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Congressman says Cheney has ‘blood that drips from his teeth’

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Friday, October 23rd, 2009 — 1:50 pm

The Democrats’ newest quote machine was in fine form Thursday, suggesting that former Vice President Dick Cheney is a vampire.

Speaking on Hardball, Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) denounced Cheney’s attacks on President Barack Obama, who posited that Obama was “dithering” in failing to endorse a troop surge.

“I have trouble listening to what he says sometimes, because of the blood that drips from his teeth while he’s talking,” Grayson quipped. “But my response is this: He’s just angry because the president doesn’t shoot old men in the face. But by the way, when he was done speaking, did he just then turn into a bat and fly away?”

Matthews, somewhat aghast, replied: “Oh God — we gotta keep a level here. Let me ask you this: Don’t you have any Republican friends?”

Grayson laughed.


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Guns N’ Roses- November Rain

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If there was ever any doubt about who was running things during the George Duhbya Bu$h administration, Chainey re-assures us once more, as the voice from the shadows speaks with authority about Neoconservative power and world domination…G:

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