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Babygate or Child Endangerment? Sarah Palin’s Bizarre Pregnancy

Politicususa- Posted on February 10, 2011 by Sarah Jones

Ok, so I’m going to go there. Yes, that’s right. I’m heading into Sarah Palin babygate territory. Yes, I ignored the Todd Palin hooker story, because frankly Todd Palin’s sexual issues aren’t of any interest to me. Sure, it could be made political for a variety of legitimate reasons (family values, he ran the show in Alaska, Christian values, etc) but as a woman, I just don’t think it’s applicable to Sarah Palin as a political candidate.

But there’s one issue that is applicable to Palin as a politician and a Christian leader, and that is her relationship with her feti. Long before Palin was chosen by McCain in 2008, rumors were swirling around Alaska about her fifth pregnancy. A lot of people questioned her claims because she didn’t appear pregnant and because she had kept it secret for a long time. For me, the issue always came down to her “wild ride” – the plane ride she claims to have taken home from a speaking engagement in Texas after leaking amniotic fluid before her speech.

I just don’t know any woman who would take a ten hour plane ride involving a layover from Texas to Alaska hours after they had already broken water, especially not while carrying an at risk baby who was premature. No matter how many times I looked into this story, there was never a satisfactory answer from Palin. She claims she was in labor, then not in labor just broke water. She claims she wasn’t in pain. People who saw her had no idea she was pregnant. But she gave birth hours after landing.


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