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VIDEO PHOTO “Golden-voiced” homeless dude Ted Williams gets multiple job offers Jan – 05

Ted Williams, the homeless guy from Columbus, Ohio with a golden voice got his life changed by the internet!

A dude with a camera asked him to make good on displaying the “God Given GIft” advertised on his begging sign, and Mr. Williams, a former radio announcer whose life went sour when he turned to alcohol and drug, delivered.
The video was put on the internet, and the whole world got to listen to Ted’s talent. Within a day the viral video has been seen over 3 million times, and Ted has gotten offers from scores of companies eager to give him a second chance including MTV and the NFL. His favorite offer so far, however, has been from the Cleveland Cavaliers!

This morning he appeared on The Early Show sporting a haircut, spiffy new clothes, and looking at least 15 years younger! He even has a cellphone now!

And also…this just in from Home Nature Report

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Is He Promising Not To Ride Da Bus?

This is the guy who used the term “wetbacks” in a public meeting not too long ago. His new racist offensive is targeted at foreigners whose hygiene standards may be different, or at the poor whose access to bathrooms is limited –In part by lax planning, zoning, building and housing codes and a lack of affordable housing and public facilities. Tam’s our Zoning Committee Chairman, by the way, so he’s responsible for a lot of that. But it’s so much easier to target the disenfranchised and humiliate & punish them than it is to offer real solutions that are already available elsewhere and to people with money right here in Honolulu.

The fact that Tam has already established himself as a race-warrior with his attacks on “wetbacks” makes this new measure smell pretty bad in itself. The homeless population and immigration from global-warming and economic depression victims throughout the Asia-Pacific region keep growing, putting some less recent immigrants’ and forgetful long-time Locals’ noses out of joint, “Aloha” be damned. Da Bus is one of the few places where the old and the new, the poor and the middle classes come into contact. Maybe now is the time those living in comfort paid attention to the problems of the system that has benefited them so much more than others.

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