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1916 Detroit Electric car

Tesla Electric Sports Car 2008

Tango v Tesla @ Infineon Nov 30th

In the early years of the 20th century there were hundreds of automobile companies and several means of propulsion, including gasoline, kerosine, diesel, electricity, and steam. The Stanly Steamer set the speed record of 127 mph in 1912 and was probably the most efficient concept. No transmission was necessary because it had maximum torque at all speeds. These were the days of free enterprise when anyone with an idea could build and patent his own concepts.

Many of these companies were a flash in the pan and virtually 90% of them were decimated by Ford and General Motors. To my knowledge, none of them were bailed out by government money. $30 billion bucks in those days could have bought off the Rothchilds.

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by Chris Hedges | Truthdig.com, June 1, 2009

The crisis faced by combat veterans returning from war is not simply a profound struggle with trauma and alienation. It is often, for those who can slice through the suffering to self-awareness, an existential crisis. War exposes the lies we tell ourselves about ourselves. It rips open the hypocrisy of our religions and secular institutions. Those who return from war have learned something which is often incomprehensible to those who have stayed home. We are not a virtuous nation. God and fate have not blessed us above others. Victory is not assured. War is neither glorious nor noble. And we carry within us the capacity for evil we ascribe to those we fight.

Those who return to speak this truth, such as members of Iraq Veterans Against the War, are our contemporary prophets. But like all prophets they are condemned and ignored for their courage. They struggle, in a culture awash in lies, to tell what few have the fortitude to digest. They know that what we are taught in school, in worship, by the press, through the entertainment industry and at home, that the melding of the state’s rhetoric with the rhetoric of religion, is empty and false.

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