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HURRICANE IKE- Emergency Information

By- Suzie-Q @ 7:30 PM MST

ChronicleDebris, boats and trailers line the southbound lanes of I-45 after Hurricane Ike struck the area.
Glass litters the street after the JP Morgan Chase Tower was heavily damaged by Hurricane Ike.

Glass litters the street after the JP Morgan Chase Tower was heavily damaged by Hurricane Ike.

One of six townhomes on Beaudelaire Circle in Galveston burns after Hurricane Ike on Sept. 13.

One of six townhomes on Beaudelaire Circle in Galveston burns after Hurricane Ike on Sept. 13.

I cant believe this. Its unreal, said Galveston resident Henry Vasquez, shown with his wife, Mary, at whats left of Murdocks Pier and Hooters along Seawall Boulevard in Galveston Sept. 13.

"I can't believe this. It's unreal," said Galveston resident Henry Vasquez, shown with his wife, Mary, at what's left of Murdock's Pier and Hooters along Seawall Boulevard in Galveston Sept. 13.

HURRICANE IKE- Liveblog- Mothership 3: UPDATED!

Sat Sep 13, 2008 at 05:02:06 AM PDT

Boil water:  Houston, Webster
Mandatory Evacuation:  Galveston and Brazoria counties, Beaumont, Port Author
Curfews:  Montgomery and Calhoun Counties
Bridge City:  please volunteer private boats.

Aftermath:  Current Child Diary:  #19 Silence is Complicity

These diaries are intended to provide an up-to-date emergency information and references for our many Gulf Coast Kossacks. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by the hurricane. If you are trying to reach someone in the area of the storm, try text messaging. It often works when cell phones do not.


Power Outages

Map Showing Power Outages

(h/t Catte Nappe)


Photos of Houston from chron.com

National Geographic

Many photo and video links


Gas Prices Rise After Storm Hits Coast

Ike Forces Shutdown of 19% of U.S. Refining Capacity


CPSC Issues Warning: Dangers at Home in the Aftermath of Hurricane Ike

What to Do After The Storm

Roll Call Diary

posted by Timroff. Please go check in there if you’re a east Texas resident…

Weather Diaries by millwx

Current Mothership Updaters: jlms_qkw,  donnamarie,  , exmearden, Stranded Wind, noweasels, gchaucer2, SallyCat, Remembering Jello, mem from sommervile, Timroff
Child Diarist Line-Up

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  1. Silence is Complicity

20.  Oke
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Avila  (moved re comment in #13)Sunday
kineticdissent (comment in #12)Saturday noonish
Oke (comment in #13)
WeeMama (available Sat. til 5pm, Sun. after 1pm if needed, comment link )

Weather & News Updates – National

CNN – Hurricanes and Cyclones Page

Weather & News Updates – Local

Live Stream from 4 Houston TV Stations – Bandwidth Heavy
KHOU from Houston including county info and msg boards
Click2Houston – KPRC
KTRK Houston livestream
AP-Freighter Stranded off Galveston in Path of Hurricane Ike
Texas Flood Alerts – Weather Channel
KTXA – Dallas
WFAA Dallas/Ft Worth Channel 8
News 8 Austin
KPLC Lake Charles, LA
Live Storm Chaser Updates
Multiple Houston-Area TV Feeds
Fox 7 Austin

Beaumont/Pt. Arth/Orange
Beaumont Enterprise (primary newspaper)
City of Port Aurthur Hurricane Webpage


Channel 363 on Satellite Direct TV: Hurricane Reporting Only

Weather Only Sites

National Weather Service Warnings by Texas County
Weather Underground (Wunderground) – Hurricane Ike
NOAA Alerts for Texas
Storm2K h/t Safi
Online NOAA audio Feed for Houston and Corpus Christie h/t PerfectStormer

Energy Infrastructure Discussion At The Oil Drum

Hurricane Ike, Energy Infrastructure, Refineries and Damage Models Thread #4
Hurricane Ike and Oil Refineries/Infrastructure Damage Models Thread #3
Hurricane Ike, Energy Infrastructure, Refineries and Damage Models Thread #2
Hurricane Ike, Shut-In Production and Energy Infrastructure

Local Radio Stations

Paste link into your browser. Thanks to Omir the Storyteller.

