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Perino Explains “Scare Tactics”…

By- Suzie-Q @ 7:45 PM MST

It’s The Immunity, Stupid

By Paul Kiel – February 25, 2008, 5:56PM

Another day, another public declaration by President Bush that the Democrats are exposing the U.S. to another terrorist attack.

Meanwhile, reporters tried to get White House spokeswoman Dana Perino to explain how the White House simultaneously condemns the Democrats for letting the Protect America Act lapse when the law lapsed because the administration and Republicans opposed it. See if you can target the recurring theme. From today’s press briefing:

Q So what does the White House think of the op-ed from the Democrats that accuse the President of using scare tactics and playing political games? And they say if the President really believed the expiration of the act created a danger, he should have accepted their offer for an extension.

MS. PERINO: Well, one, the House proved that they couldn’t even pass an extension, so that wasn’t an option. An extension wasn’t an option. But we had a response to the op-ed, that I issued.

I think that fear-mongering and the use of the phrase “scare tactics” is something that the Democrats — it must be, like, one of their favorite words, or it must poll very well, because they use it almost every time.

What we have done is state facts; that this is what the law said; this is what the intelligence community says that they need; this is what the bill in front of the House says, and it’s one that was designed with the intelligence community, in concert with them, so that they would be able to have the buy-in and say that they would get what they need out of that bill. It passed 68-29; we think they should go ahead and pass it.

The issue really right now between the House and the Senate, as far as I can tell, the biggest issue is retroactive liability protection, and in their op-ed they just had a passing glance to that issue. But it is one of the biggest sticking points, because at the end of the day if we don’t have the companies helping us, then we won’t have a program.

And later:

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Evening Jukebox… Need You Tonight & Mediate

By- Suzie-Q @ 7:30 PM MST

INXS – Need You Tonight & Mediate

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The Spin; I’m In!

GEF @ 6:08 PM MST

The Spin; I’m In! 3 Losers for Prezildent of the UZA



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Write A Caption… Mack Daddy In Iraq…

By- Suzie-Q @ 4:00 PM MST

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Fear Mongering

by Bob Cesca @ 3:18 PM (EST)

The Clinton campaign has apparently circulated a photograph of Senator Obama dressed in the garb of a Somali Elder while visiting his ancestral nation of Kenya. And of course every toothless, mouth-breathing, Republi-tard like Congressman Kingston will be insisting this is proof that the senator is… well… a bad man.

Drudge, for instance, is running this as his banner headline this morning.

I don’t even know what to say about this. It’s the worst kind of fear mongering politics I’ve seen since Cheney said that Ned Lamont’s primary victory over Joe Lieberman was a victory for the “al-Qaeda types”. The Clintons have clearly embraced Bill Kristol’s recommendation to use fear mongering tactics against Senator Obama. And the chapter in my book “Glenn Beck Has An Unfortunate Name” just got longer.

Tomorrow night’s Ohio debate is going to be ugly.

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Drudge And Obama’s Samali Garb

By- Suzie-Q @ 12:30 PM MST

Just how silly is the Silly Season? Consider the story that has quickly come to dominate the political world’s attention this morning and this afternoon. Drudge is running this report, alongside a photo of Barack Obama visiting Africa and wearing Somali garb. The headline reads, “Clinton staffers circulate ‘dressed’ Obama.”

With a week to go until the Texas and Ohio primaries, stressed Clinton staffers circulated a photo over the weekend of a “dressed” Barack Obama.

The photo, taken in 2006, shows the Democrat frontrunner fitted as a Somali Elder, during his visit to Wajir, a rural area in northeastern Kenya.

The senator was on a five-country tour of Africa.

“Wouldn’t we be seeing this on the cover of every magazine if it were HRC?” questioned one campaign staffer, in an email obtained by the DRUDGE REPORT.

It’s hard to know where to start with a story like this, though I couldn’t help but notice that Drudge showed other pictures with his report of prominent political figures — including George W. Bush and Hillary Clinton — also wearing foreign attire while visiting overseas. (When Drudge feels compelled to add important context, you know the story is weak.)


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Afternoon Jukebox… Free Falling

By- Suzie-Q @ 12:00 PM MST

Tom Petty- Free Falling

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