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Glenn Beck Leaving Fox: Why It’s Really Happening (CHART)

The Huffington Post Carol Hartsell  First Posted: 04/ 7/11 01:04 PM ET Updated: 04/ 7/11 02:04 PM ET

When it was announced yesterday that we will no longer be seeing Glenn Beck’s face on Fox News night after night, a lot of people were left asking, “Why?”*

It’s common knowledge that Glenn Beck’s show was facing a major advertiser problem, but as we’ve said many times, there’s never one reason things go awry in this world. That’s why God** invented pie charts. Below we’ve broken down the different reasons Beck was forced to step down, so that you may have a fuller understanding of why your life has been inexorably changed***.


*No one actually asked this

**Actually, pie charts evolved from graphs

***For the better


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Vodpod videos no longer available.

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SNL Salahi Skit Spoofs Party Crashing Couple, Secret Service (VIDEO)

Huffington Post

First Posted: 12- 5-09 06:47 PM   |   Updated: 12- 6-09 03:32 AM

The Salahis did not appear on SNL’s opening scene. But the show did begin with a clip lampooning the party crashers and a Secret Service of enablers.


The party-crashing couple that embarrassed the Secret Service and brought scrutiny to protocol at White House social events by getting into a state dinner may be in on the joke.

According to The Washington Post blog The TV Column, Tareq and Michaele Salahi are slated to appear in tonight’s opening skit of Saturday Night Live:

As of Thursday, the NBC late-night show was planning to open with a skit in which, with cast members playing all the parts, President Obama would give a speech with his cabinet behind him. Suddenly, he’s interrupted by the Salahis, who have crashed the speech — Michaele Salahi in a red,red sari, just like the one she wore when she and her husband allegedly crashed that White House state dinner last month.

The Salahis were asked about a possible SNL appearance on Friday, when the couple arrived in court. They were there over a dispute on a $925 landscaping bill. Tareq Slahi smiled, when he was asked about the appearance, but said nothing, according to The Warren County Report Newspaper.

Gossip Girl‘s Blake Lively is set to host Saturday’s show.

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Palin 2012: SNL Gives Viewers A Glimpse Of Horrifying Future (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Huffington Post
First Posted: 11-22-09 08:59 AM   |   Updated: 11-22-09 09:58 AM

“Saturday Night Live” combined Sarah Palin and the disaster movie “2012” last night to imagine a world in which Palin had won the presidency. They used footage from the ’08 race and Palin’s recent publicity blitz along with the trailer for the John Cusack post-apocalyptic action film to create a harrowing end-times scenario in which Glenn Beck is one step away from the presidency.


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Tina Fey Does Sarah Palin At Ad Council Dinner (VIDEO)

Huffington Post |  Rachel Weiner
First Posted: 11-20-09 05:39 PM   |   Updated: 11-21-09 08:40 AM

While hosting the Ad Council Annual Dinner Wednesday night, “30 Rock” creator Tina Fey brought back her famous impersonation of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

“Mrs. Palin and I continue to have so much in common,” she said. “They recently made a porn movie about Sarah and then this same porn actress, Lisa Ann, played me in a parody of ’30 Rock’ … And weirdly of the three of us, Lisa Ann knows the most about foreign policy.”

“I feel like Sarah Palin right now,” she said later, gesturing at her teleprompters. “It’s not that hard.” She went into her Palin voice, saying, “We’ll begin with an issue that’s so critical to the future opportunity …” When the audience laughed, she added, “I’m gonna be doing that ’till I’m dead.”


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Video Of Nadya Suleman Giving Birth

Huffington Post |  Alex Leo   |   March 7, 2009 12:45 PM

Nadya Suleman has already appeared on Jimmy Kimmel’s show twice now, once to introduce the world to the octuplets and declare her love for Jimmy, and once to get smacked around by her child on camera.

In this third “exclusive” Kimmel gets his hands on the birth tape Suleman has been shopping around.

Shockingly, babies don’t come out of her after hours of pushing, one at a time, but fly out as if at the end of the world’s longest water slide. The doctors and nurses seem both scared and hurt by this experience, but Nadya’s lips and hair stayed in tact.


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Jimmy Kimmel’s Exclusive Interview With Octomom (VIDEO)

Huffington Post |  Alex Leo   |   February 25, 2009 02:00 PM

At this point many of us have suspicions that Nadya Suleman is crazy. She birthed eight more kids after already giving birth to six, launched a Website so you can give her money, went video game shopping, hired an agent, publicly fought with her slightly saner mother, all while on food stamps.

Anyway, she’s completely enthralling. She’s like a train wreck wrapped in an enigma wrapped in Angelina Jolie’s face. As a result, everyone wants to interview her, and the lucky Jimmy Kimmel just got his chance.

In the following clip you will see exclusive footage of Nadya and the octuplets. It’s just unfortunate how hard it is for her to talk with those lips.


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CNN’s Zain Verjee Loves Penis, Err, Peanuts (VIDEO)

Huffington Post |  Alex Leo   |   February 17, 2009 10:33 AM

In an honest but funny (and by funny I mean hilarious to my 12-year-old self) mistake, CNN’s Zain Verjee got tongue tied when talking about airline peanuts and used the term “airline penis” instead.


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Nuts: Springsteen Slides Into Camera Crotch-First At Super Bowl

Huffington Post |  Alex Leo   |   February 2, 2009 08:19 AM

Springsteen had 12 minutes to wow the nation last night, but really only took ten seconds. It’s no Nipplegate, but it got us to step away from the guacamole.


(h/t The Daily What)

Springsteen had 12 minutes to wow the nation last night, but really only took ten seconds. It’s no Nipplegate, but it got us to step away from the guacamole. (h/t The Daily What)…
Springsteen had 12 minutes to wow the nation last night, but really only took ten seconds. It’s no Nipplegate, but it got us to step away from the guacamole. (h/t The Daily What)…
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