Houston News Radio 740
KTRU Rice University

Houston WX Radio


KTSA News/talk

SA WX Radio


Austin WX Radio
KUT radio for live stream of Austin’s public radio station


Corpus Christi weather radio

Evacuation & Emergency Management Information – Texas

Harris County (Houston) Office of Emergency Management
Galveston Office of Emergency Management
911 Service in Harris County has been suspended – According to KHOU, the system is overwhelmed and they’re unable to respond to all the calls due to the weather. 8:26 am EDT
DFW residents can call 211 for shelter info
Texas Emergency Management for Hurricanes – County Specific – Links to Maps and Brochures
People evacuating to Austin should call (512) 974-1110 h/t anotherdemocrat
Evacuation Area and Routes h/t PerfectStormer
Houston Traffic Map
Per the National Weather Service Public Advisory at 1000 AM CDT SAT SEP 13 2008




Evacuation & Emergency Management Information – Louisiana

Governor Jindal Extends Recovery Orders

Governor Bobby Jindal issued an executive order extending executive orders issued for Hurricane Gustav for Hurricane Ike.

Louisiana Emergency Information
Search and Rescue Operations Underway in Louisiana

Link to Jindal Warning Vermilion — mandatory south of the Intracoastal Waterway, south of Louisiana 14 and Erath and Delcambre.

St. Mary — Mandatory for mobile homes and travel trailers in Baldwin and mandatory in Franklin, south of the railroad tracks.

Iberia — recommend for low-lying areas and mandatory south of U.S. 90 and east of Louisiana 94.

St. Martin — voluntary for Belle River, Stephensville, low-lying areas and mobile homes.

Calcasieu — mandatory for low-lying area, mobile homes in Cameron — full mandatory in Terrebonne — southern part of the parish

Area Red Cross and Donation Sites

Houston Area Red Cross
Corpus Christie Area Red Cross
Other Texas Red Cross Chapters
Capital Area Food Bank in Austin is Taking Non-Perishables

Shelter and Housing Assistance for Evacuees

Austin are Shelter Info
Alkalinesky’s Housing Assistance Diary
Ankey has room for someone in downtown Austin
Texas Convention Bureau Emergency info: List of available rooms
Volunteers North Texas


Houston ASPCA
Houston Humane Society
From noweasels – The Houston ASPCA and Houston Humane Society really helped with animals rescued in New Orleans after Katrina.  These are good people.
Noah’s Wish United Animal Nations Emergency Animal Rescue Service
Best Friends Animal Rapid Response
petswelcome has a listing of pet-friendly hotels searchable by state, then breaks them down by city.
AustinCynics Diary on Boarding Pets
Texas Animal Health Commission
Texas State Animal Resource Team

Volunteers will be needed in Shreveport IMMEDIATELY upon further contact information becoming available to assist with shelter set up and assistance with animals.  Contact Barbara if you are available anytime from TODAY forward and she will put you in the loop.
equineestates at geemail dot com

Volunteer Efforts

We Care Texas:  Search one List for Safe and Missing people
Great service and h/t to net2ride

Volunteers needed in DFW area
Volunteer Match
Volunteer Center of North Texas
San Antonio call for volunteers
We Care Texas Contact Site – Search for Missing and Relocated People

Latest word on Salvation Army evacuee feeding – 300 volunteers needed daily, people in groups really helpful, but individuals OK. Preferred contact for registering is the Volunteer Center..see link above.

Web Cams, Images, Animation

Twitter Scoop – Galveston
Twitter – Downtown Houston
Hurricane Ike – General

Houston Web Cams – KHOU
Corpus Christi Bayfront Cam
KRGV Skycam
Lots of other webcams and tons of info h/t to DCBlue
Image Links to Surge Animation h/t safi
Western Gulf Weather Bouys h/t Anderson Scooper
Color Infrared Loop
Texas Webcams.  Galveston is “Flagship”
Photos of Ike from a Hurricane Hunter
Bunch of web cams, pick yours out
Police Scanners by Texas County

Notes from Comments, Misc

Register to Find People
(h/t to mem from somerville)

From CNN: Use this number to register names of family members to try to locate them.

