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By- Suzie-Q @ 4:00 PM MST

McClellan: Bush Should Have Fired Rove After Plame Leak (VIDEO)

AP | BEN FELLER | June 1, 2008 01:57 PM

President Bush broke his promise to the country by refusing to fire aide Karl Rove for leaking a CIA agent’s identity, said Scott McClellan, the president’s chief spokesman for almost three years.

“I think the president should have stood by his word and that meant Karl should have left,” McClellan said Sunday in a broadcast interview about his new tell-all book, a scathing rebuke of the White House under Bush’s leadership.

McClellan now acknowledges he felt burned by Rove, Bush’s top political adviser, and I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby, Vice President Dick Cheney’s former chief of staff. He said Rove and Libby assured him they were not involved in leaking CIA operative Valerie Plame’s identity, and he repeated those assurances to reporters.

In fact, Rove and Libby did help leak Plame’s identity, as confirmed in a later criminal investigation. Libby had resigned by then, but Rove remained in office and eventually stepped down on his terms in August 2007.

“I think the president should have stood by the word that we said, which was that if you were involved in this in any way, then you would no longer be in this administration. And Karl was involved in it,” McClellan said.

White House press secretary Dana Perino declined comment Sunday.

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Watch McClellan on Meet the Press:

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Australia’s Iraq Combat Operations Have Ended

SYDNEY, Australia — Australia, a staunch U.S. ally and one of the first countries to commit troops to the Iraq war five years ago, ended combat operations there Sunday, a Defense Department official said.

Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd was swept into office in November largely on the promise that he would bring home the country’s 550 combat troops by the middle of 2008.

Rudd has said the Iraq deployment has made Australia more of a target for terrorism.

The combat troops are expected to return home over the next few weeks. Local media reports said the first of the soldiers had already landed in Australia on Sunday afternoon.

“Our soldiers have worked tirelessly to ensure that local people in southern Iraq have the best possible chance to move on from their suffering under Saddam’s regime and, as a government we are extremely proud of their service,” Defense Minister Joel Fitzgibbon said.

Several hundred other troops will remain in Iraq to act as security and headquarters liaisons and to guard diplomats. Australia will also leave behind two maritime surveillance aircraft and a warship to help patrol oil platforms in the Gulf.

The troops on Sunday held a ceremony that included lowering the Australian flag from its position over Camp Terendak in the southern Iraq city of Talil, the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity as required by the Defense Department.

The soldiers, as well as 65 army trainers, were stationed at Talil, about 185 miles south of Baghdad, and were responsible for providing security training for Iraqi forces, as well as reconstruction and aid work. They have been on standby to offer backup to Iraqi forces in the south for the past two years.

In February, the head of Australia’s defense force, Air Chief Marshal Angus Houston, told a Senate inquiry that the troops were no longer needed in Iraq.

Rudd remains committed to keeping Australia’s 1,000 troops in Afghanistan.

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by Geezer Power…11:48 am

Researchers at Purdue University have created a simulation that uses scientific principles to study in detail what likely happened when a commercial airliner crashed into the World Trade Center’s North Tower on Sept. 11, 2001. The simulation research, funded by the National Science Foundation, was carried out by a team that includes Christoph M. Hoffmann, a professor of computer science and co-director of the Computing Research Institute at Purdue; Mete Sozen, the Kettelhut Distinguished Professor of Structural Engineering in Purdue’s School of Civil Engineering; Ayhan Irfanoglu, an assistant professor of civil engineering; Voicu Popescu, an assistant professor of computer science; computer science doctoral student Paul Rosen; and civil engineering doctoral students Oscar Ardila and Ingo Brachmann.

Why was this study done at Purdue we might ask?

White House photo
by Paul Morse

For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
September 15, 2004

Personnel Announcement

President George W. Bush meets with Dr. Arden L. Bement in the Oval Office Wednesday, Sept. 15, 2004. President Bush is nominating Dr. Bement to be Director of the National Science Foundation. Dr. Bement has been serving as Acting Director since February 22, 2004. White House photo by Paul Morse The President intends to nominate Arden Bement, Jr., of Indiana, to be Director of the National Science Foundation for the remainder of a six-year term expiring August 2, 2010. Dr. Bement currently serves as Acting Director of the National Science Foundation and as Director of the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Previously, Dr. Bement served as the David A. Ross Distinguished Professor of Nuclear Engineering and head of the School of Nuclear Engineering at Purdue University. He earned his bachelor’s degree from the Colorado School of Mines, his master’s degree from the University of Idaho, and his Ph.D. from the University of Michigan.

