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ok- here’s the deal

by betmo @ 9:25 PM EDT

hillary clinton did not win the nomination.

get the fuck over it.

for those of us that did not make obama our first choice, there is certainly disappointment that our candidate did not win. the primaries have been over for weeks. let’s move on shall we? this is a majority rule country- like it or not. the election system is broken- like it or not. to say that you will vote for mccain because you don’t like obama- that is the stupidest thing i have ever heard of in this election season. believe me- i have heard quite a few.

if you are a clinton supporter and intend to vote for mccain because you ‘don’t like obama as a person’ because ‘he doesn’t understand’ and blah, blah, blah- please don’t call yourself a feminist because you are the furthest thing from. please don’t call yourself an activist because a vote for mccain is a vote against democracy. like what you have seen for the last 8 years? then by all means- vote mccain out of spite. the bush admin has been working steadily over the last 8 years- in conjunction with the christian right- to take away women’s rights and women’s reproductive rights. so, please, vote mccain. healthcare and education for your children is important to you? mccain intends to keep right on keepin’ on where bushco left off- so by all means cast your vote in that direction.

you so called ‘feminists and activists’ are the reason that women have such a difficult time in a man’s world. there is no looking at the bigger picture and there is no compromise- it’s your way or you throw a big fit and become spiteful. apparently, you don’t realize that there is a third party candidate running for president named cynthia mckinney. a strong african american woman running on the green party ticket.

no, of course you wouldn’t know that- you are too busy planning your revenge- being spiteful- you can’t see the forest through the trees.

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By- Suzie-Q @ 2:00 PM MST

Biden: McCain has to ‘figure out which of the 7 kitchen tables to sit at.’

Think Progress- By Faiz at 4:07 pm

In a speech accepting his role as Barack Obama’s running mate this afternoon in Springfield, IL, Sen. Joseph Biden (D-DE) argued the American Dream has slipped away under eight years of Bush administration policies. He added that while Americans sit at their kitchen tables worrying about bills, McCain has to “figure out which of the 7 kitchen tables to sit at”:

I don’t have to tell you that. You see it in your shrinking wages. … We cannot afford to keep giving tax cuts after tax cuts to big corporations and wealthiest Americans, while middle class families are falling behind. […]

Ladies and gentlemen, your kitchen table is like mine. You sit there every night after you put the kids to bed and you talk, you talk about what you need. You talk about how much you’re worried about being able to pay the bills. Well ladies and gentlemen, that’s not a worry that John McCain has to worry about. It’s a pretty hard experience — he’ll have to figure out which of the seven kitchen tables to sit at.

Watch it:

Biden also referenced this quote from McCain in 2005: “On the transcendent issues, the most important issues of our day, I’ve been totally in agreement and support of President Bush.” “You can’t change American when you supported Bush’s policies 95 percent of the time,” Biden said.

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Evening Jukebox… The Rising

By- Suzie-Q @ 1:55 PM MST

Bruce Springsteen- The Rising (Grammy Awards)

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LIVE: Senators Obama and Biden in Springfield, Illinois

By- Suzie-Q @ 12:00 PM MST

LIVE: Senators Obama and Biden in Springfield, Illinois

by Amanda Scott Saturday, August 23, 2008 at 11:36 AM

Currently, Barack and his newly announced running mate Joe Biden are in Springfield, Illinois holding a campaign event.

Last February, Barack stood on the same stage that he will stand on today to announce his candidacy for President. Over 15,000 people came out on that cold February day, and thousands are gathered at the Old State Capital to see the new Democratic ticket this afternoon.

Watch the first Obama-Biden event live below…


Video from Event:

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Afternoon Jukebox… Beautiful Day

By- Suzie-Q @ 11:55 AM MST

U2 – Beautiful Day

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Another US Bank Collapses!

GEF @ 2:48 PM ET

Columbian Bank and Trust of Kansas Closed by U.S. Regulators

By Alison Vekshin and Ari Levy

Aug. 23 (Bloomberg) — Columbian Bank and Trust Co. of Topeka, Kansas, was closed by U.S. regulators, the nation’s ninth bank to collapse this year amid bad real-estate loans and writedowns stemming from a drop in home prices.

The bank, with $752 million in assets and $622 million in total deposits, was shuttered by the Kansas state bank commissioner’s office and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., the FDIC said yesterday in a statement.

