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How They Lie-and Get By

I have almost daily exchanges with wingtards, because I am a masochist who never tires of beating his head against hard furniture.

A noteworthy exchange with a wingtard took place just the other day. On a wingtard blog (which I simply refuse to link to, as I despise giving these parrots any page ranking if I can keep from it,) there was a YouTube video posted of what was obviously a dsoldier serving in Iraq. In the video, the soldier assures us all that “everybody” supports the “surge,” that “Iraqis are much better off than they were in 2002,” and “the overwhelming majority of us support John McCain for President” because Barack Obama “just doesn’t get it.”

You know me by now; I did what I always do, and posted two links for the wingtard. One of the links was to a late 2007/early 2008 survey in which 90% of Iraqis said they were better off under Saddam. The other link I posted showed that GIs serving in Iraq are donating 6 to 1 in favor of Barack Obama, which would surely put to rest the “overwhelming majority” nonsense. I waited for a response.

What did I get? “Your comment has been duly noted. However, I have my opinion, just like you have yours.”

OPINION?!? No….. no opinion here; I produced data to refute the LIES being told in the video. I do honor the service of each and every man or woman sent to serve in Iraq, but a liar is a liar, and this guy was a liar. That’s not my opinion; the data bears me out. I was so stunned by the response that I didn’t even bother to rebut it. What’s the point?

That’s the whole thing about the “twenty percenters,” or the people I refer to as “wingtards” and “Chimpletons.” They really don’t CARE if Rush Limbaugh is a dope addict who travels to the Dominican Republic for sex with underage prostitutes using unprescribed Viagra. They don’t care if Laura Ingraham has been long-despised for her hateful, racist spew, from her college days on. They don’t care if Michael Weiner is a cruel POS who makes fun of autistic children. They don’t care if Ann C***ler is a shrill know-nothing blowhard who ratchets up the hate every time she’s got a new book to publish. And they sure as HELL don’t care about learning the truth. Character means absolutely nothing to them, nor does honesty. They support their wingtard pundits not because they’re ever RIGHT, but because they’re always STUPID.

Yes, I said STUPID. Wingtards absolutely love stupidity. They managed to get the symbol of anti-intellect into the White House, and they aren’t ashamed of their own ignorance; on the contrary, they embrace ignorance the way that most of us value the truth. Being idiotic is a badge of honor in their world, and it is this, more than any other reason, that has caused them to embrace Sarahpoleon. Does it really matter that she’s a pathological liar, or a vindictive, petty tyrant, or a Governor that got absolutely nothing done in 20 months as an executive, or even that she’s in all likelihood a criminal and an adulterer? Of course not; wingtards, as I said, only care about hearing the lies they want to hear. They don’t give a damn about anyone’s character, or even their competence.

To understand why the wingtard likes to be lied to…. that’s the thing here. Knowing quite a few of them, I’m ready to make a pronouncement on this that probably will rub some people the wrong way. If it rubs you the wrong way, I cannot apologize for it, because I myself have seen what I’m going to point out way too many times now.

The wingtard likes to be lied to because he or she has likely spent a lifetime lying to him or herself. Let me give you some examples of what I mean.

I know a couple of white-bread “Christian” wingtards pretty well. When they aren’t denigrating Obama for having a funny last name, or spewing the other Jesusistani rote talking points, they’re smoking like chimneys down on the gambling boat. Christ had some pretty definite views about such things, and I’ve offered several times to highlight those passages. So far, nobody wants to see them.

Then there’s the young lady that insists that everything that even remotely resembles social justice is wrong. You name it-from the minimum wage, to WIC, to protecting women and minorities from discrimination, to equal treatment of gays in partnerships, she’s against it. She knows the wingtard talking points so well that I assume she’s one of those people who spends most of her waking hours glued to either the radio or FOX “News.” Wingtard dogmas are infallible, according to her, and any failures encountered are because “liberals” conspired to keep the ‘tards from succeeding.

Ready for it yet?