List of Numbers for Insurance Companies
(h/t to mem from somerville
Time to Call Your Insurance Company

Boil Water Notices Issued in Houston, Baytown, Dickinson
(h/t to peraspera)

HOUSTON – Houston and some other area residents are being asked to boil their water. Mayor Bill White said there’s no indication that the city’s water supply is contaminated, but it is reaching low pressure levels because of power outages affecting a pumping station.

Residents should boil and then cool all water meant for drinking, cooking and making ice.

The water should be brought to a vigorous, rolling boil and then boiled for at least two minutes.

MSNBC via Click2Houston.com Link

Houston Airport System:(if weblink is down, go to the FAA website for airport status)

On Friday, September 12, 2008 at 2:00 p.m. local time all airlines will cease commercial flight operations in and out of George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) and will not resume until further notice. No airline service is presently expected to operate at IAH on Saturday, September 13, 2008.
Both Bush Intercontinental and Hobby Airports will remain open for emergency operations and essential activities only. However the airports will not operate as shelters. Passengers should be aware that hotels and motels near the airports may not have availability.


Saturday 9-13-2008  Time: 9:00 AM
The seawall in Port Arthur held back the storm surge.  There appears to be no extensive flooding except  for Sabine Pass which has extensive flooding.  The south end of Pleasure Island has some flooding.  On the north end of the Pleasure Island water seems to be receding.  Police personnel are unable to access Pleasure Island due to high winds.  Tropical Storm winds are still high in the City and all of the City is without power.

Mayor Prince has issued an order banning the sale of alcohol in the City until further notice. (See Below)  If you are in the City stay in your homes and do not ride around.  Police and Fire personnel are trying to assess the damage.

Do not return to the City if you have evacuated.  Re-entry into the City of Port Arthur is prohibited at this time.

Please click here for updated information:

HURRICANE IKE- Liveblog- Mothership 3: UPDATED!

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By- Suzie-Q @ 4:00 PM MST

McCain/Palin Lies Of The Day Watch: Didn’t Visit Iraq and Overinflating Crowd Figures

Firedoglake- By: Christy Hardin Smith Saturday September 13, 2008 12:30 pm

Two lies thus far in today’s Lie Watch from the McCain/Palin campaign. Although the day isn’t over yet.

Number one: how sad are you when you fluff your crowd numbers to appear popular? Especially when it’s something easily double-checked. Guess the McCain campaign thought the media wouldn’t bother. Seems they thought wrong.

Until Palin, 44, joined him on the campaign trail, McCain, 72, had limited his political events to smaller town hall meetings and rallies of a few hundred people….

That changed on Aug. 30, at Palin’s first big public appearance after her nomination. The McCain campaign said 10,000 people showed up at the Consol Energy Arena in Washington, Pennsylvania, home of the Washington Wild Things baseball team.

The campaign attributed that estimate, and several that followed, to U.S. Secret Service figures, based on the number of people who passed through magnetometers.

“We didn’t provide any numbers to the campaign,” said Malcolm Wiley, a spokesman for the U.S. Secret Service.

Hmmmm…didn’t they try to use the FBI as a false source recently, too, claiming they had done a background check on Palin as part of McCain’s craptastic vetting-palooza? Why, yes, they did. Bad move.

Also, turns out Sarah Palin did not go to Iraq after all. Even though her spokeswaman said she had back on September 5th:


Taking Back Sunday – Liar

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Hurricane Ike Hits Texas

By- Suzie-Q @ 2:35 PM MST

Debris is seen scattered across Highway 146 on a bridge leading from Kemah to Seabrook, Saturday, Sept. 13, 2008, in Kemah, Texas, after Hurricane Ike moved through the area. (AP Photo/Frank Franklin II)

Debris is seen scattered across Highway 146 on a bridge leading from Kemah to Seabrook, Saturday, Sept. 13, 2008, in Kemah, Texas, after Hurricane Ike moved through the area. (AP Photo/Frank Franklin II)

Crews fan out in Texas to assess Ike’s wrath

ALLEN G. BREED and PAULINE ARRILLAGA | September 13, 2008 05:07 PM EST | AP

HOUSTON — Rescue crews in high-wheel trucks, helicopters and boats ventured out to pluck people from their homes Saturday in an all-out search for thousands of Texans who stubbornly stayed behind overnight to face Hurricane Ike.

