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Only Three Palin Ethics Complaints Were Still Pending

TPM Muckraker- By Zachary Roth – July 8, 2009, 3:01PM

If you had to pick out a coherent explanation given by Sarah Palin for her decision to quit as Alaska governor, you’d probably have to settle on the notion that she felt her agenda was being paralyzed by frivolous ethics complaints, and that she only foresaw additional ones. So she stepped down so as not to continue to drag Alaskans through the process.

“Palin Says Ethics Complaints Were Paralyzing” reported the Anchorage Daily News after the governor’s round of beachside interviews Monday. And Lieutenant Governor Sean Parnell, who’ll soon replace Palin as governor, had given that line over the weekend, saying on Fox News that Palin had talked to him about the toll the complaints had taken.

Obviously, the ethics complaint excuse doesn’t make sense for a lot of reasons. Still, it’s worth taking a close look at the list of 18 complaints filed against Palin during her tenure as governor, as compiled by the ADN.


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INXS – Devil Inside

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This past weekend, lost in the wall-to-wall Michael Jackson coverage and Sarah Palin goodbye-cruel-world nincompoopery, there was a second round of tea party protests.

They were easy to miss because nobody showed up. But if you happened to have been driving in the vicinity of an evil publicly-funded park, you might’ve seen two or three Republicans loitering around — sitting there in the socialized grass, believing that a vigorous protest involves napping in lawn chairs.

While I spent a few moments of my holiday weekend revisiting the irony of anti-socialism protests taking place on socialized park land, it occurred to me that the proposed government-run public health insurance option probably won’t cost nearly as much as the CBO is suggesting.

Because clearly there won’t be any Republicans signing up for it.

I mean, no Republican would dare sign up for inexpensive, easily portable health insurance. Not when red, white and blue All American for-profit health insurance is available. After all, free market private health insurance will probably continue to be the more expensive option, so that must mean it’s the finest insurance, right? Expensive equals good, no? (No. More on that presently.)


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Well folks, most of the steel was hauled to China and other places, but there was no way Giuliani could keep all that dust out of the public domain. I wonder how many people kept little vials of it, or for that matter still have some behind their fridge or by the water heater. That old victorean etagere in a New York apartment could even contain some of this evidence, and if this danish scientist is right could be subpoenaed for a real investigation instead of the coverup by the NIST that we have been witnessing for eight years.

Niels Harrit and 8 other scientists found nano-thermite in the dust from the World Trade Center.

He is interviewed on danish TV News

People can see a full transcript, news, forum and the video in high quality here:

Another site in danish is encouraging people to stand forward demanding a new investigation here:

The full report from the scientists can be found here:

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