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Those who object to Obama’s Health Care Bill, do so on the following grounds:

  • The Advanced medical directive euthanasia trap “” “Sign here and Die”
  • We Don’t Want Bureaucrats Getting Between Us and Our Doctors
  • The Public Option is Socialized Medicine
  • They Will Ration Medical Care
  • The public option will destroy private health insurance

Stephen Pizzo, in the spirited article below “disects” (good medical term that), each of these in turn.

Health Care Guide for Complete Dummies

steve-6445-20090503-46by Stephen Pizzo


Frankly it really pisses me off that I even have to waste our time discussing these non-issues. But, if you have one of these right wingnuts in your family or on your email list, send them this cheat sheet.

The Advanced medical directive euthanasia trap “” “Sign here and Die”

Of course. Who could possibly doubt it? Killing bothersome and expensive oldsters is just a really, really, really, really late-term abortion, if you stop to think about it.

Which is exactly what people who believe this nonsense are not doing… thinking.



Sarah Palin and “Obama’s Death Plan:” The truth about Healthcare Reform and the Lies Palin Tells

Do any of the HR3200 provisions translate to Sarah Palin’s rhetoric that people such as Sarah Palin’s parents and her special-needs child must stand before “Obama’s death panel’ so his bureaucrats can decide, based on a subjective judgement of their “level of productivity in society”?” …Perhaps Sarah is too busy to read HR3200. Either way, by ignorance or intent Sarah perpetuates one more fear mongers’ lie intended to block progress of healthcare reform in a shady attempt to elevate the ambitions of her party over the good of the people.


The opposition to health reform is a tangled web of vested interests with major financial stakes in maintaining the status quo, no matter how broken it is. That’s one main reason America is the only developed nation in the world that doesn’t provide healthcare to its citizens.

Grassley Endorses “Death Panel” Rumor: “You Have Every Right To Fear”

Appearing at a town hall in his home state of Iowa, Sen. Chuck Grassley told a crowd of more than 300 that they were correct to fear that the government would ‘pull the plug on grandma.’

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7 Ways We Can Fight Back Against the Rising Fascist Threat

By Sara Robinson, Campaign for America’s Future. Posted August 13, 2009.

Why the right-wing extremism must be stopped in its tracks or else we face the threat of outright violence and goon rule.

Writing about fascism for an American audience is always a fraught business.

Invariably, a third of the readers will dismiss the topic (and your faithful blogger’s basic sanity) out of hand. Either they’ve got their own definition of fascism, and whatever’s going on doesn’t seem to fit it; or else they’re firm believers in a variant of Godwin’s Law, which says (with some justification) that anyone who invokes the F-word is a de facto alarmist of questionable credibility.

I get letters, most of which say something to the effect of, “Calm down. You’re overreacting. We’re nowhere near there yet.”

Another third will pepper me with missives that are every bit as dismissive — for exactly the opposite reason. To them, anyone who’s been paying the barest amount of attention should realize that America has been a fascist state since (choose one:) 1) 9/11; 2) Reagan; 3) McCarthy; 4) the Civil War; 5) July 4, 1776.

For them, my careful analysis and worried warnings are dangerously naive — clear evidence that I’m simply not seeing the full horror of America as it truly is, and always has been, at least since (insert date here).

Given this general crankiness, I probably wouldn’t bother with the subject at all — except for that final third who keep me going. From them, I’ve gotten a blizzard of anecdotes, questions, meditations, ideas, suggestions, manifestos and love letters (including lots of link love).

The piece sparked a lot of conversation all across Left Blogistan about what fascism is and what it ain’t, and what we need to be watching for. And that kind of thoughtful discussion is exactly what I hoped for. I wanted people to start paying attention.

In the post about fascism, I pointed out that the most insidious part of it is that by the time it’s finally obvious to absolutely everyone that these people are dangerously out of control, it’s too late to do anything about it.

Early warnings are even more valuable here than they are in most domains. And since futurists are — more than anything — in the business of early warnings, it falls to me to step up there and point out that according to at least a few of the more reputable atlases in the glove box, this looks a lot like the last turn into the parking lot of downtown Fascist Hell.

The good news is we’re not yet parked and locked, let alone committed to entering the building. (Which is good, because the doors appear to be all one way, just like in the “Hotel California.”) We’ve still got a few minutes to change our minds, back out of this and go spend our future somewhere else.


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Eagles- Hotel California (Live)

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Morning Star Online, Wednesday 12 August 2009

A leading US civil rights group has released a report which warns that right-wing militias are mushrooming across the country.

The Southern Poverty Law Centre (SPLC) said that it had identified at least 50 new armed militias in the last few months.

The SPLC suggested that the market meltdown and the election of a centre-left administration led by an African-American president had spurred right-wing extremism and an increase in hate crime.

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