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Apparently The Smoking Gun Won’t Be In the Form Of An Intern

Daily Kos- by BarbinMD

Mon Oct 19, 2009 at 05:50:05 PM PDT

First, the good news:

Four Republican lawmakers have not submitted a request to the House sergeant at arms to investigate a threat that one of the four described as a terrorist-linked group possibly “running influence operations or planting spies in key national security-related offices.”

This would be the four Republican whack-a-doodles who decided to ratchet up their particular brand of crazy last week with vague mutterings about terrorist teenagers infiltrating Capitol Hill to get coffee and pick up dry cleaning.

Oh, and the bad news? These nutjobs were actually elected to serve in the House of Representatives.

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Chuck Berry- You Never Can Tell (Pulp Fiction)

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By Daryl Lang/Photo District News, Editor & Publisher, Oct 15, 2009

NEW YORK The U.S. military in eastern Afghanistan recently changed its media embed rules to ban pictures of troops killed in the war.

“Media will not be allowed to photograph or record video of U.S. personnel killed in action,” says a ground rules document issued Sept. 15 by Regional Command East at Bagram Air Field.

This language is new. A version of the same document dated July 23 says, “Media will not be prohibited from covering casualties” as long as a series of conditions are met.

Pictures of American military deaths are rare, but until now they have not been officially banned during either of the ongoing wars.

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By Dr Sahib Mustaqim Bleher, Sep 8, 2009

What do 9/11 and the liquid bomb plot have in common? They both replace reality with make-belief by seriously violating the laws of physics. And they represent a propaganda effort by today’s war governments Joseph Goebbels would be proud of, thereby demonstrating that the masses in a democratic society can be easily fooled through the repeated use of media and are thus unable to make informed choices – dictatorship by consent.

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