This righteous, hard-right young lady that can’t abide the thought of gay marriage is living in a (not so) secret (anymore) arrangement involving herself, her husband, and another woman. The people who she praises on a daily basis would throw her ass in a camp if they ever came to complete power, but that doesn’t matter to her. Other people are able to tolerate her hypocrisy; I decided some time ago I cannot abide it anymore. When I was asked if it was because of her lifestyle, I pointed out that people like me have been fighting for her right to do as she pleases for a long time, while people like HER call us traitors, p***ies, America haters…. you know the deal.

And I lost count a long time ago of people I know telling me that their first sexual “experience” was at the hands of a church youth counselor, or pastor. I am quite certain that the number of pedophiles that hide behind a collar is a measurable one in comparison to the overall number of preachers.

Why wouldn’t a culture of liars, who have lied to themselves basically their whole lives, be able to fully support a political class made up of liars and hypocrites?

Rant over. We now return you to your regularly scheduled outrages.

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McCain Buying Houses In Arizona??

By- Suzie-Q @ 8:45 PM MST

Like He Needs Another…

From: Rum, Romanism, And Rebellion Blog

Thursday, September 18th, 2008…7:16 am

Some signs have been appearing on street corners in Phoenix:

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FEMA No Longer Providing Ice To Hurricane Survivors

By- Suzie-Q @ 5:00 PM MST

Chad Lavergne searches through his home, destroyed by Hurricane Ike, in search of documents and personal items, in Bridge City, Texas, Tuesday, Sept. 16, 2008. Hurricane survivors are being put at risk in Texas and other hot weather states because the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is no longer providing ice in relief situations, say watchdogs, relief workers and local leaders in Hurricane Alley.  (Eric Gay/AP Photo)

Chad Lavergne searches through his home, destroyed by Hurricane Ike, in search of documents and personal items, in Bridge City, Texas, Tuesday, Sept. 16, 2008. Hurricane survivors are being put at risk in Texas and other hot weather states because the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is no longer providing ice in relief situations, say watchdogs, relief workers and local leaders in Hurricane Alley. (Eric Gay/AP Photo)

Under New Policy, FEMA Says Ice is Not Its Responsibility

Hurricane survivors are being put at risk in Texas and other hot weather states because the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is no longer providing ice in relief situations, say watchdogs, relief workers and local leaders in Hurricane Alley.

“It’s frustrating that the government can deliver $85 billion to bail out AIG, and they can’t deliver ice in Texas,” said Ben Smilowitz, executive director of the Disaster Accountability Project (DAP), a nonpartisan organization that monitors the nation’s disaster response system.

In fact, while the federal government can deliver ice to disaster areas, it’s chosen not to, under newly-revised FEMA rules. Instead, individual states and local governments are now tasked with purchasing, delivering and storing ice, even though they face tough logistical challenges in doing so, according to critics of the new policy.

“FEMA is effectively saying we can’t guarantee you ice,” said Mike Womack, director of the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency.


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Palin’s Email? What Did They Find? Evil Stuff? Hail Satan??

By- Suzie-Q @ 3:30 PM MST

Palin’s e-mail hacked
What did they find?

Did the internet just cause Sarah Palin to destroy evidence? The potential Veep is in a bit of trouble for conducting state business using her personal, unarchived email address (gov.sarah@yahoo.com) instead of her official account (which is, of course, subject to laws requiring the retention of government records). Emails from that Yahoo account are already being sought in connection with the Troopergate investigation. Now comes word that Anonymous, the fun-loving Internet trouble-makers based loosely around the message board 4Chan, gained access to another Palin email account: gov.palin@yahoo.com. It looks legit! The offending posts, screenshots, heretofore unseen family photos, and emails have all been deleted from Imageshack and 4Chan. But we have them. You want to read Sarah Palin’s email?


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Palin Cancels Big California Swing

By- Suzie-Q @ 3:00 PM MST

h/t Bartcop for the photo  ;)

h/t Bartcop for the photo 😉

Shocker: Palin Cancels Big California Swing

SFGATE- Posted By: Carla Marinucci (Email) | September 18 2008 at 12:45 PM

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, who was to star at two major California fundraisers and an Orange County rally for 15,000 next week, has canceled her two-day swing through the Golden State, campaign sources said.

