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Associated Press, 29 January 2010
Former prime minister Tony Blair defended his decision to take Britain into war with Iraq, telling an investigation panel that he would do the same again if he had to.

Iraq Inquiry: In the end,Tony Blair will be judged by history

Daily Telegraph, 29 Jan 2010

Telegraph View: The great and unforgivable error was not the invasion of Iraq, but failing to prepare for its aftermath.

Finally, the Prince appeared in Hamlet. Witness 69 in the inquiry into Britain’s decision to go to war in Iraq took his seat looking tanned, fit and thoroughly unapologetic. Outside, protesters waved placards denouncing Tony Blair for making what they considered to have been a mendacious case for war; inside, he made his position clear: “I would not have done Iraq if I had not thought it was right. Full Stop. It is a decision I would take again.”

Anyone who thought that the former prime minister would suddenly resile from his view that the decision to invade Iraq in 2003 was justified by a genuine belief that Saddam Hussein was building an arsenal of weapons of mass destruction was always going to be disappointed. Recantation or tearful pleas for forgiveness may be the stuff of some daytime TV shows; but this particular one was not going to provide them.

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Tony Blair at Iraq inquiry – the key points

What the former prime minister told the Chilcot panel in brief

guardian.co.uk, Friday 29 January 2010

In evidence to the Chilcot inquiry today, Tony Blair said:

  • “No regrets at removing Saddam Hussein. He was a monster and a threat. The world is safer as a result. He reflects on his decision every day.

“If we had left Saddam in power, we would still have had to deal with him, possibly in circumstances where the threat was worse.”

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Coal River Mountain, WV

For eighth day, climate activists block bulldozers at WV’s Coal River Mountain.

Think Progress- By Brad Johnson on Jan 28th, 2010 at 7:50 pm

Yesterday [Wednesday] in Washington, DC, Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) exhorted citizens to “get angry about the fact that they’re being killed and our planet is being injured by what’s happening on a daily basis by the way we provide our power and our fuel.” In West Virginia, climate activists are not just getting angry, they’re taking action — blocking the demolition of Coal River Mountain by coal company Massey Energy. The activists, members of the aptly named organization Climate Ground Zero, have been living in trees for over a week to prevent bulldozers from reaching the summit:

High up in the trees near the summit of Coal River Mountain, two activists dangle in the air near a mountaintop removal mine site. Eric Blevins and Amber Nitchman are still preventing the expansion of mining on the summit of Coal River Mountain, a mountain that has the best wind energy (and therefore economic) potential in the area.

Employees of coal baron Don Blankenship, the “scariest polluter in the United States,” have been blasting the tree-sit activists with air horns and flood lights. Following hundreds of phone calls from supporters of the non-violent civil disobedience action, Gov. Joe Manchin (D-WV) met today with Climate Ground Zero representatives and “asked the activists to scale down their campaign.”

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