The storm blew out skyscraper windows, cut power to millions and swamped thousands of homes along the coast. Yachts were carried up onto roadways, buildings and homes collapsed and cars floated in floodwaters.

State and local officials began searching for survivors by late morning, just hours after Ike roared ashore at Galveston with 110 mph winds, heavy rains and towering waves. Overnight, dispatchers received thousands of calls from frightened residents who bucked mandatory orders to leave as the storm closed in. Authorities estimated there were about 140,000 or more who stayed despite warnings they could die.

“There was a mandatory evacuation, and people didn’t leave, and that is very frustrating because now, we are having to deal with everybody who did not heed the order. This is why we do it, and they had enough time to get out. It’s just unfortunate that they decided to stay,” said Steve LeBlanc, city manager in Galveston.

Sedonia Owen, 75, and her son, Lindy McKissick, defied evacuation orders in Galveston because they wanted to protect their neighborhood from possible looters. She was watching floodwaters recede from her front porch Saturday morning, armed with a shotgun.

“My neighbors told me, ‘You’ve got my permission. Anybody who goes into my house, you can shoot them,'” said Owen.

The storm, which had killed more than 80 in the Caribbean before making landfall in the United States, claimed at least two lives in Texas, but the toll was likely to rise. A woman died early Saturday when a tree fell on her home near Pinehurst in Montgomery County, crushing her as she slept. A 19-year-old man also slipped off a jetty near Corpus Christi and apparently washed away.

President Bush declared a major disaster in his home state of Texas and ordered immediate federal aid. Officials were encouraged that the storm surge topped out at only 13.5 feet _ far lower than the catastrophic 20-to-25-foot wall of water forecasters had feared, but major roads were washed out near Galveston, and the damage was still immense.


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Afternoon Jukebox… Sweet Child O’Mine

By- Suzie-Q @ 2:30 PM MST

Guns N Roses-Sweet Child O’Mine

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posted @ 18:53 BST

Sherwood Ross | opednews.com | September 12, 2008

Iranians’ hatred of America dates back to the CIA’s violent 1953 overthrow of democratic Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadegh’s government in order to arrange sweetheart contracts for western oil companies, author Stephen Kinzer writes in “Overthrow: America’s Century of Regime Change From Hawaii to Iraq.”

The CIA’s installation of despot Shah Mohammed Reza Palevi on a throne, Kinzer writes, “ultimately set off a revolution that brought radical fundamentalists to power” in Iran and led to the 9/11 attacks on New York and Washington, D.C.“

Not satisfied with the humiliation they visited on the United States by holding 54 American diplomats hostage for 14 months,” Kinzer writes, “these radicals sponsored deadly acts of terror against Western targets, among them the United States Marine barracks in Saudi Arabia and a Jewish community center in Argentina. Their example inspired Muslim fanatics around the world, including in neighboring Afghanistan, where the Taliban gave sanctuary to militants who carried out devastating attacks against the United States on September 11, 2001.”

“None of this” would have happened, Kinzer continued, quoting one Iranian diplomat, “if Mossadegh had not been overthrown.”

In his new book, “An Enemy of The People” (Doukathsan), Lawrence Velvel, dean of the Massachusetts School of Law at Andover, notes that after Kermit Roosevelt, (grandson of President Theodore), then head of Mideast Operations for the CIA, created a state of anarchy that toppled the legitimate government, the U.S. oil companies cashed in.

“Our oil companies—Gulf, Standard of New Jersey, Texaco and Mobil—received a 40 percent share of the new National Iranian Oil Company, and the shah established a tyrannical dictatorship, with the dreaded Savak doing dirty work for him,” Velvel writes. “So our misconduct of yesterday contributed greatly to, (and) probably caused, the terrible situation in the Middle East we find ourselves in today.”


