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Lewis Black: “Glenn Beck Has Nazi Tourette’s” (VIDEO)

First Posted: 05-13-10 08:40 AM   |   Updated: 05-13-10 08:46 AM

Glenn Beck’s antics have always proved to be great fodder for the “Daily Show.” Lewis Black took it a step further with an entire segment mocking the Fox News host for his tendency to make everything Nazi-related.

Black was set off by Beck’s recent complaint that critics of Arizona have played the Nazi card. Incapable of believing that Beck thought this was going too far, Black exclaimed,”This is a guy who uses more swastika props and video of the Nuremberg rallies than the History Channel.”

Black went through clip after clip, showcasing how easily Beck transitions from a seemingly tame subject (like Al Gore or the Peace Corp) to Nazi analogies. He joked that it’s like playing ‘Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon,” except “there’s just one degree and Kevin Bacon is Hitler.”

The only reasonable explanation according to Black? “Glenn Beck Has Nazi Tourette’s.”


Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Oil from the Deepwater Horizon rig

Report: Criminal Charges Likely Over Oil Spill


Justin Elliott | May 13, 2010, 8:59AM

Environmental law experts tell McClatchy it’s likely the Justice Department will ultimately bring criminal charges against the companies involved in the oil spill, potentially under the Clean Water and Air Acts.

McClatchy reports:

While Attorney General Eric Holder has confirmed that Justice Department lawyers are helping the agencies involved in the oil spill inquiry with legal questions, department officials have refused to detail what their role entails.But [Former DOJ environmental crimes section chief David] Uhlmann and other experts said it’s likely prosecutors are already poring over evidence from the spill because under the Clean Water and Air Acts and other federal laws aimed at protecting migratory birds, an accidental oil spill of this magnitude could at least result in misdemeanor negligence charges.

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