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The Fox Nutwork’s coy game

Daily Kos- by David Waldman

Sun Oct 25, 2009 at 08:00:08 AM PDT

Still puzzled about the difference between the Fox Nutwork and actual news organizations?

I guess some folks weren’t convinced by the fact that Fox apparently feels free to simply change basic facts when they’re inconvenient and standing them on their head would be more politically advantageous. Specifically, I refer here to the Fox habit of “accidentally” labeling every politician who gets indicted, arrested or defeated as a Democrat.

But Fox’s “colleagues” among the actual news media still harbor some doubts, it seems. And if you’re in the real news business, that’s perhaps understandable. You worry about the differences, because unless they’re very clear, you think maybe you might be subject to a call-out sometime in the future, too, right?

Though the White House tried to clarify it position when questioned this week, the difference between Fox and real news networks is something best illustrated by showing you their game. And that’s just what Media Matters did:

Here’s the Fox Nutwork playbook in all its glory.

When attempting to defend itself, Fox insists that the most egregious examples of bias pointed to by its attackers are from its “opinion journalists” (which they are), who are an operation separate from its “news” division (which they most decidedly are not).


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