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Look what Sarah Palin said earlier this month!!!!

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Palin Pleased with Obama’s Energy Plan
Includes Alaska’s Natural Gas Reserves

No. 08-135

August 4, 2008, Fairbanks, Alaska – Governor Sarah Palin today responded to the energy plan put forward by the presumptive Democratic nominee for President, Illinois Senator Barack Obama.

“I am pleased to see Senator Obama acknowledge the huge potential Alaska’s natural gas reserves represent in terms of clean energy and sound jobs,” Governor Palin said. “The steps taken by the Alaska State Legislature this past week demonstrate that we are ready, willing and able to supply the energy our nation needs.”

In a speech given in Lansing, Michigan, Senator Obama called for the completion of the Alaska natural gas pipeline, stating, “Over the next five years, we should also lease more of the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska for oil and gas production. And we should also tap more of our substantial natural gas reserves and work with the Canadian government to finally build the Alaska natural gas pipeline, delivering clean natural gas and creating good jobs in the process.”

Governor Palin also acknowledged the Senator’s proposal to offer $1,000 rebates to those struggling with the high cost of energy.

“We in Alaska feel that crunch and are taking steps to address it right here at home,” Governor Palin said. “This is a tool that must be on the table to buy us time until our long-term energy plans can be put into place. We have already enjoyed the support of Alaska Senator Ted Stevens, and it is gratifying to see Senator Obama get on board.”

The Governor did question the means to pay for Obama’s proposed rebate — a windfall profits tax on oil companies. In Alaska, the state’s resource valuation system, ACES, provides strong incentives for companies to re-invest their profits in new production.

“Windfall profits taxes alone prevent additional investment in domestic production. Without new supplies from American reserves, our dependency and addiction to foreign sources of oil will continue,” Governor Palin said.

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By- Suzie-Q @ 9:00 PM MST

Tropical Storm Gustav is seen in a NOAA satellite image taken August 28, 2008.  REUTERS/NOAA/Handout

Tropical Storm Gustav is seen in a NOAA satellite image taken August 28, 2008. REUTERS/NOAA/Handout

On Third Anniversary Of Katrina, Officials Aren’t Confident New Orleans’ Levees Can ‘Handle’ Gustav

Think Progress- By Satyam at 8:29 pm

Three years ago today, Hurricane Katrina made landfall upon New Orleans. The storm was tragically followed by an abysmal disaster response from the Bush administration and ultimately took the lives of nearly a thousand of the city’s residents.

Last week, President Bush appeared in New Orleans to say that “hope is coming back” to the city, due to $126 billion in disaster aid sent to the region in the last three years. As the Progress Report notes today, there is still mountains of work to be done, including “significant debris management issues,” a clean-up fraught with environmental issues, and vacant homes.

Today, Tropical Storm Gustav “threatens to become a hurricane and poses the biggest threat to New Orleans since the killer 2005 storm,” the AP reports. In an interview with CNN yesterday, Mayor Ray Nagin expressed concern about the sturdiness of the city’s levee system:

Well we are ready to evacuate. The big question is, which shape are our levees in. For all the work that the corps of engineers has done, is it going to be sufficient enough to handle what is projected to be a category 3 that right now is poised and pointed towards New Orleans?

Watch it:

In a press conference yesterday, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff told residents, “Don’t try to rely upon the fact that the levees are stronger than they were in Katrina to assume that that’s going to necessarily protect you from harm.”

ThinkProgress assembled a timeline of the administration’s failure to respond to Hurricane Katrina. See the timeline here.

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Obama’s Convention Speech (FULL TEXT) (VIDEO)

By- Suzie-Q @ 4:00 PM MST

Barack Obama Democratic Convention Speech (VIDEO) (TEXT)

Huffington Post  |   August 28, 2008 05:41 PM

Watch Obama’s speech. Scroll down for report of convention and full text of speech.

Scroll down for the text of Barack Obama’s speech.

From the AP:

Surrounded by an enormous, adoring crowd, Barack Obama promised a clean break from the “broken politics in Washington and the failed policies of George W. Bush” Thursday night as he embarked on the final lap of his audacious bid to become the nation’s first black president.”America, now is not the time for small plans,” the 47-year-old Illinois senator told an estimated 84,000 people packed into Invesco Field, a huge football stadium at the base of the Rocky Mountains.

He vowed to cut taxes for nearly all working-class families, end the war in Iraq and break America’s dependence on Mideast oil within a decade. By contrast, he said, “John McCain has voted with President Bush 90 percent of the time,” a scathing indictment of his Republican rival _ on health care, education, the economy and more.