The change is a shocker, because Palin’s presence had electrified the GOP base in California. Party insiders were distributing 15,000 tickets to her Sept. 26 rally in Orange County — and fundraisers reported an almost instantaneous sell-out of her two $1,000-a-head Sept. 25 fundraising events in Orange County and Santa Clara.

Both fundraisers had generated such high ticket sales that the OC Lincoln Club event was moved to the Orange County Performing Arts Center, and the Bay Area event was moved from the Woodside home of Tom Siebel to the huge Santa Clara Convention Center.

The change comes in the same week a new Field Poll showed that Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama still leads Republican presidential candidate John McCain in California by a whopping 16-point margin.

So Palin’s pullout from her Western state swing is sure to ramp up chatter that the GOP ticket — which has insisted it will compete here — may be reassessing its Golden State presence. (Team McCain says it’s just a scheduling issue.)

The Field poll had some troubling news for McCain-Palin here: The Alaska Gov’s addition to the ticket, while strengthening the GOP base, hasn’t advanced the ball for the Republican team among the 1 in 5 California voters who are independent or decline to state.

Field Poll director Mark DiCamillo noted this week that those independents and middle-of-the-roaders are the same critical voters who elected Arnold Schwarzenegger here — and weigh heavily in the election nationwide. A New York Times poll released today, which shows Obama ahead by 5 points, appears to reflect the same trend.

Just last week, powerhouse Bay Area GOP fundraiser Kristen Hueter said Palin was a ”gangbusters” fundraiser with folks snapping up tickets and coming from around the country for her Sept. 25 appearances.

”It doesn’t happen in my world like this,” Hueter told us last week. ”People are flying in … from the Virgin Islands, Florida, Massachusetts, all over.”

The Palin events were aimed to benefit the Republican National Committee, and the California Republican Party (chairs and hosts were being told they could give as much as $40,800 a person for those causes). The latest: It’s unclear if the fundraisers will go on without her, or if they’ll be rescheduled. We haven’t gotten confirmation of either yet, but will update when we get it.

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US Economy Roars Back to Life!

GEF @ 5:18 PM ET



For now… 😉

U.S. Stocks Soar Most in Six Years on Government Plan to Shore Up Markets

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Palin’s Email Account Was Hacked (PHOTOS)

By- Suzie-Q @ 1:00 PM MST

Palin’s Email Account Hacked (PHOTOS)

The Huffington Post |  Rachel Weiner   |   September 17, 2008 02:13 PM

UPDATE: The AP is refusing to cooperate with a Secret Service request for copies of the leaked e-mails.

Wired magazine reports:

The group known as Anonymous, which earlier took on Scientology, has published screenshots of e-mail messages and images that it says came from a private e-mail account belonging to Governor Sarah Palin at gov.palin@yahoo.com. The data has been published by WikiLeaks.
Threat Level has confirmed the authenticity of at least one of the e-mails.

The information includes five screenshots from Palin’s account, including the text of an e-mail exchange with Alaskan Lieutenant Governor Sean Parnell about his campaign for Congress.

From Wikileaks’ press release:

The internet activist group ‘anonymous’, famed for its exposure of unethical behavior by the Scientology cult, has now gone after the Alaskan governor and republican Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin.
At around midnight last night the group gained access to governor Palin’s email account … and handed over the contents to the government sunshine site Wikileaks.org.

Governor Palin has come under media criticism in the past week for using pseudo-private email accounts to avoid Alaskan freedom of information laws.

The zip archive made available by Wikileaks contains screen shots of Palin’s inbox, two example emails, governor Palin’s address box and a couple of family photos. While the emails released so far reveal little, the list of correspondence appears to re-enforce the criticism that Palin is mixing governmental and personal affairs.

Mother Jones ties the exposure to Palin’s efforts to keep her emails from subpoena:

So, you know those Yahoo accounts Sarah Palin was using to keep her official business safe from subpoenas? Turns out they’re not so safe after all. Palin’s Yahoo accounts (gov.palin@yahoo.com and gov.sarah@yahoo.com) were successfully hacked last night … Since then, the accounts have been deleted, which could be considered destruction of evidence if a court chose to pursue it.

