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Kennedy Series For ‘History Channel’ Called Inaccurate, Vindictive

Huff Po– First Posted: 02-16-10 06:30 PM   |   Updated: 02-16-10 10:34 PM

A television series on the Kennedys that is nearly a year away from official release has already spurred heated debate and aggressive pushback over its treatment of the iconic American family.

On Tuesday progressive filmmaker Robert Greenwald released a short video preemptively calling into question the accuracy of “The Kennedys,” an eight-hour miniseries which will air on the History Channel and is being produced by Joel Surnow, the creator of the series “24” and a well-known Hollywood conservative.

In on-camera interviews, a set of renowned Kennedy historians, including Ted Sorensen — a one-time aide to John F. Kennedy — trash the script, which was obtained in advance by Greenwald. Charging that it is littered with easily documented falsehoods, they insist that the production team drafted a “cartoon” and “caricature” of the former president — downplaying weighty historical episodes in favor of tawdry and salacious material.

WATCH “Stop The Kennedy Smears” — Brave New Films makes the case against the miniseries.

Greenwald told the Huffington Post he counted more than a dozen sex scenes written into the biopic with only scant acknowledgment of the Cuban Missile crisis. Sorenson, in the film, says that the conversations he is depicted to have had with the President “never happened.”

“[T]his one-sided right wing script suffers from a vindictive, malicious approach,” he says. “Even the right-wingers at whom this script is aimed are going to be disappointed when they look for new and interesting accusations.”

The team behind the History Channel series, set to air in January 2011, insists that the early criticism is misplaced.


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