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I’m sure a lot of you have been thinking along these lines for some time now. The question is, “what do we do about it”. I’ve been particularly concerned about all of the plastic I’m bringing home and am attempting to recycle it all. Virtually everything I bring home is encased in plastic sometimes several times over, and sometimes in a plastic or styrofoam tray. I even save the small candy wrappers, bags etc. and in one week I have a sizable plastic bag full. Not to mention a large plastic box full of various containers to keep all of the foodstuff so that it is untouched by human hands.

Us hippies had a handle on all this in the 1960’s and used our own containers and had our own food co-ops so we could be lighter on the environment, but I have slid back so far I even have a “shudder” microwave.

So, anyways, thanks Joe, I deserved it and will try to get back in the groove…G:

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The historical record of far-right ridiculousness has been well-documented here and throughout the blogosphere.

Who can forget Michelle Malkin’s inspired cheerleader skit? Or when Rush Limbaugh mocked a guy’s Parkinson’s Disease tremors. What about John Boehner’s public sobbing jags? Pat Robertson insisting he could leg-press 2,000 pounds. Sarah Palin’s turkey geeker photo op. George W. Bush telling us that Iraq is a “peeance freeance.” Remember when Bill O’Reilly shouted down the son of a 9/11 victim? Already, we’re talking about a mélange of weirdness and upside-down logic suitable for the ages, and that’s all prior to January 20, 2009.

But I don’t think we ever anticipated that the presidency of Barack Obama would, among other things, send the far-right into a freakazoid display of shockingly deranged conniptions and outright crazy talk — their manic hyperdrive engines, fueled by Rush Limbaugh’s gesticulating arm flab, blasting them out of their political Mos Eisley cantina scene and expelling them a thousand parsecs beyond the zero barrier of insanity.

Too much?

Just to be clear, I’m not talking about the lies or distortions or their utter lack of credibility (zero cred) on broad-ranging issues like, you know, foreign policy and the economy. What we have here is the equivalent level of chaos as, say, the first group therapy scene from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. In other words: a total berserker meltdown.

Seriously, have you ever seen the Republicans more twisted and kerfuffled than they are today? Movie metaphors aside, I’ve been hard pressed to find greater examples of insanity from the far-right than have been exhibited in the past week alone. Here we have a Republican Party that’s been discredited and bloodied, and yet in the face of an enormously popular president who is confounding conventional wisdom while building a working consensus among American voters, the Republicans appear to be reflexively coughing up the most intellectually violent chunks of hooey on record.

They’re screaming about fear-mongering, even though we had eight years of this.

They’re screaming about fiscal responsibility, even though we had eight years of this.

They’re screaming about free speech, even though we had eight years of this and this and this.

They’re honest to God screaming about fascism, even though we had eight years of this and this and this.

Yes, the Republicans have claimed to have “found their voice.” If this is true, then their “voice” sounds exactly like Rush Limbaugh, Matt Drudge and Michelle Malkin, depending on the day.

So what are these voices saying exactly?

For starters, Rush Limbaugh — the de facto leader of the Republican Party — said on his show Tuesday that the entire economic meltdown was actually precipitated by a conspiracy between George Soros and a cabal of billionaire liberals who deliberately sought to sabotage the world economy in order to get Barack Obama elected.

He, of course, has no real evidence for this, other than what the shadow people told him while he was tweaking his TV remotes.


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McCain casts lone ‘no’ vote against DC voting rights.»

Think Progress- By Amanda Terkel at 2:05 pm

Today, the Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee voted 11 to 1 to give the District its first full voting seat in the House of Representatives. Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) cast the lone “no” vote. Dave Weigel at the Washington Independent explains McCain’s opposition — and hypocrisy:

McCain was the only one of them who voted nay, and he gave two reasons. The first was that the proposed compromise that would give D.C. voting rights while giving Utah a fourth seat in Congress was unfair to other fast-growing states. The second was that McCain didn’t want to pass a bill that constitutional scholars are still tussling over “and then have the Supreme Court decide whether or not it’s constitutional.”

This is a problem. What would happen if — a totally random example here — a senator introduced a campaign finance law that, according to many constitutional scholars and the president of the United States, violated the First Amendment? What if the Supreme Court had to decide whether or not the law was constitutional? That would be crazy.

It’s unclear when the bill will go to the Senate for a full vote; a spokesman for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) said they “will try and get it to the floor as quickly as we can.”

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Metallica- Nothing Else Matters (Live in Sydney)

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Report: Mrs. Madoff Withdrew $15 Million Days Before Bernie’s Arrest

Reuters reports:

Massachusetts’ top securities regulator said on Wednesday that the wife of accused financial swindler Bernard Madoff took out roughly $15 million from an account managed by Cohmad Securities days before her husband was arrested and charged with securities fraud.

More as we get it…

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Turley smells a Big Rat In Leahy’s proposed Truth Commission

Last night on Countdown, Keith Olbermann talked to Jonathan Turley about the possibility of a Truth Commission and his strong opposition to it and his feelings that it is just a way to make sure no one is prosecuted for war crimes in the Bush administration.

Remembering now the whitewash of the 9/11 Commission.

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February 10th 2009 | Sky News

Four of Britain’s top bankers have apologised to a committee of MPs for the distress caused by the financial crisis. But they did not accept responsibility for the credit crunch. Joey Jones watched their evidence to the Treasury Select Committee.

Anthony says:

Yesterday it was the turn of former UK bank bosses to appear beofre the Treasury Select Committee. Today US bank bosses will be appearing before a select committee of Congress. Talk about parallel universes!

U.S. bank chiefs face grilling in Congress over bailout funds

Executives from the financial institutions who received TARP funds testifying at a hearing on Capitol Hill on Wednesday. (Doug Mills/The New York Times)

Executives from the financial institutions who received TARP funds testifying at a hearing on Capitol Hill on Wednesday. (Doug Mills/The New York Times)

Louise Story | International Herald tribune | February 11, 2009

WASHINGTON: Eight of the top bankers in the United States faced off against skeptical lawmakers in Congress on Wednesday who questioned their use of tens of billions of dollars of taxpayer money and pointed out the growing public anger at the banks in the bailout.

“When you took taxpayer money, you moved into a fishbowl,” said Representative Paul Kanjorski, Democrat of Pennsylvania. “Now, everyone is rightly watching your every move from every side.”

The eight banks collectively received $125 billion in bailout money in exchange for shares in their companies, and two of them – Citigroup and Bank of America – were given tens of billions of dollars more because of their financial problems.

Keep reading…

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Two parties celebrate victory in Israel


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Bailed Out Bankers Testify: Live Video

MSNBC |   February 11, 2009 08:58 AM

The eight chief executives from bailed out Wall Street banks are testifying today before Congress. The CEOS will be quizzed aggressively on how they have used more than $160 billion in taxpayers’ money.

Watch the hearing live here


Banking leaders face the hot seat in Congress

Via: Raw Story/ Associated Press
Published: Wednesday February 11, 2009

Banking leaders who benefited from a federal bailout are bringing a message of accommodation and gratitude to Congress, hoping for a better reception than the one given Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner.

The eight chief executives nevertheless will likely hear plenty of skepticism Wednesday morning when they take seats at a witness table in the Rayburn House Office Building. It will be the first such examination by lawmakers since they passed the bailout bill last year. The CEOS will be quizzed aggressively on how they have used more than $160 billion in taxpayers’ money.

In prepared testimony, the banking industry leaders applauded the program for making more loans available and promised to pay their share of the money back to the Treasury over time. Anticipating confrontations over their own compensation, several asserted that none of the government’s money went to bonuses or dividends.


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