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Over the past three weeks the network has run dozens of segments attacking Media Matters — on Fox “news” and opinion shows, on the Fox Business Network, and as the top three simultaneous lead stories on its website, Fox Nation. They have repeatedly encouraged viewers to file complaints with the IRS, even providing a direct link to a pre-filled form on their website.

This attack is nothing more than an attempt by Fox News to silence a vocal critic. Because they’re nervous about how we’re exposing what they truly are.

We will continue working every day to make sure America’s political dialogue is based in fact.

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If Mr Murdoch’s employees can be so brazen as to target the British prime minister, then it is not unreasonable to believe they also might hack into the voicemails of American politicians and citizens.”

Melanie Sloan Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington

Rupert Murdoch: Could his US empire be affected?

By Tom Geoghegan
BBC News, Washington DC

The phone-hacking story has brought down a newspaper that few in the US had heard of. But the implications could yet be felt across the Atlantic.

The closure of the UK’s News of the World newspaper made headlines in the US, despite the paper being little-known.

There was outrage at the methods used by British journalists to get a story – the hacking of phones and payments to police officers.

And there have been questions about how much this could hurt Rupert Murdoch’s huge media empire, News Corporation, which suffered a 7% drop in its share price on Monday in New York

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