NSF staff and management

NSF leadership has two major components: a director who oversees NSF staff and management responsible for program creation and administration, merit review, planning, budget and day-to-day operations; and a 24-member National Science Board (NSB) of eminent individuals that meets six times a year to establish the overall policies of the foundation. The director and all Board members serve six year terms. Each of them, as well as the NSF deputy director, is appointed by the President of the United States and confirmed by the U.S. Senate.

Integrating Modeling, Simulation, and Visualization

Sunday, September 14, 2003
Chris Hoffmann, Voicu Popescu, CS & CRI
Sami Kilic, Mete Sozen, CE & CRI
Purdue University
We describe the work of an interdisciplinary team of
researchers in geometric computing, computer graphics,
and civil engineering to produce a visualization of the
September 2001 attack on the Pentagon from physical
simulation. The immediate motivation for the project was
to understand the behavior of the building under the
impact. The longer term motivation is to establish a path
for producing high-quality visualizations of large scale
simulations that combine state-of-the-art graphics with
state-of-the-art engineering simul

Hmm, the Neoconmen seem to be like moth’s, they are embedded in the very fabric that constitutes our being, and when the larva hatch there isn’t much left of it…G:

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GEF @ 12:08 PM MST


Cheney Urges Conservatives Not To Run From Bush Administration’s Policies

With his approval rating hovering around 30 percent, Vice President Cheney nevertheless went to Virginia yesterday to rally conservatives around the Bush administration. The Virginian-Pilot reports that he urged state Republican activists “to promote the Bush administration’s policies during campaigns for this fall’s presidential and congressional elections.” Some highlights from his speech:

On the economy: “Republicans believe that when Americans are facing tough times, the first thing we should do is let them keep more of their own money. That is why the President proposed and signed a stimulus package with immediate, direct relief to the American taxpayer.”

On energy:Our administration has worked with the Congress and the private sector to try to increase the efficiency of cars and trucks, to promote alternative fuels.”

On Iraq: “The work goes on — and our strategy in Iraq, with a surge of operations that began more than a year ago, is succeeding. The only way to lose this fight is to quit.”

Cheney is grasping at his last straws. Although he said, “President Bush and I look forward to helping our candidates, up and down the ticket, throughout this very important election year,” it’s not clear that conservatives really want their help. Both Cheney and Bush have been raising less money and attracting smaller crowds than they used to.

There’s good reason for conservatives to reject Bush and Cheney’s advice. After all, 75 percent of the American public disapproves of how Bush is handling the economy. Twenty-three percent of the public blames Bush for high gas prices — putting him just behind the top culprit — oil companies, at 35 percent. And on Iraq, which Cheney also touted, 67 percent disapprove of the way the Bush administration is handling the war.

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Cluster Bombs, Made in America

Sudhan @19:00 CET

The New York Times, June 1, 2008

On Friday, 111 nations, including major NATO allies, adopted a treaty that sets an eight-year deadline to eliminate stockpiles of cluster arms — pernicious weapons that scatter thousands of small bombs across a wide area, where they pose a long-term deadly threat to innocents. The Bush administration not only failed to sign the treaty but vigorously opposed it.

After marching in lockstep for years, even Britain broke with America’s position and agreed to withdraw its weapons from use. That dealt a much-needed blow to Washington’s long-standing opposition to this sort of sensible arms control, and in particular to this treaty-averse administration.

The campaign to ban cluster munitions, pressed by human rights activists, never attained quite the high profile of the one to ban land mines, a treaty that Washington also refused to sign. But the two weapons have this in common: Both wreak more damage on civilians than soldiers and present a threat long after war ends.

Cluster munitions, fired from aircraft or artillery, spray small “bomblets” over an expanse the size of two or three football fields. Many do not explode on impact but can be easily triggered by unsuspecting civilians. The most appalling of these devices can look like a desired object — a can of food or a toy.

No one has more invested in cluster munitions than the United States, which Human Rights Watch says has been the largest producer, stockpiler and user, using them in the former Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Iraq. Others that have used them include Britain, France, Sudan, NATO, Israel and Hezbollah.

