Pundits Blame You for Bush and Cheney’s Torture Policies

By Rory O’Connor, MediaChannel.org. Posted May 13, 2009.

In their mad dash to ensure that no one in the Bush administration is held accountable for torture, the media are putting the blame on all Americans.

What is it about torture that is so seductive to our mainstream media?

First, our leading (and often “liberal”) commentators and analysts, writing in supposedly respectable publications such as Newsweek and The Atlantic, tried to appear as tough-minded believers in realpolitik by siding with such REALLY tough-minded believers as Dick Cheney when he led our country over to “the dark side.”

Then multiple Pulitzer Prize winner Tom Friedman — ever consistent and persistent in his excuse making for the powerful — hailed, in a recent column, Barack (“Split the baby“) Obama’s “torturous compromise” to expose, but not prosecute, those responsible for violating our Constitution and international law by torturing in our names. This despite the fact that, as Friedman accurately noted, “more than 100 detainees died in U.S. custody in Iraq and Afghanistan, with up to 27 of those declared homicides by the military. They were allegedly kicked to death, shot, suffocated or drowned. Look, our people killed detainees, and only a handful of those deaths have resulted in any punishment of U.S. officials.”

Then Jacob Weisberg, chairman and editor-in-chief of the Slate Group, agreed with Friedman’s contention that there should be no torture prosecutions because we had all “acquiesced” in the Bush-Cheney Torture Agenda; we were all “the President’s accomplices,” and thus “pursuing criminal charges would be too hard legally and politically and too easy morally.’ According to Weisberg’s twisted morality and logic, “Prosecuting Bush and his men won’t absolve the rest of us for what we let them do.”


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