Polls indicate a close race between Obama and McCain, the Arizona senator who stands between him and a place in history. On a night 45 years after Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his “I have a Dream Speech,” Obama made no overt mention of his own race.

“I realize that I am not the likeliest candidate for this office. I don’t fit the typical pedigree” of a presidential candidate was as close as he came to the long-smoldering issue that may well determine the outcome of the election.

Fireworks lit the night sky as Obama accepted the cheers of his supporters. His wife, Michelle, and their daughters Malia and Sasha joined him, and the country music sounds of “Only in America” filled the stadium.

Campaigning as an advocate of a new kind of politics, he suggested at least some common ground was possible on abortion, gun control, immigration and gay marriage.

Obama delivered his 44-minute nominating acceptance speech in an unrivaled convention setting, before a crowd of unrivaled size _ the filled stadium, the camera flashes in the night, the made-for-television backdrop that suggested the White House, and the thousands of convention delegates seated around the podium in an enormous semicircle.

Obama and his running mate, Sen. Joseph Biden. of Delaware, leave their convention city on Friday for Pennsylvania, first stop on an eight-week sprint to Election Day.


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By- Suzie-Q @ 3:30 PM MST

Record 38 million viewers watched Obama’s speech

Published: Friday August 29, 2008

38 million tuned into watch Senator Barack Obama accept the Democratic presidential nomination, according to Nielsen Media Research.

“Mr. Obama’s speech — a historic one given his status as the first African American nominee of a major political party — reached significantly more viewers than the comparable addresses in 2004,” The New York Times reports. “Coverage of John Kerry’s acceptance speech in 2004 had 24.4 million viewers; coverage of George W. Bush’s convention speech that same year drew 27.5 million.”

As over 84,000 filled Mile High Stadium to hear Obama in person, according to Nielsen Media Research, the televised broadcasts attracted more viewers than the Olympics opening ceremony in Beijing, the final ‘American Idol’ or the Academy Awards this year.

The Times also notes that “the four-night Democratic convention ranks as the most-watched convention of either party, Democratic or Republican, since Nielsen began measuring conventions in 1960.”

“Obama’s audience might be higher, since Nielsen didn’t have an estimate for how many people watched Obama on PBS or C-SPAN Thursday night,” the Associated Press adds.

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Oh, Baby! Who’s Your Mama?

By- Suzie-Q @ 2:00 PM MST

Note from Suzie-Q:  While we are checking out this story and we do not know it to be true… however, it is growing legs on the internet… and we thought it should be posted.

From: Daily Kos

Who’s Your Mama, Trig Paxson Van Palin?

Fri Aug 29, 2008 at 12:15:36 PM PDT

So apparently there’s rumors that Sarah Palin is covering up the pregnancy of her 16 y/o daughter.  Please see this thread for more.

While it may be in bad taste to bring all this up, and, believe me, I feel reluctant to, I think it does go to the candidate’s character.  If she’s willing to cover it this up, well, need I say more?

And then there’s this:


Friday, April 18, 2008  ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Gov. Sarah Palin gave birth to her fifth child at about 6:30 a.m. Friday morning.

Just yesterday, Palin was in Texas at a forum on energy with Texas Gov. Rick Perry and executives from four other states.

The governor’s water broke during the energy conference but she stayed and gave a 30-minute speech before boarding an Alaska Airlines plane home to deliver the baby.

Impossible?  Let’s just say I’m having strong doubts about this.  As there’s no quotes from any doctors or nurses in the article, as soon as I can dig anything up from them, I’ll add it to this diary.  Of course, if it turns out all to be legit, I’ll happily delete/apologize/you name it.

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Palin… Quaylin…

By- Bob Cesca @ 3:44 PM EDT

I’m not sure which was more bizarre today.

Governor Palin saying “nuclear” with the same “nookular” pronunciation as both President Bush — and former Vice President Dan Quayle who, if you recall, also used to say “nookular.” Or FOX News Channel’s Steve Doocy suggesting that, heck yeah, Governor Palin has foreign policy credentials because:

…she is right up there in Alaska right next door to Russia.

By that logic, if she spends enough time standing next to Senator McCain, she’ll also attain POW experience.

Meanwhile, some random observations about Senator McCain’s new running mate:

-How soon before McCain calls her a “trollop”?

-The unofficial nickname for the campaign: Pale & Palin ’08.

-Odd that the backdrop in Dayton said “Country First.” I seriously doubt this running mate selection had anything to do with putting the country first. Desperation First, maybe. Or Pandering First.

-And finally, here’s another shallow nickname for all of your snark purposes: Quaylin.