Some of the screengrabs:

The rest of the screenshots are here.

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Countdown: Angler: Barton Gellman Interview

anthony @ 20:29 BST

Keith talks to Barton Gellman, author of the new book Angler which chronicles Cheney’s abuses of power as Vice-President.

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A Palin And McCain Administration?? (VIDEO)

By- Suzie-Q @ 12:30 PM MST

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What’s Up With McCain??

By- Suzie-Q @ 12:00 PM MST

The Big Whisper: What’s Up With John McCain?

Huffington Post |  Katharine Zaleski   |   September 18, 2008 09:55 AM

John McCain has been all over the map recently, especially when it comes to the economic crisis that’s been hammering Wall Street. He also managed to make some interesting – or rather, bizarre – remarks about Spain on Wednesday. See more articles below on McCain’s actions over the last few weeks.

McCain Remarks Appear To Reject Spain As Ally:

Late Wednesday night, news made its way from the other side of the Atlantic that John McCain, in an interview with a Spanish outlet, had made a series of bizarre responses to a question regarding that country’s prime minister.

“Would you be willing to meet with the head of our government, Mr. Zapatero?” the questioner asked, in an exchange now being reported by several Spanish outlets.

McCain proceeded to launch into what appeared to be a boilerplate declaration about Mexico and Latin America — but not Spain — pressing the need to stand up to world leaders who want to harm America.

McCain Flip-Flops On AIG Bailout: Rejects It Tuesday, Says It’s Okay Wednesday:

Republican presidential candidate John McCain, a day after flatly rejecting the idea of a taxpayer bailout for American International Group Inc., said Wednesday that the government had been “forced” into proposing an $85 billion loan to the nation’s largest insurer.

McCain appeared to soften his opposition to the bailout proposed by the Federal Reserve, treating the plan as a necessary evil to protect ordinary Americans with finanical ties to AIG and asserting that such a financial collapse should not be allowed to happen again. He also called for an investigation to uncover any wrongdoing.

NY Times: McCain All Over The Place On The Economy:

On Monday morning, as the financial system absorbed one of its biggest shocks in generations, Senator John McCain said, as he had many times before, that he believed the fundamentals of the economy were “strong.”

Hours later he backpedaled, explaining that he had meant that American workers, whom he described as the backbone of the economy, were productive and resilient. By Tuesday he was calling the economic situation “a total crisis” and denouncing “greed” on Wall Street and in Washington.

McCain Slams Wall Street “Fat Cats” Who Are His Biggest Donors:

John McCain struck a tough, quasi-populist pose this morning during his morning sweep of the television news shows. Speaking to NBC’s Matt Lauer about the current crisis on Wall Street, the Republican nominee said executives have “treated it like a casino and need to be held accountable and stop walking away with these fat-cat packages.”

Leave aside for the moment the fact that one of McCain’s top economic advisers, former Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina, walked away with a $42 million “golden parachute” after being fired. Overall, the generic Wall Street “fat cat” is a tough character for McCain to cast as his nemesis, given his success in fundraising among their ranks. As Bloomberg reported Monday night, securities and investment companies have collectively donated millions to both McCain and Barack Obama.

Time’s Joe Klein: “Increasing Numbers Of Otherwise Sober Observers… Are Calling John McCain A Liar”:

Politics has always been lousy with blather and chicanery. But there are rules and traditions too. In the early weeks of the general-election campaign, a consensus has grown in the political community — a consensus that ranges from practitioners like Karl Rove to commentators like, well, me — that John McCain has allowed his campaign to slip the normal bounds of political propriety. The situation has gotten so intense that we in the media have slipped our normal rules as well. Usually when a candidate tells something less than the truth, we mince words. We use euphemisms like mendacity and inaccuracy … or, as the Associated Press put it, “McCain’s claims skirt facts.” But increasing numbers of otherwise sober observers, even such august institutions as the New York Times editorial board, are calling John McCain a liar. You might well ask, What has McCain done to deserve this? What unwritten rules did he break? Are his transgressions of degree or of kind?

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