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Chicago Sun-Times
By Lynn Sweet on April 20, 2012 7:49 AM |

Mitt Romney raised $12.6 million in March for his primary, his campaign said Friday. Watch for the number to quickly jump. Now that Romney is the all-but-certain nominee, he is starting to raise money jointly with the Republican National Committee, which will allow him, under federal law, to collect much bigger donations from individuals.

Romney’s campaign refuses to disclose their top bundlers, people who use their personal networks to help raise money. The gist I get from folks associated with the campaign–disclosure can only bring on endless stories about contributors. Better to take a hit about non-disclosure than deal with substantive stories about their donors and their connections.

Yet the Romney team and Republicans jump on negative stories–such as Solyndra– about big bundlers for President Barack Obama that can only exist because Obama makes public his top fund-raisers.

The Romney campaign in Boston also declines to allow a pool reporter into fund-raisers where Romney or Ann Romney makes remarks.

Obama evolved on fund-raising disclosure from his days as an Illinois senator, perhaps Romney will too.

below, from the Romney campaign…


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