United States officials insist the Pentagon must have such munitions. That is what the Clinton administration said when it opposed the land-mine treaty in 1997. It is a weak argument: cluster bombs are weapons for conventional wars with conventional battlefields. America is less likely to fight big conventional wars than counterinsurgency conflicts in population centers, no place for munitions that kill indiscriminately.

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The Iran Attack, We Can’t Count it Out..

GEF @ 9:48 AM MST

About That Iran Attack Thingy…

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GEF @ 9:01 AM MST


Behind the Scenes, US Congress continues selling us and our families down the toilet! Treason for money is fashionable and encouraged up in the Capitol. Their Oath of Office is worthless…

AIPAC is the main reason that Congress will not Impeach Bush and Cheney! AIPAC is lobbying hard to keep that from happening…


Prof. John Mearsheimer on AIPAC and Congress (Part 1 of 2)


Prof. John Mearsheimer on AIPAC and Congress (Part 1 of 2)

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“This Is Barack Obama’s Party Now”

By- Suzie-Q @ 8:30 AM MST

From: Politico- Mike Allen’s Playbook

“This is Barack Obama’s party now”

By: on June 1, 2008 @ 8:26 AM

Good Sunday morning. Jill Abramson, managing editor of The New York Times, cuts through the hot air with a “Week in Review” piece: “Washington insiders have been demonized in campaigns before. But the caricatures ignore the reality that for highly sensitive tasks like investigating the backgrounds of running mates or occasionally breaking through the capital’s perpetual partisan gridlock, insiders can still be crucial. The latest dust-up over lobbyists has oozed mock outrage and hypocrisy, in part because lobbyists will continue to populate the campaigns, dominate fundraising, and then serve in the administration of whoever wins (as they always have).”

The Chicago Sun-Times cover has Senator Obama with his eyes closed: “OBAMA QUITS TRINITY.” Broke at dinnertime. Deets below.


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McCain’s Short List For VP…

By- Suzie-Q @ 7:30 AM MST

From: 23/6 via Huffington Post

McCain’s Short List for VP Leaked to Press

By- Lee Camp May 28, 2008

With the decision just around the corner, there has been much speculation as to who John McCain will pick for a running mate. Here’s his own personal list recently leaked to the press.

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Former high-ranking Bush officials enjoy war profits

Sudhan @10:40 CET

Now working inside America’s “shadow” spy industry, George Tenet, Richard Armitage, Cofer Black and others are cashing in big on Iraq and the war on terror.

Editor’s note: This article is adapted from Tim Shorrock’s book, “Spies for Hire: The Secret World of Intelligence Outsourcing,” published this month by Simon & Schuster and reprinted with permission.

By Tim Shorrock | The Salon, May 29, 2008


Salon composite
From bottom: Former Bush officials George Tenet, Richard Armitage and Cofer Black

Richard L. Armitage, who served from 2001 to 2005 as Deputy Secretary of State, was a rarity in the Bush administration: an official who delighted in talking to the press. Reporters loved him for his withering criticism of the neoconservative zealots around President George W. Bush and in part because he fed them tidbits about the White House they could obtain nowhere else. His accidental disclosure to conservative columnist Robert Novak that Valerie Plame, the wife of Iraq war critic Joseph Wilson, was working undercover for the Central Intelligence Agency remains one of the most notorious leaks of the Bush era.

But perhaps because of his cozy ties to the Washington press corps and the media’s obsession with Plamegate, very little has been written about Armitage’s extensive business dealings. In fact, Armitage is one of the most successful capitalists in Washington. He has successfully parlayed his experience in covert operations and secret diplomacy into a thriving career as a consultant and adviser to some of the biggest players in America’s Intelligence Industrial Complex — corporations that are working at the heart of U.S. national security and profiting handsomely from it.

Armitage, currently an adviser to presidential candidate John McCain, had once been Colin Powell’s closest ally during the bitter disputes inside the Bush administration over the invasion and occupation of Iraq. According to the Washington Post’s Bob Woodward, Armitage advised Powell on more than one occasion to tell the neocons to “go fuck themselves,” and, at one point, even refused to deliver a speech about Iraq drafted for him by Vice President Dick Cheney’s office.

Yet, three years after those epic battles, Armitage is enjoying life as a stakeholder in a dozen private companies that are making money directly from the war started by his former nemeses.

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