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Jimmy Kimmel’s Exclusive Interview With Octomom (VIDEO)

Huffington Post |  Alex Leo   |   February 25, 2009 02:00 PM

At this point many of us have suspicions that Nadya Suleman is crazy. She birthed eight more kids after already giving birth to six, launched a Website so you can give her money, went video game shopping, hired an agent, publicly fought with her slightly saner mother, all while on food stamps.

Anyway, she’s completely enthralling. She’s like a train wreck wrapped in an enigma wrapped in Angelina Jolie’s face. As a result, everyone wants to interview her, and the lucky Jimmy Kimmel just got his chance.

In the following clip you will see exclusive footage of Nadya and the octuplets. It’s just unfortunate how hard it is for her to talk with those lips.


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Normally, on Wednesday afternoon, the House of Commons is transformed into a bickering cockpit as the Prime Minister faces Prime Minister’s Question Time. It begins with a routine question about the PM’s engagements and is followed by questions from the leader of the main opposition party (currently, David Cameron, leader of the Conservative Party), and leader of the second biggest opposition party (the Liberal Democrats).

Then junior MPs vie to gain the eye of the Speaker of the House of Commons who will invite other MPs to speak, addressing them not by their  name but as, “The Right Honourable Member for…”, followed by the name of their constituency (Electoral District being the US equivalent), and the Prime Minister seeks to parry any hostile questions with the benefit of the briefing he is given by key advisors before this time-hallowed spectacle, which enthrals some and appals others, takes place.

Today, however, politics was silent, as PM Gordon Brown stood up to express his condolences to David Cameron, whose six-year-old son, Ivan, died early this morning of complications arising from Cerebral Palsy. What made the Prime Minister’s tribute deeply moving was that Gordon Brown himself lost his own prematurly-born first child who died ten days after she had been born.

In the words of a BBC correspondent, the Prime Minister and the Man Who Would Be Prime Minister are now united by an extraordinary bond as both have lost first-born children.

Out of respect for Ivan and his family, PMQs was cancelled.

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Senate to announce investigation of torture under Bush, senators say

Raw Story- John Byrne
Published: Wednesday February 25, 2009

‘This is going to be big,’ senator says

The Senate is quietly preparing plans to investigate allegations of torture under President George W. Bush, according to comments published Wednesday by Senate Judiciary Chairman Pat Leahy (D-VT) and Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI).

The Senate Judiciary Committee could announce a hearing to consider various plans to probe allegations of torture as early as today, according to Salon‘s Mark Benjamin, citing Committee Chairman Pat Leahy and members of his staff. A call placed Wednesday morning by Raw Story to Leahy’s office was not immediately returned.

Sen. Whitehouse said he’s “convinced” the investigation will move forward.

“Stay on this,” he told Benjamin. “This is going to be big.”

Whitehouse, Senator from Rhode Island, is “spearheading” the efforts,
and as a member of both the Judiciary and Intelligence Committees, “is
privy to information about interrogations he can’t yet share,” the magazine noted.

Plans to establish the commission still remain in their infancy, as senators and staff look at previous panels, such as the 9-11 Commission, and investigations following Watergate. Whitehouse, a former U.S. attorney, noted that a torture commission might need the power to immunize witnesses on a case-by-case basis. The prospect of future prosecutions, he said, are beside the point. Most important was putting a spotlight on abuses committed by the Bush administration.


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