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by Geezer Power …7:48 pm

Shehrbano “Sherry” Rehman, spelled Sherbano on the Election Commission website and Sheherbano elsewhere, is a liberal politician and journalist in Pakistan. She was appointed by the Pakistan People’s Party as a Member of the National Assembly after the 2002 election to the seat NA-309, Women Sindh-II. She was one of the fourteen women in Reserved Seats from Sindh Province, six of whom were appointed by the PPPP Pakistan People’s Party Parliamentarians as their share in proportion to their elected MNAs.
She is a journalist and was formerly editor of The Herald. In March 2002 she was awarded the Overseas Award for Excellence in Journalism by the British House of Lords.

Benazir Bhutto suffered bullet wounds

Sherry Rehman, Pakistan People’s Party information secretary, said it was clear that the former Pakistani prime minister suffered bullet wounds to her head, contrary to a government report that she died because she hit her head on a sunroof lever.

Cheema noted that if Rehman — as she said — believes she saw bullet wounds that caused Bhutto’s death, “We don’t mind if the People’s Party leadership wants her body to be exhumed and post-mortemed. They are most welcome, but we gave you what the facts are.”

Cheema emphasized that the government’s conclusion on the cause of death was based on “absolute facts, nothing but the facts.”

“It was corroborated by the doctor’s report; it was corroborated by the evidence of the footage we showed you.”

Rehman — who had been riding in the car behind Bhutto’s when it was attacked — called the government’s conclusion that Bhutto was not shot “the most bizarre, dangerous nonsense.” Video Watch Sherry Rehman’s interview with CNN »

“It’s beginning to look like a cover-up to me,” Rehman said in a CNN interview.

Rehman said Bhutto was hemorrhaging on the way to the hospital and that the two cars used to get her there were blood-soaked.

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by Geezer Power …5:54 pm

There is a lot of MSM spin about this but this seems to me to be the most reliable evidence as to what really happened. The Pakistani government says that Bhutto was not killed by gunshots, but by a head wound and there is also a lot of talk about Al Quaida. This really looks like a cover-up…By whom and for what reason remains to be told.

The story

The photographer who took images of former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto moments before her assassination Thursday told CNN he was “surprised” to see her rise through the sunroof of her vehicle to wave to supporters after delivering her speech.

“I ran up, got as close as I got, made a few pictures of her waving to the crowd,” Getty Images senior staff photographer John Moore told CNN’s online streaming news service, CNN.com Live, in a phone interview Thursday from Islamabad, Pakistan.

“And then suddenly, there were a few gunshots that rang out, and she went down, she went down through the sunroof,” he said. “And just at that moment I raised my camera up and the blast happened. … And then, of course, there was chaos.

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More Video from: Guardian Unlimited


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The Scar Thinks Bush’s Foreign Policy Is Successful…

By- Suzie-Q @ 5:00 PM MST

From- Crooks & Liars

David Shuster smacks The Scar over his trying to pump “Bush’s foreign policy” as successful

The Scar says that Republicans are suddenly very pleased with George Bush’s performance as the Decider including his….cough…cough….foreign policy. David Shuster wouldn’t let him get off with painting a bright and shiny picture of the Bush Doctrine—I’ll let David lay it out for you….The middle east is a complete disaster and….anyway…

Shuster: Joe, I like you a lot. but I cannot let you by with what you just said about “George Bush” and his foreign policy successes. Are you really saying that the President’s foreign policy in all these places has been a success that most Republicans think—it’s been a success? Because that’s not the polling that I’m seeing and that’s not what I’m hearing from Republicans in Iowa who say: “Look, we want somebody we can trust. We want somebody who is smart, but we also want somebody who is competent this time.


