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Plight Of Homeless Veterans

By- Suzie-Q @ 10:10 AM MST

Good Morning Justice Bloggers!

The following was written by Paul Rieckhoff, who is Executive Director of Iraq & Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA).

Paul works tirelessly for our Veterans and does an incredible job. He is one of our regular readers on this blog and if he has time, I have invited him to be a Contributor, as well. 🙂

O’Reilly Downplays Number of Homeless Veterans

Posted January 16, 2008 | 08:13 PM (EST)

Last night [1/15/08] on The O’Reilly Factor, Bill O’Reilly repeated his ridiculous assertion that there are few, if any, homeless veterans in America:

O’Reilly raised an important topic: the plight of homeless veterans. Too bad he got the facts wrong.

There are almost 200,000 homeless veterans in America. Let me introduce you to one:

Less than a year after serving with the 3rd Infantry Division in Iraq, twenty-five year old Herold Noel found himself unemployed, homeless, and unable to provide for his wife and four children.
As a homeless Iraq veteran suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and living out of his car in Brooklyn, Herold was not greeted by a support system for veterans. Instead, he met resistance from the Housing Authority, the VA, and New York’s city shelter for families, filling out form after form and added to waiting list after waiting list.

According to Herold, “I thought New York was going to look out for me, I just got back from war. I felt like I’d been stabbed in the back.”

Herald is not alone. Already, an estimated 1,500 Iraq and Afghanistan veterans are homeless or at risk for homelessness. They are joining the increasing ranks of veterans who are homeless.

Bill, here are the facts. Veterans represent one-third of the adult homeless population in this country, and that number is rising. While almost 200,000 homeless veterans line the nation’s streets every night, almost twice as many experience homelessness at some point throughout the course of a year. Essentially, we have the population of Des Moines, Iowa or Montgomery, Alabama “sleeping under bridges.”

This is a national disgrace. As Americans we should be ashamed and outraged that the brave men and women of our Armed Forces are being abandoned under bridges, not denying their existence. As one of the most watched cable news hosts on television, Bill O’Reilly has a great opportunity to help homeless veterans by bringing more attention to the issue. Join IAVA in urging him to be part of the solution (www.BillwasWrong.com).

Click here to sign an open letter to Bill O’Reilly, telling him to set the record straight about the very real problem of homeless veterans in America. We also have a resource center where people can learn more, and find ways they can help.

UPDATE: Here’s the video of me discussing the O’Reilly controversy with Keith Olbermann last night:

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Torture in America: The New Electric Chair!

GEF @ 9:08 AM MST

Non-Lethal Says Who ? Another Taser Execution!

Minn. Man Dies After Police Tasering

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., Jan. 17, 2008

(CBS/AP) A man died after state troopers stunned him with a Taser when they said he became “uncooperative” after being involved in a wreck.The man, identified by his father as Mark C. Backlund, was involved in a rush-hour crash Tuesday evening on Interstate 694 in New Brighton. No other vehicles were involved.”Troopers attempted to bring the situation and individual under control, and in the process, deployed a taser,” said Lt. Mark Peterson with the Minnesota State Patrol.Backlund was breathing but unconscious when paramedics arrived, according to Allina Medical Transportation spokesman Tim Burke. He was pronounced dead at Unity Hospital in Fridley.The official cause of Backlund’s death has not been determined, the state Department of Public Safety said. The Anoka County Medical Examiner was performing an autopsy.


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We Are Change NYC Confronts Norman Podhoretz

by Geezer Power …7:58 am

Think Progress 6/20/2007

The current issue of Commentary magazine — “widely regarded as the leading outlet for neoconservative writing” — features a controversial cover story by Norman Podhoretz titled “The Case For Bombing Iran.”

Podhoretz’s article appeals to President Bush, “a man who knows evil when he sees it” and who has been “battered more mercilessly and with less justification than any other in living memory,” to carry out military strikes on Iran’s nuclear facilities. U.S. diplomats are now pointing to the essay to pressure foreign diplomats to increase pressure on Iran.

In a new interview, Podhoretz was asked to comment on the possible fallout of the military strikes he advocates. “Well, if we were to bomb the Iranians as I hope and pray we will,” Podhoretz says, “we’ll unleash a wave of anti-Americanism all over the world that will make the anti-Americanism we’ve experienced so far look like a lovefest.”


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Chinese have Submarines that can knock out US Satellites!

GEF @ 5:08 AM MST

Inside the Ring

By Bill Gertz – Submarine ASAT

Pentagon officials are increasingly worried that China’s military is advancing its clandestine anti-satellite (ASAT) weapons program by building a submarine-launched direct-ascent missile system.

New information indicates the secret ASAT program, which Chinese leaders refused to discuss in recent meetings with visiting U.S. military leaders, will involve a space-capable ASAT warhead for the new JL-2 submarine-launched ballistic missile. The new missile is being readied for China’s new ballistic missile submarine, called the Jin-class, or Type 094. The ASAT submarine will provide the ultimate in stealth weapons and could cripple U.S. satellites.


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