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Gingrich Is a Whale of a Candidate If You’re Into Recycling Garbage

Submitted by BuzzFlash on Tue, 03/01/2011 – 9:02pm.

While Newt Gingrich is going around the country courting conservative Christians and complaining that America is “too secular a society,” its “religious belief … [is being] challenged by a cultural elite,” and “God is [being] driven out of public life,” his 527, American Solutions for Winning the Future, became the No. 1 fundraising committee during the 2010 election cycle.


Anyone who has even remotely followed the career of Newt Gingrich knows that you can definitely count on a few things from him: He has an opinion on just about everything; he thinks he’s the smartest guy in the room; he’s prone to making bone-headed statements and then tries to walk them back; his Gingrich enterprises are running 24/7, churning out books, videos, movies, op-ed pieces, websites, tweets, and You Tube videos; he’s always raising lots and lots of money for his work; and, the capper, he wants to be your president.

Another thing you can be fairly certain about Gingrich is that these days he will go practically anywhere at any time in order to profess his religious beliefs. As the New York Times rather kindly pointed out recently, Gingrich’s “conversion to Catholicism two years ago is part of an evolution that has given him a deeper appreciation for the role of faith in public life.” This “evolution” on Gingrich’s part is likely due at least in part to the fact that over the years serious questions have been raised about the former Speaker of the House’s moral character, especially by leaders on the Religious Right.

Questions about his affairs, three marriages and the hypocrisy he displayed during the Clinton impeachment period have plagued him for years. Leaders on the Religious Right have either downright distrusted him, or at best, been ambivalent about him. Although the Religious Right is not as domineering a force within the GOP as it once was, getting its stamp of approval is a necessary step if a candidate is to win the Party’s nomination.


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Dire Straits – Money For Nothing

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Let’s go back in time to this great article:

The powerful Koch boys from Kansas

Bill Berkowitz



Last year, in a move that does not bode well for the nation’s forests, the Koch brothers of Kansas engineered a $13.2 billion buyout of forest products producer Georgia Pacific Corporation, making their company, Koch Industries, the nation’s largest privately held company.

According to the Toronto Globe and Mail, Koch’s purchase of Georgia Pacific would vault Koch past food producer Cargill Inc. as the largest privately held company in the United States, with $80-billion in revenue and 85,000 employees in 50 countries.

The Koch Boys from Kansas are smart, focused, and incredibly wealthy. For years they’ve been pushing both a libertarian and free-market agenda through tens of millions of dollars in contributions to conservative causes, candidates and organizations.

In a way, the Georgia Pacific acquisition “completes the circle” for Koch, Scott Silver told me in an e-mail interview. “The ideologues running the land management agencies are the product of the think tanks created by, and funded by, the Koch family,” Silver, the executive director of the environmental group Wild Wilderness, pointed out.

“Those ideologues are now in a position to permit Koch’s newest acquisition, Georgia-Pacific, to further rape and pillage the public’s lands. These think tanks promote the Free-Market ideal when it serves their interests to do so, but in reality, they are firmly committed to the ideal of enriching private interests at enormous direct cost to the American taxpayer.”

The Koch (pronounced “coke”) brothers, Charles, David, William and Frederick are sons of Kansas. Thirty-eight years ago, Charles took over the company from his father, company founder Fred Koch. According to a recent piece in Business Week, Charles, 70, and David, 65, now “own the bulk of the company after elbowing out their other brothers … in 1983,” buying out William and Frederick for $470 million and $320 million, respectively. In 1998, in a chilling display of family disunity, “the two sets of brothers walked silently past one another in court as William and Frederick lost a lawsuit to extract more money from Charles and David.”

In 1940, Fred Koch founded the company as an oil refiner. A graduate of MIT, he was an original member of the anticommunist ultra-conservative John Birch Society, founded in 1958. The sons did not fall far from the tree: Both Charles and David graduated from MIT and have been deeply involved in conservative politics.

According to “Axis of Ideology,” a 2004 report by the National Committee on Responsive Philanthropy, the two dominant Koch boys have “a combined net worth of approximately $4 billion, placing them among the top 50 wealthiest individuals in the country and among the top 100 wealthiest individuals in the world in 2003, according to Forbes.”



And, this article:

Koch’ed Up

2011 March 12
by Cowboy Dre

Koch Brothers Increased Wealth by $9 Billion Last Year As They Fund Laws to Make Working Class Poorer | Buzzflash

Based on a recent Forbes survey, Rachel Maddow revealed that while Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is stripping away the financial security of workers, the Koch brothers increased their wealth by $9 billion last year. Together, Maddow notes, they would rank as the fourth-wealthiest person ($44 billion) in the world.

Meanwhile, the Koch brothers and Karl Rove, among others, are using front organizations to pit working people, who are being exploited, against unions. It’s the ultimate in class warfare: make the working class fight each other over an increasingly smaller piece of the financial pie, as the super wealthy run off with the bakery.

That’s why ads in Wisconsin – and stories on Fox – are trying to get Wal-Mart low-wage workers to resent that union members receive better benefits, which of course – on a logical level – reinforces to many of us exactly why unions are needed: to prevent the impoverishment of people who labor for a living.

What’s not mentioned in these ads, or the right-wing media echo chamber, is why the government is subsidizing the wealthy who don’t pay their fair share.


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