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During yesterday’s Glenn Beck radio show, Beck delivered a 10-minute monologue in which he hit all of his phony-baloney touchstones — some of them, as I’ve been writing for the last several weeks, are dangerous and some are simply ridiculous. But primarily, Beck was in full televangelist mode about God and something about a “plan” and, in the process, he dovetailed into a little McCarthyism and, as usual, a little historical revisionism. He even shrunk into a defensive bit refuting the accusations that he’s a faker who’s conning his audience.

Now, before you listen to this epic clip courtesy of Media Matters, I should warn you to turn down your speakers, because the over-the-top levels of audio compression and EQ on Beck’s voice (say nothing of the half-dozen or so Beck sound-alikes who also occupy his studio) will absolutely blow out your speakers.

Most radio stations employ some sort of digital processing to make the host or disc jockey sound more resonant, but I’ve never heard a talk show with this much compression. Clearly, the BOOM! is there to enhance Beck’s voice in a way that augments his level of psychological persuasion — the deeper, diaphragm-vibrating low end increases the physical connection between Beck and his audience. A more subconscious aspect of his scam.

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The overarching theme of this monologue is that God is speaking directly to Glenn Beck and giving him the plan. It’s classic televangelism, which is commonly seen as nothing more than an exploitation of religious naiveté with the goal of making the televangelist rich. Listen to me. I have the answers. Because God is speaking to me. So give generously if you want to hear what God’s plan is.


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Glenn Beck BARKING Rant: Barks Like Mad Dog Over Obama Stimulus (VIDEO)

Huffington Post |  Nicholas Graham
First Posted: 02-18-10 08:32 AM   |   Updated: 02-18-10 12:06 PM

Glenn Beck has played with dolls and cried his eyes out on the air, but last night he broke new ground in the field of bizarre Beck antics when he laid into President Obama’s stimulus efforts by barking like a mad dog.

Obama yesterday defended his administration’s handling of the stimulus funds, commending Vice President Joe Biden for successfully keeping waste to a minimum in such a large program. “As Joe puts it, so far, at least, the dog hasn’t barked,” Obama said.

An incredulous Beck began furiously barking before embarking on one of his signature rants: “The dog hasn’t barked? It’s like a pack of Cujos ripping apart the flesh of the American people!”


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