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Cheney: If president does it during wartime, it’s legal

Raw Story- Andrew McLemore
Published: Sunday December 21, 2008

UPDATE: Cheney not sure if bin Laden is alive.

UPDATE: Cheney says problems with auto industry fall to Obama.

All of President Bush’s actions during his years as a wartime leader were done with full legal authority, Vice President Dick Cheney said on Fox News Sunday.

Asked by Chris Wallace if it’s legal when the president makes a decision to help the country when it’s fighting a war, Cheney said, “As a general proposition, I’d say yes.”

“You need to be more specific than that, but clearly when you take the oath to support, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States from all enemies foreign and domestic, there’s no question about what your responsibilities are in that regard,” Cheney said.

The Vice President acknowledged that there are arguments about how Bush exercised his powers, but remained adamant that his administration stayed loyal to the Constitution.


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