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salem-news.com  Jun-25-2010

Ersun Warnke Business/Economy Reporter

As with a crocodile attack, the best hope for survival is to get out of the spin before you drown and get onto firm ground.

(EUGENE, Ore.) – Crocodiles kill their prey by dragging them into the water and drowning them as they eat. When crocodiles twist their powerful bodies in order to rip off chunks of flesh and limbs, this is called the Death Roll.

Experts say that the best hope of surviving a crocodile attack is to remain on land, where the beast tires more easily, and cannot take advantage of its ability to hold its breath longer than its prey.

Organized propaganda campaigns, generously referred to as “spin,” operate in the same way.

The purpose of spin, and all propaganda, is to make the victim believe a lie. An organized propaganda campaign snatches its victims from dry land, and drags them down into a sea of spin, attempting to drown them in lies and disinformation. Once the media begins its death roll, logic, reason, and truth are torn away from the victim like so many chunks of flesh as they slowly suffocate in the watery grave of spin.

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“Welcome to the most unique and interesting news group in the nation. Salem-News.com is also the first exclusively Web news organization in the world. Not a blog, but a full service multimedia news site staffed by award-winning professional journalists and a wealth of diverse writers from all over the U.S. and also in places like Canada, Vietnam and Mexico. Salem-News.com was created as a present and future answer for the needs of a wide range of news consumers in Oregon, across the nation and around the world.”

“Salem, Oregon is one of many locations in the U.S. of 250k or more, that are not adequately supported by a local television market. We see the ‘New Media’ revolution as an opportunity to bring more news to these areas and also as a venue for emerging and veteran journalists, and we want it to be more than just an extension of the existing overly commercial mainstream news market.

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