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By- Suzie-Q @ 9:45 PM MST

Newsweek Bombshell: Palin warned of “Emotional Child Abuse” by Judge

Tue Sep 09, 2008 at 08:47:29 PM PDT

Bombshell news in Palin’s prior behavior in a matter involving emotional child abuse of children entangled in her sister’s divorce from Officer Wooten, also knows as the Trooper in Troopergate.

Court documents show that Judge Suddock was disturbed by the alleged attacks by Palin and her family members on Wooten’s behavior and character. “Disparaging will not be tolerated—it is a form of child abuse,” the judge told a settlement hearing in October 2005, according to typed notes of the proceedings. The judge added: “Relatives cannot disparage either. If occurs [sic] the parent needs to set boundaries for their relatives.”

“It is the mother’s [Hackett’s] responsibility to set boundaries for her relatives and insure [sic] they respect them, and the disparagement by either parent, or their surrogates is emotional child abuse,”  He added that: “If the court finds it is necessary due to disparagement in the Mat-Su Valley [the area north of Anchorage where Palin and her extended family live], for the children’s best interests, it [the court] will not hesitate to order custody to the father and a move into Anchorage.”

Hat Tip Americablog… Via Newsweek

Aravois makes a damn good point; it’s no wonder that they dropped the “Education” ad so hard tonight, the campaign had to know that this was coming.

Court records obtained by NEWSWEEK show that during the course of divorce hearings three years ago, Judge John Suddock heard testimony from an official of the Alaska State Troopers’ union about how Sarah Palin—then a private citizen—and members of her family, including her father and daughter, lodged up to a dozen complaints against Wooten with the state police.

As the divorce case dragged on, the judge’s concern about family “disparagement” appeared to deepen. In an order signed Jan. 31, 2006, which granted Palin’s sister and Wooten a final divorce decree, Judge Suddock continued to express concern about attacks by Palin’s family on Wooten. The judge even threatened to curb Palin’s sister’s child custody rights if family criticism of Wooten continued.

The shine is off the lipstick and it’s starting to smear badly…  And this story is fair game because any matter of Child Abuse in any way shape or form certainly indicates the CHARACTER of a person.  To shock and offend a judge, in a custody battle (these people generally have seen it all) is really crossing a line of note.

Update: Josh Marshall asks

If her behavior was so abusive and over-the-line before she became governor (this was in 2005), can there really be much doubt she would have used all her power of office to get him fired?


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McCain: Obama Called Me A Fish

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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

McCain: Obama called me a fish (I’m not kidding)

AMERICAblog- – John Aravosis (DC) · 9/09/2008 10:36:00 PM ET

This is surrounding McCain’s latest claim of “sexism,” accusing the phrase “lipstick on a pig” of being sexist when used by Obama but not being sexist when used by McCain. Oh, and for anyone who’s counting, the McCain campaign did in fact invoke John McCain’s former POW status in relation to lipstick and pigs. Yes, they did. 🙂

And even better, the McCain people today accused Obama of calling McCain “a fish.” Seriously. No word on whether McCain took the fish to be a herring (losing his bearings), a snapper (temper temper), a cod (rhymes with cad) or perhaps something more exotic like a mahi-mahi (no, that’s the kind of fish McCain would accuse Obama of being).

If I may paraphrase Jake, John McCain thinks some pigs are more equal than others (and for the McCain camp, that’s not a reference to Palin or McCain, it’s a reference to “Animal Farm” (that is, unless Sarah Palin banned it)). It was hard to excerpt Jake, but here’s a portion:

Why should anyone believe McCain didn’t mean it about Hillary Clinton, but Obama meant it about Palin?

And yet, the inaugural conference call of what the McCain-Palin campaign is calling the “Palin Truth Squad” addressed Obama’s remark.

And interestingly, the Truth Squad call was full of half-truths and statements that weren’t true at all.

Speaking on behalf of the McCain campaign, former Massachusetts Gov. Jane Swift tonight flatly stated that Obama had called Palin a pig.

“[T]he formation of the Palin Truth Squad couldn’t have happened too soon, as we saw when Sen. Obama in Lebanon, Va., this evening uttered what I can only deem to be disgraceful comments comparing our vice presidential nominee Gov. Palin to a pig,” Swift said.