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Democrats Response To McCains VP Choice

By- Suzie-Q @ 12:05 PM MST

Sarah Palin: Dems Pounce On McCain Pick

The Huffington Post |   August 29, 2008 11:57 AM

Barack Obama Campaign Spokesman Bill Burton responds to John McCain’s choice of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate:

“Today, John McCain put the former mayor of a town of 9,000 with zero foreign policy experience a heartbeat away from the presidency. Governor Palin shares John McCain’s commitment to overturning Roe v. Wade, the agenda of Big Oil and continuing George Bush’s failed economic policies — that’s not the change we need, it’s just more of the same.”

Sen. Chuck Schumer says:

“After the great success of the Democratic convention, the choice of Sarah Palin is surely a Hail Mary pass. It is a real roll of the dice and shows how John McCain, Karl Rove et al realize what a strong position the Obama-Biden team and Democrats in general are in in this election. Certainly the choice of Palin puts to rest any argument about inexperience on the Democratic team and while Palin is a fine person, her lack of experience makes the thought of her assuming the presidency troubling. I particularly look forward to the Biden-Palin debate in Missouri.”

Rep. Rahm Emanuel:

“Is this really who the Republican Party wants to be one heartbeat away from the Presidency? Given Sarah Palin’s lack of experience on every front and on nearly every issue, this Vice Presidential pick doesn’t show judgment: it shows political panic.”

Rep. Jim Clyburn on South Carolina ETV Radio:

“I do believe that McCain has to do something to reshuffle the cards, shake up the establishment, do something unexpected and Governor Palin has all the kinds of things that McCain might see as a way to shake things up. I think [her selection] would be something similar to Dan Quayle. Dan Quayle proved to be sort of an embarrassment as a campaigner. Being thrust on a national stage like that could be very tough. Now Mondale tried to shake things up by going with Geraldine Ferraro.she proved to be a disaster as a running mate. And as a campaigner, she was absolutely awful. And so I just think that it is very risky for McCain to do this, but it may be all he has left.”

Meanwhile, the non-partisan group Campaign Money Watch responded that the pick underscores McCain’s loss of maverick reformer credentials:

“In choosing Governor Palin, Senator McCain is clearly trying to shore up his past maverick reformer image – an image that is now in tatters due to the type of campaign he’s run and the big money lobbyists he depends on every day of the week,” Donnelly said.
“This selection raises plenty of questions,” Donnelly continued. “She bills herself as a reformer, but has been silent on whether she supports public financing of elections in her own state. As governor of an oil-producing state, she’s been a friend to Big Oil. Given John McCain’s extensive fundraising from Big Oil, her selection raises concerns of whether the McCain-Palin ticket will promise the same access for oil companies and their lobbyists that we’ve seen for nearly eight years from the Bush-Cheney administration.”

Read more about Sarah Palin here. See videos of her here.

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Posted by Basheert @ 11:59 AM MST

Courtesy of Firedoglake


For Harry Reid, who really is a believer in bipartisanship and Senate comity to say this is surprising:

“I’ve served with the man 26 years,” Reid said. “Do I have the ability to speak with experience about someone who has abused everyone he’s dealt with? Someone who does not have the temperament to be president, who’s wrong on the war, wrong on the economy, wrong on nuclear waste. What am I supposed to do? Walk around talking about what a great guy he is? I don’t believe that. …. “

One of the most self-defeating rhetorical devices of the convention has been the way every Democratic speaker has felt the need to preface their attacks on McCain with ritual statements of how McCain is an honorable brave man who loves his country.  Often, indeed, they say he’d be a great president.  Perhaps McCain’s POW status makes certain attacks on him off-limits, but this incessant praise from Democrats merely reinforces the myth of McCain as the great honorable daddy figure who is strong and principled.  It’s crazy and what’s worse, most of them probably don’t even believe it.

McCain’s an asshole.  He’s a man who called his wife a c*nt in public.  He has a violent temper and he’s hated by many of his colleagues.  And most of them are wandering around pretending that he’s some sort of plaster saint.

I don’t say this lightly.  Heck, I liked George Bush Sr., unlike a lot of folks, for example.  You can be a good man, and a Republican.  But you can’t abuse everyone around you and be a good man. Democrats need to learn from Reid and stop pulling their punches.

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Afternoon Jukebox… Come Together

By- Suzie-Q @ 12:00 PM MST

Beatles- Come Together

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well, in all fairness…

by betmo @ 12:13 PM EDT

where was mccain going to find a republican running mate WITHOUT an ethics investigation? think that this is somehow connected to ted ‘bridge to nowhere’ stevens?

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