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Video Of Nadya Suleman Giving Birth

Huffington Post |  Alex Leo   |   March 7, 2009 12:45 PM

Nadya Suleman has already appeared on Jimmy Kimmel’s show twice now, once to introduce the world to the octuplets and declare her love for Jimmy, and once to get smacked around by her child on camera.

In this third “exclusive” Kimmel gets his hands on the birth tape Suleman has been shopping around.

Shockingly, babies don’t come out of her after hours of pushing, one at a time, but fly out as if at the end of the world’s longest water slide. The doctors and nurses seem both scared and hurt by this experience, but Nadya’s lips and hair stayed in tact.


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Some Destroyed CIA Tapes Showed “Enhanced Interrogation Techniques”

In new court documents filed today, the Justice Department acknowledged that twelve of the destroyed CIA interrogation tapes depict “enhanced interrogation techniques” — what most people call torture — the ACLU announced in a press release.

The government also said it would provide a list of summaries, transcripts, and memoranda related to the destroyed tapes, though the ACLU noted that a previous list was almost entirely redacted.

The CIA admitted earlier this week that it had destroyed 92 interrogation tapes. The destruction was ordered by then operations chief Jose Rodriguez.

In an earlier Freedom of Information Act request, the ACLU asked for information on the treatment and interrogation of detainees in U.S. custody. It filed a motion in December 2007 to hold the CIA in contempt for its destruction of the tapes, which it argued violated a court order requiring the agency to produce or identify all the records it was asking for.

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Rove is a ‘two-headed rattlesnake’ says former Ala. Gov. Siegelman

Raw Story- David Edwards and Rachel Oswald
Published: Friday March 6, 2009

Former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman, himself a purported victim of the machinations of Karl Rove, urged Congressional patience when it comes time to interview the former top Bush strategist of his alleged role in the politicalization of the Justice Department.

But his calls to the House Judiciary Committee to take its time in building its case against Rove didn’t stop him from calling Rove a “double-headed rattlesnake” in a Thursday phone interview with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow.

“Karl Rove is like a double-headed rattlesnake,” said Siegelman, a Democrat. “You have to back him into the corner before you get anything out of him.”

For this reason Siegelman urged that Congress not rush to interrogate Rove now that he has finally agreed to answer questions reports The Washington Post about his role in the 2006 bribery conviction of Siegelman.

“I think that rushing through this is not going to instill faith in the American people that we’ve dope a good job. I would encourage Congress to take their time and to look at other people who also can lay the foundation to put Karl Rove in check,” said the former governor, noting that Rove “didn’t fire these U.S. attorneys on his own. He didn’t plot the prosecution of Democrats by himself.”

After serving as governor from 1999 to 2003, Siegelman was found guilty of seven counts of bribery and related charges in 2006. He was sentenced to more than seven years in prison but he only served nine months after an appellate judge cited “substantial questions” in his case, reported The Post.

Siegelman urged Congress to subpoena the telephone records and e-mails between Karl Rove and the A.G. of Alabama who launched the bribery investigation. He also suggested that the e-mails and phone records of Bill Canary, husband of U.S. Attorney Leura Canary, the prosecutor in his case also be subpoenaed. Siegelman said Canary was Rove’s closest friend in Alabama.


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