“Sen. Obama owes Gov. Palin an apology,” she said.

Asked why she was so confident Obama was “comparing” Palin to a pig, she said Palin was the only one of the four candidates on both parties’ tickets who wears lipstick.

“She is the only one of the four candidates for president, or the only vice presidential candidate who wears lipstick,” Swift said. “I mean, it seemed to me a very gendered comment.”

But, Swift added, if “as part of his apology Sen. Obama wants to say, no, he was calling Sen. McCain — who is a true hero in our country — a pig, then I suppose we could wait en masse for an apology to that, as well.”

It was pointed out to Swift that, after the line about the pig, Obama had said, “You can wrap an old fish in a piece of paper called ‘change,’ it’s still gonna stink after eight years.”

Swift then suggested that Obama was calling McCain a fish.

“I have a fourth-grader and two second-graders at home,” she said. “I would not teach them that this is sort of a high-minded debate on policy issues when they are calling people rotten old fish or a pig. In fact, it sounds a lot like some of the least intelligent debates on the playground sound like at our elementary school.”

A reporter then reminded Swift that in December, McCain was asked about criticisms coming his way from then-opponent Gov. Mitt Romney, R-Mass., and McCain replied, “Never get into a wrestling match with a pig. You both get dirty, and the pig likes it.”

Was McCain calling Romney a pig? a reporter asked Swift.

Of course not, Swift said.

It seems to me we should have one rule. If Obama was calling Palin a pig, then McCain was calling Hillary Clinton one. If McCain wasn’t, then Obama wasn’t.

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Palin: Bridge of Lies?? (Video)

By- Suzie-Q @ 7:30 PM MST

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Republican Racism Becomes the Norm for the Party

Posted by Basheert via Think Progress

It is apparently the “new normal” for Republican to feel it is considered socially acceptable to issue racial epithets to describe anyone who disagrees as “uppity”, without regard to how this characterization has been used in the past. As the election draws closer, calling blacks “uppity” is now acceptable if you are an elected Republican Official in government. Have we really stepped so low in this country? We have returned to the days of Jim Crow where government officials attack people based upon the color of their skin? The shame of these individuals. This is not what our society considers acceptable – I’d like to believe we are better than this.

Georgia GOP candidate calls black MSNBC reporter ‘uppity.’

Speaking to a Georgia morning news show last Thursday, GOP congressional candidate Rick Goddard criticized an MSNBC reporter’s sharp questioning of former House speaker Newt Gingrich at the Republican National Convention. Goddard called the African-American reporter, Ron Allen, “uppity“:

I’ll tell you one thing, I think we’re going to have a very, very strong, capable president in John McCain. Last night, Newt Gingrich disarmed a very uppity newscaster who tried to question him on the capabilities and leadership of Governor Palin. There’s simply no comparison between a governor and a community organizer.

Also last Thursday, another prominent Georgia political figure — Rep. Lynn Westmoreland (R) — used the racial epithet in reference to Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL).

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New McCain Ad Falsely Suggests Obama Wants Kids To Learn “About Sex Before Learning To Read”

From: TPM.com

The McCain campaign is up with a new ad attacking Obama on education that makes some rather strong insinuations about sex. There’s a lot to chew on here. But we want to focus on one particularly pernicious aspect of it. The ad shows a dreamy-looking Obama as it says:

Obama’s one accomplishment? Legislation to teach “comprehensive sex education” to kindergartners. Learning about sex before learning to read?

In a final moment of subtlety, the ad says Obama is “wrong for your family.”

According to the McCain campaign’s own email, the sex ed claim is based on Obama’s support for a bill, in the Illinois state legislature, that said:

“Each class or course in comprehensive sex education offered in any of grades K through 12 shall include instruction on the prevention of sexually transmitted infections, including the prevention, transmission and spread of HIV.”

As you can see, the McCain ad says that Obama was the one who pushed the “comprehensive sex education” measure. The Obama campaign has pointed out that the bill would simply add instruction on disease prevention to already existing Illinois sex-ed standards. But the McCain campaign cheerfully turned this into Obama’s support for “learning about sex before learning to read.”