Citizens Bank and Trust will assume the failed bank’s insured deposits. Columbian Bank’s nine branches will open Aug. 25 as Citizens Bank and Trust offices, the FDIC said. Customers can access their accounts over the weekend by writing checks or using ATM or debit cards.

“There is no need for customers to change their banking relationship to retain their deposit insurance coverage,” the FDIC said.

The pace of bank closings is accelerating as financial firms have reported more than $500 billion in writedowns and credit losses since 2007. The FDIC’s “problem” bank list grew by 18 percent in the first quarter from the fourth, to 90 banks with combined assets of $26.3 billion.

Prior to yesterday, the FDIC had closed 36 banks since October 2000, according to a list at fdic.gov. The U.S. shut 12 banks in 2002, the highest in the period, and 2005 and 2006 had no closures.

U.S. bank regulators closed Florida’s First Priority Bank on Aug. 1; Reno-based First National Bank of Nevada, Newport Beach, California-based First Heritage Bank, and Pasadena-based IndyMac Bancorp Inc. in July; Staples, Minnesota-based First Integrity Bank and ANB Financial in Bentonville, Arkansas, in May; Hume Bank in Hume, Missouri, in March; and Douglass National Bank in Kansas City, Missouri, in January.

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Republican Senators Praise Joe Biden

By- Suzie-Q @ 11:45 AM MST

Republican Senators Praise Senator Biden
By Amanda Scott – Aug 23rd, 2008 at 12:37 pm EDT

This morning, Republican Senators are praising Barack’s choice in picking Senator Biden as the Vice Presidential candidate for the Democratic Party. Here are what some of them are saying…

Nebraska Sen. Chuck Hagel: U.S. Senator Chuck Hagel issued the following statement today following Senator Barack Obama’s selection of Senator Joe Biden as the presumptive Democratic Vice Presidential nominee: “Joe Biden is the right partner for Barack Obama. His many years of distinguished service to America, his seasoned judgment and his vast experience in foreign policy and national security will match up well with the unique challenges of the 21st Century. An Obama-Biden ticket is a very impressive and strong team. Biden’s selection is good news for Obama and America,” Hagel said.

Indiana Sen. Richard Lugar: U.S. Sen. Dick Lugar made the following statement today en route to Tbilisi. “I congratulate Senator Barack Obama on his selection of my friend, Senator Joe Biden, to be his vice-presidential running mate. I have enjoyed for many years the opportunity to work with Joe Biden to bring strong bipartisan support to United States foreign policy…”

Pennsylvania Sen. Arlen Specter: Pennsylvania’s Arlen Specter, a Republican who serves on the Judiciary Committee with Biden and often rides Amtrak with him to Washington, also offered praise. “No one on the Democratic side knows more about foreign policy than Sen. Biden,” Specter said. “He’s been an articulate spokesman on the subject. He also knows about domestic policy. He’s been a leader on crime control.”

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Sudhan @19:08 CET

Sharafuddin Sharafyar, Reuters in Herat | The Guardian, Saturday August 23 2008

US-led coalition forces killed 76 Afghan civilians in western Afghanistan yesterday, most of them children, the country’s Interior Ministry said.

The coalition denied killing civilians. Civilian deaths in military operations have become an emotive issue among Afghans, many of whom feel international forces take too little care when launching air strikes, undermining support for their presence.

“Seventy-six civilians, most of them women and children, were martyred today in a coalition forces operation in Herat province,” the Interior Ministry said in a statement.

Coalition forces bombarded the Azizabad area of Shindand district in Herat province on Friday afternoon, the ministry said. Nineteen of the victims were women, seven of them men and the rest children under the age of 15, it said.

US-led coalition forces denied killing any civilians. They said 30 militants had been killed in an air strike in Shindand district in the early hours of Friday and no further air strikes had been launched in the area later in the day.

Air strikes took place after Afghan and coalition soldiers were ambushed by insurgents while on a patrol targeting a known Taliban commander in Herat, the US military said in a statement.

“Insurgents engaged the soldiers from multiple points within the compound using small-arms and RPG (rocket-propelled grenade) fire,” it said. “The joint forces responded with small-arms fire and an air strike killing 30 militants.”

A senior police commander in western Afghanistan confirmed the incident but could not say how many civilians died.

