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Olbermann Talks With McClellan On Countdown 5-29-08

By- Suzie-Q @ 8:30 PM MST

Scott McClellan On Countdown: Talks To Keith Olbermann About His New Book (Video)

| May 29, 2008 08:55 PM

On Countdown with Keith Olbermann Thursday, Scott McClellan sat down for an interview with the MSNBC host about the allegations made in his new book. The interview, which lasted almost the entire hour, was wide-ranging and covered everything from the Iraq war to the CIA leak to the chorus of critics who have stepped forward to challenge McClellan’s account.

There are 4 videos here

[Watch the first part of the interview, in which he discusses, 9/11, the Iraq war and the CIA leak case.]

[Watch the second part of the interview, in which McClellan responds to criticisms of his book.]

[Watch the third part of the interview, in which he discusses whether the administration preferred Fox News.]

[Watch the final part of the interview, in which he gives his thoughts on the current presidential race.]

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Exploding Elephants In The Room

By- Bob Cesca @ 4:21 PM (EST)

I’ve been trying to wrap my head around the very serious corporate media’s reaction to Scott McClellan’s book, so let me know if I’ve got this straight.

• The Bush administration lied about the justifications for the invasion of Iraq, and each lie was obfuscated by an active propaganda apparatus and a willingly narcoleptic corporate news media.

• Further, many Americans recognized this nefarious plot from the start, but were mostly shouted down as unpatriotic crazies by the far-right talkers and bloggers — not to mention the aforementioned narcoleptic corporate news media. Thoughtful Americans like Phil Donohue, the presently-named McClatchy news service, then-State Senator Barack Obama and most liberal bloggers at the time were categorically marginalized as being moonbat zealots for questioning the administration’s motives and methods.

• It wasn’t until around September of 2005 when a hurricane and several breached levees washed the sleep out of the eyes of those who had previously guarded the administration’s crimes and incompetence. You know… all of those Bush supporters in the “liberal” media.

• And this week Scott McClellan has confirmed all of it. And it’s big news. That is, if you ignore previous works by other administration insiders like Christine Todd Whitman, Paul O’Neill, Paul Bremer and, of course, Brownie.

Yet what are we seeing from certain players in the very serious corporate media? Well naturally, they’re stampeding in the direction of the nearest camera in an effort to self-pardon their obvious and utter failure to engage in a critical investigation and interrogation of the administration prior to and during the invasion and occupation of Iraq.

And worse… they’re continuing to ignore the herd of screaming, exploding elephants in the room.


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By- Suzie-Q @ 1:05 PM MST

Alien Video To Be Revealed To Media Tomorrow, Man Claims

Rocky Mountain News | May 29, 2008 08:36 AM

The Rocky Mountain News is reporting that tomorrow the world might actually see who else is out there. A man, named Jeff Peckman, claims he will reveal video of live alien to the news media Friday. Brace yourselves. Below are some key excerpts from the story:

A video that purportedly shows a living, breathing space alien will be shown to the news media Friday in Denver.

“It shows an extraterrestrial’s head popping up outside of a window at night, looking in the window, that’s visible through an infrared camera,” he said. The alien is about 4 feet tall and can be seen blinking, Peckman said earlier this month.

An instructor at the Colorado Film School in Denver scrutinized the video “very carefully” and determined it was authentic, Peckman said.

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Afternoon Jukebox… Martian Boogie

By- Suzie-Q @ 1:00 PM MST

Brownsville Station- Martian Boogie

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Truth To Power

by Geezer Power…12:41 pm

The truth is quiet, eternal and unchanging. Scott McClellan has spoken the truth, and documented it in writing, so it doesn’t really matter how much noise and disharmony we hear from these desparate cronies who are worried only about their own a$$. We will hear whining, moaning, and the gnashing of teeth, accompanied by the cacophony of the main stream media while the truth lives, silently, in the hearts of “We The People”.

The porkrinds are on the fire folks, and are liberally sprinkled with scandle sauce…G:


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anthony @ 20:12 BST

By: emptywheel Thursday May 29, 2008 7:08 am

Scottie McC doesn’t know it yet. But that’s basically what he revealed this morning on the Today Show (h/t Rayne).

During the interview, Scottie revealed the two things that really pissed him off with the Bush Administration. First, being set up to lie by Karl Rove and Scooter Libby. And second, learning that Bush had–himself–authorized the selective leaking of the NIE.

Scottie McC: But the other defining moment was in early April 2006, when I learned that the President had secretly declassified the National Intelligence Estimate on Iraq for the Vice President and Scooter Libby to anonymously disclose to reporters. And we had been out there talking about how seriously the President took the selective leaking of classified information. And here we were, learning that the President had authorized the very same thing we had criticized.

Viera: Did you talk to the President and say why are you doing this?

Scottie McC: Actually, I did. I talked about the conversation we had. I walked onto Air Force One, it was right after an event we had, it was down in the south, I believe it was North Carolina. And I walk onto Air Force One and a reporter had yelled a question to the President trying to ask him a question about this revelation that had come out during the legal proceedings. The revelation was that it was the President who had authorized, or, enable Scooter Libby to go out there and talk about this information. And I told the President that that’s what the reporter was asking. He was saying that you, yourself, was the one that authorized the leaking of this information. And he said “yeah, I did.” And I was kinda taken aback.

