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We’ve all heard of “shotgun weddings,” but here in the USofA, our first-rate, employment-based private insurance system has led to a whole new form of marriage-the “stethoscope” wedding.

The writer of this CNN article lays out why she found herself becoming a “Mrs.” I will say that this is indeed an act of love, and I will personally vouch that it isn’t an unusual catalyst; my own worries about a red-headed girl’s health was a factor in my own mind for moving up our wedding date (and I’ve never told her that, and I expect you to STFU as well 🙂 ) In my own case, I’d definitely have done it anyway, but I have to wonder…. how many people are doing this PRIMARILY because our system sucks so bad? How many of them will wind up divorced later?

And isn’t it a damned obscenity that gay people cannot do this for a loved one in most states?

I’d never been one of those girls who’d dreamt about her perfect wedding. The white wedding dress, the exorbitant costs, the fuss over a big, shiny rock — none of it ever appealed to me.

I wanted to find a lifelong partner, and a family sounded nice, too, but honestly? I never cared much about that piece of paper.


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Man, you just have to admire the deep humanity of those “compassionate conservatives.” The moronic monkey is the perfect example of the “compassionate conservative” in action, as he devotes all of two words to answer a question about the hell he unleashed upon a people who had done nothing to him, or to any of us.

Tens of thousands of lives at least, and maybe hundreds of thousands of lives, were ended when Chimpy decided to one-up his daddy by going after Saddam. In the ensuing years, we’ve lost more of our own people there than Osama managed to take out on September 11. Our economy, in the meantime, has become a shambles, and a lot of THAT can also be traced back to the moronic monkey’s war of choice. Kabul in Afghanistan is well on the way to becoming a modern-day Dien Bien Phu, pirates rule the seas near the Arabian Peninsula, and starvation is a distinct reality for millions of people worldwide. ALL OF THIS can be traced right back to the moronic monkey’s Oedipal disaster.

So what?

In an interview with a reporter following a shoe being thrown at his head, President George W. Bush had a snippy answer for the fact that al Qaeda didn’t take a stand in Iraq until he invaded: “So what?”

Bush spoke with ABC’s Martha Raddatz following the shoe incident in Baghdad, which reportedly left White House spokesperson Dana Perino injured during the melee that ensued as the Iraqi journalist who threw the shoe was being subdued.

During the interview, Bush says his legacy will “take time,” but includes No Child Left Behind and “52 months of uninterrupted job growth,” then speaks about his role in “protecting” America after 9/11. He mentions that al Qaeda has turned out to be a problem in Iraq.


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