“More than 30 people have been killed. I cannot say how many of them are civilians,” General Ikramuddin Yawar told Reuters.

A spokesman for the Defence Ministry in Kabul said US special forces and Afghan troops had been carrying out an operation against a commander named Mulla Sidiq, who was planning to attack a US base in Herat. “Twenty-five Taliban were killed, including Sidiq and one other commander,” said spokesman General Zaher Azimi.

“Unfortunately, five civilians were killed in the bombing.”

Afghanistan has seen a surge in violence this year as the Taliban steps up its campaign of guerrilla attacks, backed by suicide and roadside bombs, to overthrow the pro-western Afghan government and drive out foreign troops.

Meanwhile, soldiers from the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (Isaf) fired artillery rounds into Pakistan from the eastern province of Paktika yesterday in a coordinated attack with the Pakistani military, the Isaf said.

The rounds were fired at militants across the border who the Pakistani military said were preparing to fire rockets at an Isaf base in Paktika, Isaf said in a statement.

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Sudhan @19:00 CET

By Max Blumenthal, The Nation. Posted August 23, 2008.

Corsi’s success represents the apotheosis of a long, strange trip from the furthest shores of the right into the national spotlight.

These are good times for Jerome Corsi. Already notorious for his factually challenged book-length takedown of 2004 Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry, Unfit For Command, the 61-year-old Corsi has another hit on his hands. His new book, Obama Nation: Leftist Politics and the Cult of Personality has made Corsi a hot commodity again on the right-wing radio circuit, the bane of the Obama campaign and catapulted to the top slot on the New York Times bestseller list. With his newfound notoriety, Corsi has brought his pathographic anti-Obama narrative to hundreds of thousands of readers — and millions on radio and TV — just as he did with Kerry. Corsi has become the court bard of the conservative movement. “The goal is to defeat Obama,” Corsi told the New York Times. “I don’t want Obama to be in office.”

Corsi’s success represents the apotheosis of a long, strange trip from the furthest shores of the right into the national spotlight. During George W. Bush’s first term, Corsi was a little-known financial services marketing specialist. In 1995, according to the Boston Globe, he coaxed twenty people into a shadowy investment venture in Poland that ultimately lost them a total of $1.2 million. “It ruined my career in the brokerage business, and it was a sad story for a lot of people,” said Bradley Amundson, one of those enlisted into Corsi’s bungled scheme. The FBI opened an investigation but never filed any charges.

Corsi had dabbled off-and-on the fringes of conservative backlash politics for nearly three decades. In his spare time, which he appeared to have lots of, Corsi busied himself at his computer, firing off opinions on the far-right website Free Republic, marked by their sexual and racial obsessions.

In a comment typical of the dozens he posted under the handle “jrlc,” Corsi wrote, “Anybody ask why HELLary couldn’t keep BJ Bill satisfied? Not lesbo or anything, is she?” In another, he ranted, “Isn’t the Democratic Party the official SODOMIZER PROTECTION ASSOCIATION of AMERICA — oh, I forgot, it was just an accident that Clintoon’s [sic] first act in office was to promote ‘gays in the military.’ RAGHEADS are Boy-Bumpers as clearly as they are Women-Haters — it all goes together.”

Then he composed Unfit For Command, suddenly vaulting into best-sellerdom. Surrounded by the media buzz of talk radio and Fox News, Corsi no longer plied the seamy troll-zones of the right-wing blogosphere. Overnight, he had become a conservative folk hero. But as Bush’s popularity waned during his second term, Corsi’s star dimmed. He tried to reignite it by co-authoring a book with “prophecy expert” Michael Evans, Showdown with Nuclear Iran, calling on the United States and Israel to attack Iran “before it’s too late,” and another, Black Gold Stranglehold, claiming to expose the Big Lie that will “enslave” Americans: “the belief that oil is a fossil fuel and a finite resource.” Corsi’s conspiracy theories consolidated his cult status, but he did not revive the brightness of his Swiftboating campaign. As another presidential election approached, however, Corsi followed his well-trod path back to renown.

