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Video Of Nadya Suleman Giving Birth

Huffington Post |  Alex Leo   |   March 7, 2009 12:45 PM

Nadya Suleman has already appeared on Jimmy Kimmel’s show twice now, once to introduce the world to the octuplets and declare her love for Jimmy, and once to get smacked around by her child on camera.

In this third “exclusive” Kimmel gets his hands on the birth tape Suleman has been shopping around.

Shockingly, babies don’t come out of her after hours of pushing, one at a time, but fly out as if at the end of the world’s longest water slide. The doctors and nurses seem both scared and hurt by this experience, but Nadya’s lips and hair stayed in tact.


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Jimmy Kimmel’s Exclusive Interview With Octomom (VIDEO)

Huffington Post |  Alex Leo   |   February 25, 2009 02:00 PM

At this point many of us have suspicions that Nadya Suleman is crazy. She birthed eight more kids after already giving birth to six, launched a Website so you can give her money, went video game shopping, hired an agent, publicly fought with her slightly saner mother, all while on food stamps.

Anyway, she’s completely enthralling. She’s like a train wreck wrapped in an enigma wrapped in Angelina Jolie’s face. As a result, everyone wants to interview her, and the lucky Jimmy Kimmel just got his chance.

In the following clip you will see exclusive footage of Nadya and the octuplets. It’s just unfortunate how hard it is for her to talk with those lips.


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