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Caribou Barbie might be carrying things a little too far with her motorcycle jacket, but, by the same token, so is Stormy Daniels who claims that she is running against David Vitter for his senate seat.

While it is rumored that Sarah owns a Harley, it turns out that it was a brand new pink Harley used as a promotion when she was Governor of Alaska and was never ridden. The old school motorcycle gangs, like the Hell’s Angels, and the Gypsie Jokers, if they notice, will be less than impressed by Palin’s role in down and dirty politics. The Republican agenda, has made her the sweet heart of the hardcore activists in the corporate government, while McCane limps along in the background listening to talk about  Palin for president. Does the man have any pride? I don’t know how far Sarah will go with all this, but there is no way that she can compete with Daniels brand of politics.

Stormy Daniels Back Into Louisiana US Senate Race As Republican?

Written by: BayouBuzz Staff

According to a press release, porn star, Stormy Daniels, has stated that she will announce on April 15 whether she will run for US Senate from Louisiana And if she does, it would be as a Republican..

Currently, the two major candidates are Republican Senator David Vitter and Democrat, US Rep. Charlie Melancon.

Daniels ties her possible decision to recent events with the National Republican Party.

The porn star’s entry into the field has brought national attention to the election because of David Vitter’s admission of sin associated with the Washington DC Madam case.

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If it wasn’t for the fact that the Washington media establishment is gamed in favor of Republicans, it’s very likely that they would have long since been relegated to nothing more than a LaRouche-style crackpot cult, handing out mimeographed pamphlets outside the post office.

How else, other than via the self-conscious deference afforded it by the press, do the Republicans get away with issuing the following two press releases within a single 24 hour span:

Sunday: “Cutting Medicare is not what Americans want.”

Monday: “Expanding Medicare a plan for financial ruin.”

In case you’re wondering, these statements didn’t come from one of the many far out wingnuts like Steve King, Michele Bachmann or Virginia Foxx (Medicare recipient). They were, in fact, dispatched from Senate Minority Leader (And Real-Life Albino Sleestak) Mitch McConnell’s office. Yes, the highest ranking Republican in Congress wrote-up both headlines, ostensibly proof-read and unapologetically shoved into the public record.

Two press releases that exactly contradict each other. Yet I’m a little disappointed that Mark Halperin and Chuck Todd didn’t fire off tweets about how the opposing headlines were “bad news for Obama.” After all, every Republican gaffe is somehow “bad news for Obama.” And so they get away with it.

As we have observed over the years, this Republican contradiction problem has been a feature of modern Bush Republicanism for a while now, but it’s only during the past year that the gap between contradictory statements — let’s call it the Wingnut Gap — has narrowed down to just 24 hours. Prior to this week, it took several years for, say, the Republicans to contradict their “criticizing the commander-in-chief during wartime undermines the troops” mantra, or for Glenn Beck to accuse the Obama administration of being Maoists then to inexplicably suggest that America needs to be more like the Chinese.”

Say nothing of the contradictions evident in Sarah Palin’s America-hating commie Castro headgear:

And don’t give her the benefit of the doubt on this, either. She’s not smart enough to wear it with deliberate irony.

But this is a dynamic that’s most prevalent when the Republicans discuss Medicare. It really flummoxes them. After all, they despise socialized medicine. They despise single-payer health insurance. They despise government-run health care. They voted against the formation of Medicare during the high water mark of LBJ’s Great Society. They ultimately would love to privatize (or drown in a bathtub) the whole thing and be done with it.


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David Vitter Throws Tantrum After Missing Flight

The Huffington Post |  Megan Slack   |   March 11, 2009 09:19 AM

UDPATE: Sen. Vitter claims that Roll Call‘s account is overstated.

“After being delayed on the Senate floor ensuring a vote on my anti-pay-raise amendment and in a rush to make my flight home for town hall meetings the next day, I accidentally went through a wrong door at the gate,” Vitter said in a statement. “I did have a conversation with an airline employee, but it was certainly not like this silly gossip column made it out to be.”

* * * * *Louisiana Senator David Vitter screamed at a United Airlines employee last week after arriving 20 minutes too late for a flight from Dulles to New Orleans, Roll Call reports (subscription required).

According to Raw Story, when Vitter learned he didn’t make the flight, he tried to open an alarmed security door.

After setting off the security alarm, the Louisiana senator proceeded to dress down an airline employee who told him entering the restricted area was forbidden. He invoked his standing as a senator, delivering a “do-you-know-who-I-am” tirade, the paper said.

Vitter wouldn’t calm down, even after the employee threatened to call security.

“Vitter, according to the witness, remained defiant, yelling that the employee could call the police if he wanted to and their supervisors, who, presumably, might be more impressed with his Senator’s pin,” the paper’s Heard on the Hill column noted. “But after talking a huffy big game, Vitter apparently thought better of pushing the confrontation any further. When the gate attendant left to find a security guard, Vitter turned tail and simply fled the scene.”

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