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The F-card won’t wash

Sudhan @19:45 CET

Sarah Palin is disastrous for women’s rights, no matter how Republicans try to frame her as a feminist

Jessica Valenti | The Guardian, Friday September 12,  2008

The New York Post calls her “a feminist dream”. National Public Radio asks if she’s the “new face of feminism”. And the Wall Street Journal, ever subtle, calls it “Sarah Palin Feminism”. I call it well-spun garbage. (Yes, I’d even call it a pig in lipstick.) It seems you can’t open a newspaper or turn on the television without running across a piece about how the Republican vice-presidential candidate, Sarah Palin, is not just a feminist, but the feminist – a sign that all is right in the US when it comes to gender equality. (Turn in those Birkenstocks and picket signs, gals!)

Palin’s conservative cohorts are claiming her candidacy as a win for women and proof that it’s Republicans who are the real agents of change. After all, what more could American women want in a vice-presidential candidate than a well-coiffed “hockey mom”?

Never mind that Palin talks about her teen daughter’s decision to keep her child while awaiting the chance to take that choice away from American women. Don’t worry about how Palin cut funding for a transitional home for teenage mothers. And forget that, under Palin’s mayoralty, women in Wasilla, Alaska, were forced to pay for their own rape kits to the tune of up to $1,200.

We’re not supposed to care about these issues because – say Republicans – we should just be happy that there’s a woman on the ticket. The McCain campaign is cynically trying to recreate the excitement that surrounded Hillary Clinton’s candidacy, believing that all women want is … another woman.

Ann Friedman, deputy editor of the American Prospect, wrote: “In picking Palin, Republicans are lending credence to the sexist assumption that women voters are too stupid to investigate or care about the issues, and merely want to vote for someone who looks like them … McCain has turned the idea of the first woman in the White House from a true moment of change to an empty pander.”

What’s worse is conservatives can’t understand why women aren’t lining up to thank them. In fact, the same people who moaned that women – those darn feminists, especially – were only supporting Hillary because of her gender are now screaming to the rafters because they’re not supporting Palin for the same reason. That’s what makes Republicans pulling the feminist card that much more insulting – the stunning hypocrisy. The McCain touting himself as the person who will put a woman in the White House is the same man who joked that Chelsea Clinton is “so ugly” because “her father is Janet Reno”.

And despite the talk about being the party of change, appropriating feminist symbols – such as at a Pennsylvania rally, where people held up signs of Rosie the Riveter with Palin’s face – and propping up anti-feminist women as trailblazers is typical of the Republicans.

Organisations such as the Independent Women’s Forum and Concerned Women for America, who call themselves the “real” feminists while fighting against things such as equal pay and legislation to combat violence against women, have been around (and funded by conservatives) for years. Their brand of feminism means benefiting from the gains of the women’s movement while striving to keep other women down – all for a patriarchal pat on the head. Sound familiar?

As the feminist writer Rebecca Traister says: “Palin’s femininity is one that is recognisable to most women: she’s the kind of broad who speaks on behalf of other broads but appears not to like them very much … It’s like some dystopian future … feminism without any feminists.”

The good news is, this twisted homage to feminism means conservatives must recognise it as a force in American politics – why spend so much time framing Palin as feminist if we’re all just a bunch of hairy man-haters? The bad news, however, trumps all. If this campaign is successful, American women will suffer. We’ll be under the thumb of yet another administration that thinks nothing of rolling back women’s rights.

No matter how many times feminists point out the hypocrisy of Republicans pulling the F-card, however, the bigger truth is that it’s not Palin’s anti-feminist bona fides alone that matter. While Palin is bad for women’s rights, she’s terrible for America. In addition to being investigated by her own legislature for abuse of power, she is also reported to have asked a librarian about the process for banning books in Wasilla, doesn’t support sex education, and has made lying about her record unusually central to her candidacy – even for a politician. These are big warning signs that cut across gender lines.

