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By- Suzie-Q @ 4:40 PM MST

Senator John McCain has a very severe skeleton in his closet

McCain was the architect of laws that violated the human and civil rights of the Dineh-Navajo in Arizona. The activities were condemned by the UN Human Rights Commission. This is a skeleton in his closet which, if it ever sees the light of day, could result in jeopardizing his run for the White House.

Click Here and read this article about McCain.
Read the Press Release attached to the article.

Then read the website that containes hundreds of pieces of evidence and supporting stories (You can click here to go directly to “Cain 2008: Am I my brother’s keeper?”)

What’s amazing to me is that he’s gotten away with it thus far, misleading the public that he’s supportive of the American Indians. Ironically, he was instrumental in organizing a phony tribal counsel which gave rise to false claims contesting the right of Dineh-Navajo to occupy lands they’d farmed for 500 years, which phony counsel of fake “Hopi” have been testifying year after year before the Senate as McCain authored bills to dispossess the Dineh-Navajo, without any testimony allowed by the actual owners of the farmlands. Just happens their lands are atop the largest Coal deposits in Arizona.

Sadly, thousands of the Dineh-Navajo have died just being relocated, and many have been forced to live on a Nuclear Waste superfund site, as a result of McCain’s conspiracy with the Coal and Power companies (Peabody Group and Bechtel/Mohave).

He’s really destroyed a 500 year old Navajo culture. Ironically, Common Cause states his presidential runs are being funded by street names in Nevada where the coal is piped, and originates with Peabody, Bechtel and the Las Vegas Casino Gaming industry). His wife has been accused of garnering huge beer contracts down there in accompaniment. Meanwhile, McCain never ceases to pat himself on the back for “all my great achievements for the indians’, which largely have resulted in their deaths, dispossession from their lands, relocation onto nuclear waste, and now he’s working on legislation to close down all the Indian Casinos around the country.

Anyone think he’s working for the Casino Industry in Nevada?

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Know your candidates views on the North American Union

by Geezer Power …2:27 pm

Hats off to R.I.N.O. = Republican In Name Only

Know Your Rino

Estimates suggest that around 70-80% of Americans want our borders secured, and likely even higher percentages within the Republican party.

While this topic seems to baffle most members of Bush’s own party, and has radio talk show hosts making up creative explanations, it is really very simple . . .once you understand his “Broader Agenda.

This plan was created by a New York political think-tank called THE COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS (CFR). If surrendering some of our sovereigntyfor the creation of a”European Union” style government in North America sounds good to you,
consider voting for any of the following Presidential Candidates.

They are all members or affiliates* of the CFR that drafted this plan!

Fred Thompson
Rudy Giuliani
John McCain
Mitt Romney
Jim Gilmore
Mike Huckabee
Michael Bloomberg
Newt Gingrich
Hillary Clinton
Barack Obama
John Edwards
Joe Biden
Chris Dodd
Bill Richardson
Mike Huckabee
Michael Bloomberg

Who Opposes the CFR?


The CFR controls American media

The world banks own the CFR just like they own our Money and media. If a country wants to stop using the dollar or blocks resources like oil, the World bank’s will go into action. CFR, OPEC, AIPAC those three main groups decide our foreign policy.

The CFR members are treated like royalty in the media because they attend meetings on how to shape foreign policy. The only reason they get elected is
because The media smears the non members.

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By- Suzie-Q @ 11:50 AM MST

Taxi to the Dark Side, a documentary about an innocent Afghan taxi driver tortured to death by U.S. officials at Bagram Air Base, has received wide critical acclaim since its debut in April at the Tribeca Film Festival. The New York Times’s A.O. Scott said, “If recent American history is ever going to be discussed with the necessary clarity and ethical rigor, this film will be essential.”Director Alex Gibney agreed to sell the rights of Taxi to the Discovery Channel because executives convinced him they would “give the film a prominent broadcast.” Now, however, Discovery has dropped its plans to air the documentary because the film is too controversial. Gibney responded to the news in a press release this week:

Now, I am told that ‘it doesn’t fit into Discovery’s plans,’ and that the film’s controversial content might damage Discovery’s public offering.

Having directed ‘Enron,’ very little about this kind of corporate behavior shocks me, but I am surprised that a network that touts itself as a supporter of documentaries would be so shamelessly craven. This is a film that, in an election year, is of critical interest to the viewing public. What Discovery is doing is tantamount to political censorship.

It’s ironic that Taxi’s content is too “controversial,” considering it depicts real acts perpetrated by the current Bush administration. In an interview with the Center for American Progress, Gibney noted that Americans are excited about dramatizations of torture, such as in the show 24, but uncomfortable “with the reality of torture.”

Listen to the interview here and more on this story

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anthony @ 17:50 GMT


Friday 8th February 2008

PARLIAMENT Square peace protester Brian Haw took his campaign on the road by walking 60 miles from London to Oxford.

Mr Haw, who began a peace camp outside the Houses of Parliament in 2001, reached the city last night, pictured, to address the Oxford Union.

