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Wordgeezer August 12, 2010

Yeh right Gland, I mean Glenn, like we haven’t seen the corruption brought on by the homeland security act and the presidential dirextives of the George Duhbya Bu$h administration. We haven’t noticed that there are at least 6 (six) lobbyists for every congressman. Nor have we noticed that whatever AIPAC wants Aipac gets. Nor that 75% of our congressmen and representatives have signed the letter to President Obama asking for his support of Israel on the barge incident, the war crimes in Gaza,  the war crimes in Lebanon, the killing of innocent civilions in both Afghanistan and Pakistan, and a myriad of other war crimes. We just haven’t noticed because there is way more going on than that.

Your sincerety is surpassed only by your love for the corporate government, Glenn, which is well displayed by your alliance with Dick’s Army aka Freedom Works. If you think that being a WASP, White Anglo Saxon Protostant, equates with morality then, by all means, take up a place on the pulpit of AIPAC with the Reverend John Hagee.

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