So while the McCain campaign holds Palin up as a shining example of feminism in action, let’s not forget the truth about who’s doing the spinning and what they’re selling. Because the last thing America needs is another corrupt and lying politician – man or woman.

· Jessica Valenti, founder of the Feministing website, is the author of Full Frontal Feminism

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‘Bush War Crimes Conference Convenes’ – WATCH LIVE

By- Suzie-Q @ 6:00 AM MST

Lawrence Vevel

Lawrence Vevel

Andover law school convenes Bush War Crimes Conference – WATCH LIVE

Raw Story- Stephen C. Webster
Published: Saturday September 13, 2008


Saturday morning, the dean of Massachusetts School of Law at Andover will convene a two day planning session with a single focus: To arrest, put to trial and carry out sentence on criminals in the Bush Administration.

The conference, arranged by Lawrence Vevel, cofounder of the Andover school, will focus on which of Bush’s officials and members of Congress could be charged with war crimes. The plan also calls for “necessary organizational structures” to be established, with the purpose of pursuing the guilty “to the ends of the Earth.”

“For Bush, Richard Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and John Yoo to spend years in jail or go to the gallows for their crimes would be a powerful lesson to future American leaders,” Velvel said in a media advisory.

In a published document entitled “The Long Term View” (PDF link), Vevel argues, at the very least, “there is no question” George W. Bush is guilty of conspiracy to commit torture, a war crime.

“He is a former drunk, was a serial failure in business who had to repeatedly be bailed out by daddy’s friends and wanna-be-friends, was unable to speak articulately despite the finest education(s) that money and influence can buy, has a dislike of reading, so that 100-page memos have to be boiled down to one page for him, is heedless of facts and evidence, and appears not even to know the meaning of truth,” said Vevel.

The conference will focus on:

# What international and domestic crimes were committed, which facts show crimes under which laws, and what punishments are possible.

# Which high level Executive officials — and Federal judges and legislators as well, if any — are chargeable with crimes.

# Which international tribunals, foreign tribunals and domestic tribunals (if any) can be used and how to begin cases and/or obtain prosecutions before them.

# The possibility of establishing a Chief Prosecutor’s Office such as the one at Nuremburg.

# An examination of cases already brought and their outcomes.

# Creating an umbrella Coordinating Committee with representatives from the increasing number of organizations involved in war crimes cases.

# Creating a Center to keep track of and organize compilations of relevant briefs, articles, books, opinions, and facts, etc., on war crimes and prosecutions of war criminals.

And, addressing the conference will be:

# Famed former Los Angeles prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi, author of the best-selling “The Prosecution of George W. Bush For Murder”(Vanguard).

# Phillippe Sands, Professor of Law and Director of the Centre of International Courts and Tribunals at University College , London . He is the author of “Torture Team: Rumsfeld’s Memo and the Betrayal of American Values” (Penguin/Palgrave Macmillan), among other works.

# Jordan Paust, Professor of Law at the University of Houston and author of “Beyond The Law.”

# Ann Wright, a former U.S. Army colonel and U.S. Foreign Service official who holds a State Department Award for Heroism and who taught the Geneva Conventions and the Law of Land Warfare at the Special Warfare Center at Ft. Bragg, N.C. She is the coauthor of “Dissent: Voices of Conscience.”

# Peter Weiss, Vice President of the Center For Constitutional Rights, which was recently involved with war crimes complaints filed in Germany and France against former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and others.

# Benjamin Davis, Associate Professor at the University of Toledo College of Law and former American Legal Counsel for the Secretariat of the International Court of Arbitration.

# David Lindorff, journalist and co-author with Barbara Olshansky of “The Case for Impeachment: Legal Arguments for Removing President George W. Bush from Office”( St. Martin ’s Press).

# Colleen Costello of Human Rights USA .

# Christopher Pyle, a professor at Mt. Holyoke and author of several book on international matters.

# Lawrence Velvel, a leader in the field of law school education reform, who has written numerous internet articles on issues relevant to the conference.

Watch the Bush War Crimes Conference starting Saturday, 9 a.m. EST – 5:15 p.m., and Sunday 9 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. EST. in the embedded video below. This story will be updated as noteworthy.


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