Now, for the most part, this is not new. We have known (since I first reported it here) that Scooter Libby testified that, after Libby told Dick Cheney he couldn’t leak the information Cheney had ordered him to leak to Judy Miller because it was classified, Cheney told Libby he had gotten the President to authorize the declassification of that information.

Thus far, though, we only had Dick Cheney’s word that he had actually asked Bush to declassify this information. We didn’t have Bush’s confirmation that he had actually declassified the information. In fact, we’ve had Dick Cheney’s claims that he–Dick–had insta-declassified via his super secret pixie dust declassification powers.

But now we’ve got George Bush, confirming that he, the President of the United States, authorized the leaks of “this information.”

Now, though Scottie refers, obliquely, to “this information,” he explicitly refers only to the NIE. But as I’ve described over and over again, it’s not just the NIE Bush authorized Dick to order Libby to leak.

As a review, here’s what Libby’s NIE lies are all about. This is all documented in this post, and here is the court transcript in which most of this is revealed.

  • Scooter Libby has instructions in his notes to leak something to Judy Miller on July 8, 2003
  • When questioned about the notation, Libby claimed the instructions related to the NIE
  • Libby went further to make certain claims about the NIE leak–that the leak was authorized by Dick Cheney and George Bush, that such an authorization was totally unique in his career, and that Libby was so worried about leaking the NIE to Judy that he double checked to make sure he was authorized to do so
  • Libby later made claims that directly contradicted these assertions–most importantly, even though Libby claims the Judy leak was totally unique in his career, he also leaked the NIE to three other people: Bob Woodward, a journalist [David Sanger] on July 2, and the WSJ
  • Also, in spite of the fact that Libby says he was really worried about getting authorization to leak the NIE to Judy, he’s not really sure whether he was authorized to leak the NIE to Woodward; his concern about the leak to Judy only extended to whatever he leaked to Judy

In short, Libby is almost certainly lying about what he was authorized to leak to Judy on July 8, 2003, in a meeting where Judy Miller admits he talked about Valerie Plame, and where Libby tried to get her to falsely attribute the story.

At this point, Scottie McC is still accepting Scooter Libby’s lies, though I suspect he sees the dangerous frailty of them. With Bush’s clear admission to Scottie that he was in the loop, and the evidence that, subsequent to receiving an order from Cheney (authorized by Bush) to leak classified information to Judy Miller, Libby leaked Valerie Wilson’s identity, the circumstantial evidence shows the President was directly involved in the deliberate outing of a CIA spy. The only question now is whether Bush realized he authorized the leak of Valerie’s identity, in addition to a bunch of other classified documents.

Think of how much sense this makes. We have evidence that George Bush ordered Libby to respond to Joe Wilson on June 9, 2003. We now have Bush’s own confirmation that he authorized the leak Libby made to Judy Miller on July 8, 2003–which included the leak of Valerie Wilson’s identity. We know on July 10, Condi told Stephen Hadley that Bush “was comfortable” with the response the White House was making towards Wilson. And we know that–when Cheney forced Scottie McC to exonerate Libby publicly that fall, he did so by reminding people that “The Pres[ident] [asked Libby] to stick his head in the meat-grinder.” We know that Libby’s lawyers tried desperately to prevent a full discussion of the NIE lies to be presented at trial. And we know that–after those NIE lies did not come out, for the most part (though one juror told me that NIE story was obviously false, even with the limited information they received)–the President commuted Libby’s sentence on July 2, 2007.

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Speak Now or Cash In Later

anthony @ 19:46 BST

Bush and McClellan

White House Photographers

Truthdig | Posted on May 28, 2008

Scott McClellan takes the Bush administration to task in his new memoir, but he had quite a different tune when he was the president’s mouthpiece. Here’s what he had to say about Richard Clarke’s post-administration book: “Well, why, all of a sudden, if he had all these grave concerns, did he not raise these sooner?” Why, indeed, Scott?

The Political Wire dug up a couple of gems from McClellan’s days as press secretary.

Spare us the I was just following orders defense. If you believe, as McClellan apparently did, that your boss was using “propaganda” to sell the public on a foolish war, just one of many offenses McClellan outlines, then you had best speak up or forever hold your peace.

From The Political Wire:

Historical Quotes of the Day

“It appears to be more about trying to justify personal views and opinions than it does about looking at the results that we are achieving on behalf of the American people.”

— White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan, speaking about former Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill’s memoir, The Price of Loyalty, in 2004.

“Well, why, all of a sudden, if he had all these grave concerns, did he not raise these sooner? This is one-and-a-half years after he left the administration. And now, all of a sudden, he’s raising these grave concerns that he claims he had.”

— McClellan, speaking about former White House counter-terrorism czar Richard Clarke’s book, Against All Enemies, in 2004.

Scotty Come Lately

2008-05-29-capt.57809464f7594781b6e46cc80a780371.today_show_mcclellan_book_nyrd102.jpg AP/Richard Drew

Arianna Huffington: In What Happened, Scott McClellan offers withering portraits of George Bush and Karl Rove, confirms we went to war in Iraq under false pretenses, and that we were serially lied to about the outing of Valerie Plame. Interesting stuff, Scott. But about five years too late. How many times are we going to have a key Bush administration official try to wash the blood off his hands — and add a chunk of change to his bank account — by writing a come-clean book years after the fact instead of when it actually could have made a difference? Click here to read more.

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