In a recreation of the famous 1933 debate entitled This house would under no circumstance fight for its King and country, Mr Haw spoke in favour of the motion.

A group of about 20 supporters, aged from eight to 61, walked with Mr Haw since Monday, staying in churches and with Quakers along the way.

Mr Haw said: “Oxford is an important city and a great place to come for a debate. I want to get people together and walking for peace all over the country – hopefully this will be the first of many.

“We’ve all had blisters but everyone does when you do a walk like this.

“I’ve had a very pleasant reaction from people passing by and it has been a lovely walk along the A40, although the footpaths need to be upgraded.”

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D.C. Tax And Revenue Servers Left In Alley

By- Suzie-Q @ 10:50 AM MST

All Muck Is Local: D.C. Data Disposal

It was still dark last Wednesday morning when the cleaning crews pulled into the alley behind a Washington, D.C., mall, but not so dark that they didn’t notice some unusual items left for them to pick up with the rest of the trash. The two 3-foot-high servers were clearly labeled “PROPERTY OF D.C. OFFICE OF TAX AND REVENUE.”

Now, who puts a server out on the street? More to the point, who would dump servers belonging to an agency that’s in the midst of a federal investigation of what’s described as the biggest corruption scandal in the city’s history? (See our artful rendering of what it might have looked like above.)

The garbage collectors notified Melvin Barnes, the building maintenance man.

“At first, I was thinking, ‘Man, who’s putting this stuff here?’” said Barnes. “But when I saw the labels of the tax office, with all this stuff going on, I was like, ‘Uh oh.’”

“All this stuff”—the alleged embezzlement of at least $20 million in a money-laundering scheme and its investigation— has been front-page news in Washington for months. Two employees of the city tax office are among the ten people who’ve been arrested in connection with the scandal.

The former supervisor of the tax office, Harriette Walters, has been charged with approving hundreds of fraudulent property tax refund checks made out to to phony companies and handing them over to a group of her relatives and friends. She allegedly instructed her co-conspirators to cash the checks at a Baltimore branch of Bank of America, where Walter Jones, the former assistant bank manager of the branch, would accept them. In one month alone, three bogus checks totaling $1.1 million were cashed through Bank of America. Jones was arrested last December.

Walters’s niece, Jayrece Turnbull, who’s charged as one of the principal conspirators in the case, maintained several accounts at Bank of America in the name of companies that were either non-existent or didn’t own property in D.C. Federal prosecutors say Turnbull used these as fronts to launder the money generated by the illegal checks.

The Washington Post analyzed records and found $44.3 million in 160 suspicious property tax refund checks issued by the city since 1999. For at least 10 years, the scam proceeded unimpeded.

On Wednesday morning, Barnes consulted with the Tivoli Square property manager, Mary Ellen Bayer. They called the office of Chief Financial Officer Natwar M. Gandhi, whose agency oversees the tax office, as well as the Police Department.

“When I remembered the scandal that happened in that office, I thought giving it back to the tax office wasn’t necessarily the right thing to do,” said Bayer on Thursday. “There was no way this was the standard procedure to get rid of D.C. government computers. It appeared someone was trying to get rid of information.”

Police officers picked up the servers and delivered them to the city technological office.

But after inquiries from The Washington Post, the police retrieved the computers from the city. By late Thursday they were in F.B.I. custody. The agency will examine them for data that may be used as evidence of corruption in the D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue.

According to Barnes, he received calls on Thursday from the tax office and the office of the Chief Financial Officer. Both were looking for the servers and asking that they be returned.

“I told them,” said Barnes, “‘You’ll have to call the police. They have them now.’”

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GEF @ 6:08 AM MST

EU Treaty court challenge fails

A UK Independence Party activist has lost a legal challenge to the government over its refusal to hold a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty.

Stuart Bower accused ministers of a breach of contract.

He said the treaty was effectively the same as the European Constitution, on which the government promised a public vote at the 2005 general election.

But a Brighton County Court judge said the effect of breaching a manifesto commitment was political, not legal.

The treaty was drawn up after French and Dutch voters chose not to ratify the constitution soon after the 2005 election.

The government insists the document, signed by EU national leaders in Lisbon last December, is far less radical and should be decided upon by Parliament, rather than voters.But the Conservatives, UKIP and various Labour and Lib Dem MPs argue that the treaty is largely the same as the constitution, meaning a referendum is still necessary.


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Obama sweeps 3 states, Huckabee 2

anthony @ 12:25 GMT

John Whitesides
Sunday February 10, 2008

Barack Obama easily swept Democratic presidential contests in three states on Saturday, striking the latest blows in a bruising back-and-forth battle with Hillary Clinton for the party’s nomination.

Among Republicans, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee won contests in Louisiana and Kansas over front-runner John McCain, highlighting conservative discontent with the Arizona senator two days after he essentially sewed up the nomination.

Obama scored decisive wins in Louisiana, Nebraska and Washington to gain a small dose of momentum in a deadlocked, state-by-state fight with Clinton for Democratic convention delegates who will choose the party’s presidential nominee. (more…)

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