Joe, I don’t even know where to begin….If the US had taken care of business in Afghanistan along the Pakistan border, had taken care of al-Qaeda, had sent 150,000 troops there instead of to Iraq which had nothing to so with the al-Qaeda attacks on 9/11, then al-Qaeda and the Taliban, they wouldn’t have the influence, the destabilizing influence they have over Pakistan today…

The Scar tries to downplay Shuster’s reporting by saying that since he’s a former member of Congress—then Shuster doesn’t really know what he’s talking about because he’s not a former member of Congress. David just laughed at him on that one…Joe Scarborough is the guy that did a segment called “Is Bush an Idiot” and then followed it up with a few more segments defending that take…As any election cycle approaches, a wingnut like Scarborough will always try to get back in the good graces of their party after trying to tell the truth for a short period of time.

You can check out the polling trend on Bush’ overall job performance here. Not very good.

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I Nominate Bill Kristol For ‘Idiot Of The Year’ !

By- Suzie-Q @ 10:10 AM MST

From- Think Progress

Kristol: The New York Times ‘Should Be Prosecuted,’ ‘It Isn’t A First-Rate Newspaper’

For years, Bill Kristol has been at the forefront of a vitriolic right-wing crusade against the New York Times. Sadly, the Times has chosen to reward him for it.

After the New York Times in 2006 disclosed a secret Bush administration program to monitor international banking transactions, right-wing pundit Bill Kristol said this:

I think it is an open question whether the Times itself should be prosecuted for this totally gratuitous revealing of an ongoing secret classified program that is part of the war on terror.” [Fox News, 7/2/06]

“I think the Justice Department has an obligation to consider prosecution.” [Fox News, 6/25/06]

Beyond calling for the criminal prosecution of his future employer, Kristol has also pilloried the newspaper as the voice of the radical fringe in America:

“It’s no accident that The New York Times has to have a special reporter assigned to the conservative beat. They cover it sort of like a foreign country, to explain to the editors and the readers of The New York Times what’s going on in that strange world of conservative America, which is two-fifths of the country.” [Fox News, 5/30/04]

“I’m not sure, if you’re against a war in Iraq, that you want The New York Times carrying your cause,” Mr. Kristol said. “Because it’s like, ‘Oh, great! The Upper West Side doesn’t want a war!’” [NY Observer, 9/15/02]

“Colin Powell is not a New York Times liberal, you know. Colin Powell is for a strong, assertive American foreign policy.” [Fox News, 7/28/02]

In one of Kristol’s most candid assessments about the New York Times, he wrote this in a 2003 Weekly Standard piece:

Still, the simple truth is that a great democracy like ours deserves a first-rate newspaper of record. And the New York Times isn’t it. […]

Fundamental regime change at the New York Times is not in the cards. Inspections and sanctions won’t work. Even the French can’t help. The Times is irredeemable. The question is whether a new newspaper of record will replace it.

Kristol seems to underestimate his abilities to bring about regime changes.

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Sudhan @16:10 CET

Global Research, December 27, 2007
Philadelphia Inquirer
In the last days, we have made real progress:
The mainstream media has awakened to this movement and to the extraordinary support you have given it. Your calls, letters, and emails have clearly made a difference. Already 140,000 people have joined us in demanding impeachment hearings for Vice President Dick Cheney by signing up at WexlerWantsHearings.com.
The power of these combined voices are already shaking up the established order on Capitol Hill and throughout the mainstream media:
This week, the Miami Herald printed an article on our efforts that was syndicated in papers across the country, including the Detroit Free Press, Philadelphia Inquirer, Fort Worth Telegram, Contra Costa Times, Sacramento Bee, Houston Chronicle, Chicago Tribune, NC News & Observer, and others. (Click HERE to read the article.)
In addition, CBS4 in Miami became the first station we know of to run a television segment about the call for hearings. Video of that can be found HERE.)
Perhaps most importantly, just this morning the Philadelphia Inquirer courageously ran the full editorial I drafted along with my fellow Judiciary Committee members Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) and Rep. Tammy Baldwin (R-WI). (View it HERE.) Congratulations to the Inquirer for their willingness to publish a viewpoint that is so widely held by Americans – yet one that other leading national newspapers refused to publish.

Continued . . .

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