And “civil” and “honorable” McCain approved that message.

Obama spokesperson Bill Burton’s response directly questions McCain’s honor:

“It is shameful and downright perverse for the McCain campaign to use a bill that was written to protect young children from sexual predators as a recycled and discredited political attack against a father of two young girls – a position that his friend Mitt Romney also holds. Last week, John McCain told Time magazine he couldn’t define what honor was. Now we know why.”

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By- Suzie-Q @ 6:00 PM MST

McCain camp angry over Obama’s ‘lipstick’ comment


By NEDRA PICKLER, Associated Press Writer 26 minutes ago

LEBANON, Va. – What’s the difference between the presidential campaign before and after the national political conventions? Lipstick.

The colorful cosmetic has become a political buzzword, thanks to Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin’s joke in her acceptance speech that lipstick is the only thing that separates a hockey mom like her from a pit bull.

Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama told an audience Tuesday that GOP presidential nominee John McCain says he’ll change Washington, but he’s just like President Bush.

“You can put lipstick on a pig,” he said to an outbreak of laughter, shouts and raucous applause from his audience, clearly drawing a connection to Palin’s joke. “It’s still a pig. You can wrap an old fish in a piece of paper called change. It’s still going to stink after eight years.”

McCain’s campaign immediately organized a telephone conference call in response and called on Obama to apologize for calling Palin a pig. Obama’s campaign said he wasn’t referring to Palin; he had been talking about McCain immediately before the lipstick comment.

Obama followed up by saying Palin is an interesting story, drawing boos at the mention of her name that he tried to cut off.

“Look, she’s new, she hasn’t been on the scene, she’s got five kids. And my hat goes off to anybody whose looking after five. I’ve got two and they tire Michelle and me out,” he said.

McCain has used the lipstick phrase, too.

Last year while criticizing health proposals from the Democratic presidential candidates, he said Hillary Rodham Clinton‘s resembled the failed plan she offered as first lady during the 1990s. “I think they put some lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig,” McCain of her proposal.

In Virginia, a questioner asked Obama to join Republicans and agree that candidates’ families and religion are off limits. Palin’s pregnant teenage daughter and the teachings of her church, the nondenominational Wasilla Bible Church, have been the subject of scrutiny since McCain picked her as his running mate.

Obama responded that he already has said families are off limits and he’s very protective of his daughters, 10-year-old Malia and 7-year-old Sasha. He said he doesn’t want their inevitable future mistakes to become newspaper fodder if he gets to the White House.

Obama also is no stranger to attacks on his religion. He’s been the subject of a false rumor campaign saying he’s a Muslim, and the racially tinged sermons of his longtime former preacher caused problems for his campaign earlier this year.

He stressed that he’s a Christian and “so the fact that Gov. Palin is deeply religious, that’s a good thing.” He said poking around in her religion or saying it’s wrong is “offensive” and he wants to have a debate about the issues.

“But don’t give people some sort of religious litmus test because I don’t want somebody to question my faith and I’m certainly not going to question somebody else’s,” he said.


On the Net:

Obama: http://www.barackobama.com

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Biden: Palin Would Be ‘Backward Step for Women’ (Video)

By- Suzie-Q @ 5:30 PM MST

Biden: Palin Would Be ‘Backward Step for Women’

September 9, 2008

The Hill- @ 1:08 pm by Andy Barr

Sen. Joe Biden (D-Del.) says that if Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) becomes the first female vice president it will be a “backward step for women.”

Asked by a local television reporter in Milwaukee, Wisconsin if electing Palin would be a step forward for women, Biden said, “well look, I think the issue is what does Sarah Palin think? What does she believe?”

“I assume she thinks and agrees with the same policies that George Bush and John McCain think,” Biden added. “And that’s obviously a backward step for women.”

Here is the video:

UPDATE: Republican National Committee spokeswoman Amber Wilkerson has a response:

“The only person taking a step backward is Joe Biden, whose appalling and arrogant statements are better suited for the back rooms of his old boys club. Sarah Palin’s nomination as the Republican vice presidential nominee is an historic opportunity to break the highest glass ceiling. While John McCain and Sarah Palin continue to press their message of change, Joe Biden should stop these sorts of old-style attacks.”

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