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Think Progress

By Josh Israel  on Mar 23, 2012 at 4:00 pm

This week, Crossroads GPS announced a $650,000 nationwide television adcampaign called “Deflect.”  The 30-second spot falsely blames Obama administration actions for the rise in gasoline prices since 2009.

Crossroads GPS is a tax-exempt 501(c)(4) group, affiliated with the American Crossroads super PAC. Karl Rove has been linked to both groups.

The spot begins by noting gas prices “then and now” — going up from the unusually low prices of January 2009 to the higher prices of today.  A narrator asks what has made the difference.

The narrator then claims the reasons for higher gas prices are:

– “President Obama’s administration restricted oil production in the Gulf

Limited development of American oil shale

– Obama personally lobbied to kill a pipeline bringing oil from Canada


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Politico 44


3/23/12 9:39 AM EDT

Mitt Romney has been slamming President Obama over the spike in gas prices, and will (presumably) deliver a Keystone-themed blistering attack on the administration this morning at a Louisiana oil and gas exploration company, QEP Resources.

Romney has been touting his understanding of the industry on the trail, but his ties to Big Oil – and a handful of wealthy investors who have made cash on the rise in oil prices — could come back to bite him. And it will certainly, I am told, be a big part of the Obama team’s counterattack, hitting Romney on his connections with rich guys they consider to be gas-spike profiteers.

I reached out to a Democratic source, who passed along a list of potential problems. Two jumped out. The first was none other Romney’s top energy adviser, Harold Hamm, who promised to provide “a stark alternative to President Obama’s goal of driving prices higher” in a statement published in the Tulsa World around the time of his appointment.

But in 2008, when gas was hitting $4/a gallon, Forbes put the self-made billionaire on its list of “petro princes” whose “fortunes… are driven higher every time you feel pain at the pump.”

A year later, however, when the global recession pushed per-barrel prices down about 70 percent, Hamm was touting a different line, and urged state and federal authorities to blame Canada, and probe whether Canadian producers were glutting the market – which was good for consumers but poison for his business.


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