In early 2007, Corsi huddled with an old friend, Howard Phillips, a veteran conservative operative who had attempted to organize the anti-government militia movement into a cohesive political bloc during the 1990s. Corsi emerged from their discussion convinced of his destiny. He would declare his campaign for the presidential nomination of the ultra-right Constitution Party, enthusiastically embrace the party’s call for a complete halt on immigration, banning abortion even in cases of rape and incest, and upholding its official platform that the “U.S. Constitution established a Republic under God, rather than a democracy.” With this momentous announcement, Corsi hoped to cast himself as the last, best hope to save America from the godless, globalist duocracy conspiring to merge the United States, Mexico and Canada into a “North American Union.” (His latest flop, published in 2007, was a screed entitled, The Late Great USA: The Coming Merger with Mexico and Canada.)

In July 2007, Corsi spoke before the Texas Constitution Party. At the time, he remained focused on foiling the ambitions of Hillary and Bill Clinton. “I don’t want Bill Clinton anywhere near the White House,” Corsi proclaimed. “We had enough serial rape going on when he was president.” But Corsi didn’t want a Republican in the White House either, especially not Senator John McCain. The war-scarred McCain, Corsi wrote in a column for the far-right webzine WorldNetDaily, is a possible jihadist dupe who “has enjoyed strong support from a lobbying group that backs … a Muslim terrorist group with ties to criminal drug networks and Al Qaeda.” Even George W. Bush was now treasonous. “Bush,” he told the Texas Constitution Party, “is post-America and post-God,” a figure so indebted to foreign interests that he had allowed “communist China” to “run its gunboats up the Mississippi.” In Corsi’s mind, both parties were fronts for the money-masters, the Trilateralists, the plotters of Bohemian Grove — the “elitists who want to destroy the nation-state.”

Continued . . .

See also: A Book Written to Defeat Obama

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Biden Is Obama’s Vice Presidential Running Mate

By- Suzie-Q @ 9:15 AM MST

Joe Biden Is Barack Obama’s Vice Presidential Running Mate

BETH FOUHY and LIZ SIDOTI | August 23, 2008 11:39 AM EST | AP

WASHINGTON — Democrats coalesced around Barack Obama’s selection of Joe Biden as his running mate on Saturday while Republicans quickly seized on the Delaware senator’s past criticism of the presidential candidate’s inexperience.

Former rival Hillary Rodham Clinton, an also-ran in Obama’s search for a vice presidential choice, called Biden “an exceptionally strong, experienced leader and devoted public servant.” Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said the Obama-Biden ticket will bring the change the country needs, including a filibuster-proof Senate majority.

The campaign of Republican rival John McCain wasted no time, immediately producing an ad featuring Biden’s previous praise for McCain and comments critical of Obama from an ABC News interview last year. Biden had said he stood by an earlier statement that Obama wasn’t yet ready to be president and “the presidency is not something that lends itself to on-the-job training.”

“There has been no harsher critic of Barack Obama’s lack of experience than Joe Biden,” McCain campaign spokesman Ben Porritt said in a statement. “Biden has denounced Barack Obama’s poor foreign policy judgment and has strongly argued in his own words what Americans are quickly realizing _ that Barack Obama is not ready to be president.”

Some of Biden’s Republican colleagues in the Senate praised the Delaware Democrat, including Sen. Richard Lugar of Indiana. Sen. Chuck Hagel, R-Neb., called Biden “the right partner for Barack Obama” and the decision “good news for Obama and America.”

Obama and Biden were set to meet for an afternoon rally in Springfield, Ill., in front of the old state Capitol where the Illinois senator kicked off his presidential campaign nearly 20 months ago.

The Obama campaign sent a text message announcing his choice to supporters’ phones and e-mail addresses about 3 a.m. EDT, the latest innovation by a tech-savvy operation that has deftly used the Web as a fundraising and organizing tool. The rollout was diminished somewhat when word of Obama’s choice began leaking out to news media shortly before 1 a.m. EDT.

Obama and his famously disciplined team managed to keep Biden’s selection a secret for several days, leading to a frenzy of speculation that mounted throughout the week. Two of those thought to be on the short list _ Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine and Indiana Sen. Evan Bayh _ indicated Friday night that Obama had chosen someone else.

Biden, 65, is a creature of Washington, a 35-year Senate veteran and chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee whose national security credentials will help patch a hole in Obama’s relatively thin resume. Polls show that McCain holds a wide lead over Obama on the question of who is better prepared to be commander in chief.


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