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Crooks and Liars– By Susie Madrak Monday May 03, 2010 7:00am

You know, I don’t want to jump to conclusions here, because that would make me too much like Matt Drudge. But if the car bomber was indeed a white guy in his 40s who didn’t know the difference between ammonium nitrate and plain old fertilizer, I’m thinking it’s gotta be a Beck Patriot who was trying to water the tree of liberty with… the blood of random Times Square tourists.

I mean, it’s just their kind of logic:

Law enforcement officials offered a more detailed description of the makeup of the failed car bomb found in Times Square on Saturday night, and said they were reviewing surveillance footage that showed a white man who appeared to be in his 40s walking away from the area as he looked over his shoulder and removed a layer of clothing.

Raymond W. Kelly, the police commissioner, said the materials found in the Nissan Pathfinder — gasoline, propane, firecrackers and simple alarm clocks — also included eight bags of a granular substance, later determined to be nonexplosive grade of fertilizer, inside a 55-inch-tall metal gun locker.

The bomb, Mr. Kelly said, “would have caused casualties, a significant fireball.” He added, “I don’t think we can label it at this time crude or not.”

Let’s see: wrong kind of fertilizer. Shut-off propane tanks. Someone who’s not all that bright, or good with details? Someone who apparently modeled his bomb on those of infamous bombmaker Wile E. Coyote?

Ah, maybe I’m wrong. Maybe it’s a Limbaugh listener.

Nachum at Free Republic thinks otherwise:

To me, it sounds like a liberal charade to take the heat off Barack and put it on the tea partiers.

Brilliant thinks someone’s being framed:

They are going to hang this failed bomb on some fat, white guy who was allegedly seen at a Tea Party rally. The construction of the device was so botched it seems almost like a set up and some sad nutter was talked into driving it to Times Square. I know, you think I wear a tin foil hat to bed, but I really don’t trust our present government.

Yes, the rest of the freepers are insisting the perpetrator must be a white man who’s a convert to Islam.

I swear to God, I do not Make. This. Stuff. Up. I don’t have to.

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Anti-immigration protesters in Fort Worth, Texas

Not Just Arizona: From Utah To Maryland, States Eye Harsh Immigration Laws

TPM Muckraker

Zachary Roth | May 3, 2010, 8:44AM

Arizona isn’t the only state looking to take extreme measures to crack down on illegal immigration. At least 10 other states — many inspired by Arizona — are talking about enacting similarly draconian legislation. And most aren’t places that are traditionally thought of as hot-spots in the immigration battle.

With a major hat tip to Think Progress, here’s a quick rundown:

Colorado: Scott McInnis, the presumptive GOP nominee for governor, said this week that if elected, he’d try to pass something “very similar” to Arizona’s bill.

• Georgia: Nathan Deal, a former congressman and GOP gubernatorial candidate, also has said he intends to propose similar legislation to Arizona’s.

Maryland: A Republican state legislator has said he plans to send a survey to state lawmakers and gubernatorial candidates to get them on the record as to whether they support Arizona’s approach.

Missouri: The state legislature is considering a law that would make it unlawful for any person to conceal or shelter “illegal aliens,” and would also make it a crime for illegal immigrants to transport themselves. Similar local laws have in the past been declared unconstitutional.

North Carolina: An anti-immigration leader said this week: “I believe the chances similar legislation [to Arizona’s] will be filed here is (sic) over 95 percent likely from what lawmakers are telling me.” Allied groups concede, though, that with a Democratic-controlled statehouse, such a bill might not get far.

Ohio: Two Republicans — one a state legislator, the other a county sheriff — sent a letter recently to Gov. Ted Strickland, a Democrat, asking him to work “to assure legislation is passed that will mirror” Arizona’s. Strickland has been non-committal.

Oklahoma: The state has already passed a law that makes it harder for illegal immigrants to obtain IDs or public assistance, lets police check the immigration status of anyone they arrest, and makes it a felony to knowingly shelter or employ an illegal immigrant. A court has thus far barred the state from enforcing key provisions of the law.

South Carolina: A GOP legislator just introduced a bill he says is “virtually the same” as Arizona’s.

Texas: A Republican lawmaker has said she plans to do the same when the legislative session starts in January.

Utah: A GOP state lawmaker has advocated a bill that would make immigrants carry proof of status, and would ape Arizona by requiring police to question anyone they believe is an illegal immigrant. He says he “has the support to do it.”
And while we’re sort of on the subject, don’t miss our roundup of crazy, nonsensical, or just plain hilarious state laws…

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