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Remembering This Historic Night, When The Naked Man Tried To Sell His Daughters

January 19, 2010

We assume that guest editor Josh Fruhlinger knew all along, ever since he wrote this post about some mean and very very naked state senator three years ago, that this same asshole would sooner or later win Ted Kennedy’s (and John F. Kennedy’s before him) Massachusetts Senate seat after the legend’s death, severely endangering the passage of the popular first black President’s signature, year-in-the-making comprehensive health care reform bill — the elusive holy grail of Ted Kennedy and the Democrats’ legislative agenda for the past half-century — and that on his election night he would literally try to auction off his daughters to a foaming mob of drunk Teabaggers. Well, maybe he never foresaw the whole Teabagger thing, but otherwise, yeah. [YouTube]

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Governor X: Call Girl Says She Worked With Another Married Pol

The Huffington Post |  Rachel Weiner
First Posted: 07-19-09 01:11 PM   |   Updated: 07-19-09 01:38 PM

An escort who was hired by Eliot Spitzer claims to have worked with another married governor.

Another gubernatorial sex scandal may be looming. Even as South Carolina’s Mark Sanford waits to see whether his wife, Jenny, forgives his romp in the pampas, a New York call girl could plunge one of America’s most prominent governors into a fresh hell. […]
[T]he elegant blond courtesan, whom we’ll continue to call “Annie,” is talking about three “dates” she allegedly had with another state’s chief executive, who we’ll call Gov. X.

The same call girl said Spitzer choked her during rough sex, a charge the former New York governor’s lawyer called “outrageous and defamatory.”

According to the escort, this mysterious other governor has a wife who “is quite prominent in her own right.” Her madam corroborates the account; his spokesman has denied it.

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