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Daily Show ‘helps’ GOP rebrand its ‘sh*t sandwich’

Raw Story- David Edwards and Muriel Kane
Published: Friday January 16, 2009

As Democrats prepare to celebrate the inauguration of Barack Obama, the Republicans are left with not much to do but slink off and lick their electoral wounds. Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart, however, suggests that they “could use the opportunity to make themselves stronger.”

Daily Show correspondent Samantha Bee noted that under George Bush, the Republican Party has been tied to “a strategy that in only eight years has produced two wars, a $10 trillion deficit, and one drowned American city.”

Despite these failures, Republican strategist Kellyanne Conway insists, “The policies of the Republican Party are less the issue than the image.”

“Republicans need for people to even stop and notice the product and not say ‘Ick’ and keep walking,” Conway told Bee. “The packaging on the Republican Party currently screams to the average consumer, ‘Don’t touch this. Stand back.'”

“It’s like the Republican Party is a shit sandwich,” Bee commented. “How do you get Americans to eat the sandwich?”

“You … say it has no calories,” Conway replied.

Bee then sought professional help in “rebranding” the Republican Party — and arrived at the theme of “sex up grandpa.”

However, when Bee’s new GOP icon “Reagraham Lincool” — a doddering old man in a jogging suit and a stovepipe hat — was introduced to a focus group of voters, their reactions ranged somewhere between unimpressed and totally bewildered.

“With a little rebranding,” Bee concluded cheerfully, “Republicans will be back on top in no time!”

This video is from Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, broadcast Jan. 15, 2009.

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Evanescence- Bring Me To Life

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by Geezer Power

I found a book in the library, “actually a stand with all kinds of reading material on it that sits in the bathroom”, today that was laying there opened up to this page. There it was laying with a copy of Mad Magazine and one of Gary Larson’s “The Far Side” publications. I had no idea that my daughter had such good taste in literature as I read this worn old paperback from the 1980’s. What I was reading was pretty much relevant to the happenings today, so here’s a picture of it…

please click to enlarge

Anyways, I’ve decided to read the rest of it even if it is fiction it’s close enough to sci-fi for me. Kinda like Steinbeck with a little bit of Mark Twain and Henry Miller thrown in for good measure.

As the time draws near for the exit of Bu$hco I would like to wish a happy, democratic, truth filled, peaceful existence to all and a small reminder to love your brothers and sisters, as well as any other critters, and especially plants…G:

Humorous Quotes from Tom Robbins’Jitterbug Perfume

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Dear Mr. President – Pink









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Bush’s last stand….

Bush gave his last speech to the American people tonight and finally his reign is coming to an end. He looked haggard and old after never fulfilling his promise of eight years of compassion. Instead we got corruption, cronyism, unaccountability, wars, lies, torture and a virus that has infected the entire government that leads us. Departments were filled with extreme Christians and Cheney loyalists right out of Regent University. That would be Pat Robertson’s college.

America has turned its collective back on movement conservatism as we witnessed this tragedy unfold before our eyes. Obama has replaced it with hope and optimism and a chance to undo some of the harm his administration has caused with the help of the David Addington’s and John Yoo’s.

I found this reference rather interesting in his speech:

President Thomas Jefferson once wrote, “I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past.” As I leave the house he occupied two centuries ago, I share that optimism.

Of course he’d rather look to the future. When he looks back at his past actions—it must bring enormous pain. It does to most of America.

Here’s the evil power behind the Puppet – David Rockefeller.

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MICHAEL KIMMELMAN | NYT | January 16, 2009

Andrew Wyeth's "Winter," 1946. (Andrew Wyeth/North Carolina Museum of Art)

Andrew Wyeth, one of the most popular and also most lambasted artists in the history of American art, a reclusive linchpin in a colorful family dynasty of artists whose precise realist views of hardscrabble rural life became icons of national culture and sparked endless debates about the nature of modern art, died Friday at his home in Chadds Ford. He was 91.

He died in his sleep, said Hillary Holland, a spokeswoman for the Brandywine River Museum, The Associated Press reported.

Wyeth gave America a prim and flinty view of Puritan rectitude, starchily sentimental, through parched gray and brown pictures of spooky frame houses, desiccated fields, deserted beaches, circling buzzards and craggy-faced New Englanders. A virtual Rorschach test for American culture during the better part of the last century, Wyeth split public opinion as vigorously as, and probably even more so than, any other American painter including the other modern Andy, Warhol, whose milieu was as urban as Wyeth’s was rural.

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